Car batteries the Cold weather and your car: How to keep your battery from dying

Car batteries


AA is getting a record number of calls for storm-related problems with nearly half being for dead batteries.


Another warning to vehicle users to have their car batteries checked before the winter and you will reduce the risk of being caught out in a snow storm?

it would be like sitting in a fridge and i am sure that it does happen to some people, remember that when it is cold we use all the electrical appliances in your car and if your battery is not up to scratch, then it will let you down and it could let you down in an isolated place or a snow drift if you live on the east coast of America, with the massive snow falls that they are having at the moment.

Car batteries let you down when you least expect it

After years of experience of selling car batteries, I know that it is the last thing on a drivers mind when they set off on a journey. It is like any other battery situation, you only know about it when the battery runs out of power. The best example which happens in most households is the mobile phone, specifically when the phone  goes flat, it is total panic and the phone must be charged up at all costs.

Fortunately your car battery is a better engineered system, it will probably never let you down in a five year period, but when it does, you will be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and in most cases it will not be a simple case of charging it back up again.

car batteries

Testing a battery with a volt meter, most garages will do this free of charge

Statistically your regular car batteries would fail in the cold winter months. This would always apply when I was first time Lucas battery retailer in the 1970’s. I would stock up in the summer time when the battery companies would always have a quantity deal, all ready for the winter explosion of car battery sales. The first cold spell in November would bring in number of cars with our first rush of flat Cheap Car Batteries, it never failed us.

Since the early days car batteries have changed

There were a couple of marked differences concerning car batteries then compared to modern day cars. First the car manufacturers would make millions of one model of car, say Vauxhall made millions of Vivas and Cavaliers, Ford made millions of Escorts and Cortina’s and then of course came the original Minis. They outcome of this was that the size and part number of the batteries were all the same, the 038 battery fitted almost every car other that the Fords, who opted for square bolt on terminals part numbers 037 and 085, later the 065 battery became more popular.

As years went by we started to import many makes of cars from the Far East, such as Toyota, Nissan at first and then many more cars came into the UK. This had a massive effect on battery sizes and part numbers, making the car batteries market more specialised.

This is where I made am good business decision and I decided to make the battery market a key part of my business strategy. Although I did not know it the time this decision gave me contacts that were to last me right up to today.

Car batteries remained much the same, the only thing that changed was the different terminals and physical sizes of the batteries, battery plates, became a new mix of alloys and lead alloys and companies the likes of Lucas batteries became the first to introduce practically sealed batteries that were maintenance free, there were no screw tops on the Car batteries for the driver to check the acid level.

Also there was the evolution of the cars. Cars were now coming out on more sophisticated electrical systems, which required car batteries with more power. We found that a difference in the old type battery and the new type of battery was that the new types of battery did not give you much time after failure, one morning the battery light would come on in your car and you would need a new battery, there and then; you do not have the time any more.

This is why it is important to check the batterybefore the winter time and when the car has a service. The winter cold that I have recently seen in the east coast of the USA makes me cringe at the number of drivers who must have been stuck in their cars with a dead battery. Remember they will let you down when you least expect them to, they do not give you much

car batteries

This battery is in a bad state and would have been a good contender for failure, before the winter time.

warning like they used to do.

So my 40 year old advice is to check your car batteries before every winter and if the battery is over 5 years old then do not risk it and buy a new battery, once again especially before winter?

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