Car repairs Halifax-Certainly a Busy period for servicing after the Christmas holidays.

Car repairs Halifax

The week after Christmas is always a busy time for the auto trade. This is no exception for the team at Pellon Autocentre here in repairs

Car repairs have always been on the increase after the holiday period. This year has been no different. We were inundated with small mechanical jobs, from minor breakdowns. These also include brake jobs and work resulting

astra brake jobfrom MOT failures.

One job was a Vauxhall Astra with brake grinding problem. This is becoming standard, as drivers fail to have their cars regularly serviced. We removed the wheels, and when we inspected the brakes, we found that the front brake callipers had seized, due to lack of maintenance.

This had worn out one of the pads on each side of the cars front braking system. One of the pads was hardly worn, and the other pad that was doing all the work had worn down to the metal. This caused the brakes to make a grinding noise when the brakes were applied by the driver.

In this case, the callipers were freed off without replacement.Naturally, new discs and pads were fitted by Our MOT tester Dale Linton. The car was road tested and back to its full braking power.

car repairs

car repairs; combi van new clutch pedal


Car repairs Halifax

The second problem with the Car repairs was a more unusual job.Unfortunately, it was a broken clutch pedal on a Vauxhall Combi van. The bolts that hold the clutch pedal in place are hidden away.As a result, behind some other parts in the car’s engine compartment. Some car repairs are bread and butter jobs, but jobs like this can be a nightmare. They are fiddly with no room to manoeuvre and are hated by mechanics, including in this case our service manager Ryan Linton. Ryan usually ends up with these kinds of jobs, and he hated it.

The Combi van clutch pedal was eventually fitted and working. Ryan went off to carry out a MOT on magnificent MGB GT. This car is one of the best car repairsexamples of a classic car that we have ever seen. Naturally, I thought it a good idea to put some images onto this post. Although car repairsthe car passed with flying colours. Therefore, did not need any work carrying out.

Finally, these are just a few car repairs that a busy garage will carry out on any day and is what makes the job so interesting.