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Car DPF Cleaning- The after affects of having DPF engine cleaning service. Pellon Autocentre Halifax UK

Car DPF Cleaning

Car DPF Cleaning

Because of the constant updating of vehicle emission laws. Then it is no surprise that there are always new products on the market to clean the internal workings of your engine. Governments are now attacking the diesel engines for being the biggest vehicle pollutant. So, not too long ago it was found that certain car manufacturers were lest say “Fiddling” the emission results of their diesel car models.

Must be remembered that it was the very same governments. Including ours here in the UK, that were praising diesel cars as the “cleanest option”. Of course, in the quest for a greener, cleaner planet. However diesel car owners all over the world. Are subsequently, now been bombarded with legislation to try and wipe out diesel cars.

To move on, one of the biggest problems, for the owners of old style diesel cars, is keeping their engine clean on the inside. Of course a point that is overlooked. Is that dirty diesel engines, can affect your wallet without you even noticing it. So the reason for this is simple. Dirty internal workings of your cars engine, will mean a drop in fuel economy, inferior performance and more importantly”dirty emissions”.

Car DPF Cleaning


There is a way to clean Your cars Diesel Particulate Filter “DPF”

One of the ways that the car manufacturers came up with to improve the diesel engines emissions was to introduce the “Diesel Particulate Filter”. So, this DPF filters out the exhaust soot and then stores it. As a result, this often referred to as a “soot trap” reduces the emissions in diesel cars and vans.

Because it is a filter then like most other filters ,it will require cleaning. All the soot and other gunge, must be “burned away ” or cleaned. Of course, this also helps get rid of the “black smoke” that we often saw coming from the back of diesel cars and vans. Especially when these vehicle were accelerating away.

In the long run, deposits of sunburned fuel can over time, build up and accumulate in many parts of your engine. Including, fuel chambers, combustion chamber and ports. Not forgetting, the fuel injectors and the intake valves. Resulting in poor starting and very often a loss of power and a shaky engine tick over when your engine is idling.

Euro 5 exhaust emission laws introduced

In order to control the CO2 emissions. laws were introduced in 2009 which would make the popular diesel car manufacturers fit DPF systems in their latest diesel models. Of course the diesel car is very popular often giving a far better mileage that the petrol engined cars. In fact, one in every two cars produced have been diesel powered.

However, all is not lost for the owners of diesel powered vehicle. As a result, new products are now coming out to enable car service centres to offer a DPF cleaning system. Here at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax UK we have invested in equipment from Tec-4. Of course this enables us to offer an effective engine and DPF cleaning service.

So far we have some great results and we are slowly building a reputation for improving the performance and fuel economy of all the cars that we have now treated. Especially, with the advent of the new Euro 6 emission laws. So, making diesel MOT testing even more stricter.

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