Car Servicing Different Levels-There are Three types of basic car servicing

Car Servicing Different Levels

Car Servicing Different Levels-As part of most adults working life, then driving is a big part of it. We do though take our cars for granted. We rush or breakfast, and dive into our car, hoping it will the same old mister reliable as ever. It always starts up in the morning and gets me to work, every time?

Whatever the weather, in winter or summer, we all expect our cars to perform. Cars are a bit like anything else mechanical, and that includes us (humans)? They wear out the older they get. It is up the owner to look after their car and keep it in good condition. And this includes servicing. As the owner of Pellon Tyre and

Car Servicing Different Levels

Car Servicing Different Levels-Alex carrying out a car service.

Auto Centre, in Halifax Yorkshire, UK I often see the results of customers who just expect their car to carry on year after year, without any kind of maintenance.

In recent years, cars have become very sophisticated pieces of machinery. Technology has come along in leaps and bounds, due to the drive to produce cleaner car exhaust emissions. The older cars went years without servicing and were just driven until they came to a halt. A quick oil change and some new spark plugs and the cars were back on the road again.

Car Servicing Different Levels

Most new cars are also fitted with changeable timing belts. They are made of the same materials as the fan belts and must be changed at certain intervals depending on the make and model of the car. The advice will be picked up at service time by the garage. As I have said earlier in this article, customers lead a busy life. This is why it helps them remember that a service is required, by having an MOT and service at the same time. We find this a most satisfactory way to

Car Servicing Different Levels

Car Servicing Different Levels-Jake working on a car service

keeping their car in good condition.

Any extra problems, such as brake problems can also be picked up at this stage, as the service will also include a brake examination. This is as well as the usual oil and filter changes, that come as standard. We also find that our customers like to use our servicing menu system which often ties up with their car owner’s service manual. The menu system also ensures that the customer can afford to pay for at least a minimum service, to keep their car on the road.

This article by Eric Roberts is part of a new car servicing advice series.