Car Air-Conditioning Halifax UK-Hot weather back soon-check out you cars Air-Con

Car Air-Conditioning Halifax UK; the air-conditioning unit of a car is often easily overlooked

Car Air-Conditioning Halifax UK-That is until the hot weather hits us,or it malfunctions completely. And this happens, it is often too late for simple solutions. Unlike your Home Air-Conditioning Unit , your cars air

Car Air-Conditioning Halifax UK

Car Air-Conditioning Halifax UK- new condenser a ready to be fitted in Halifax Yorkshire

conditioning unit is much more complex.

Your cars air- conditioning unit

is a system that works much like your own bodies blood system. The air cons compressor is the heart that pumps a refrigerant called EPA throughout the Car Air Conditioning Service unit .EPA, a combination of gas and liquid, causes the air to cool when it is compressed. When the EPA coolant levels are low your air con will not work, this where an air con check over is required. In the check over the freon levels will be checked. Like your ordinary household air conditioning unit, your auto air-conditioning system will not work as it should when Freon Gas levels are low. Make sure you have a mechanic check Freon levels regularly before the unit experiences a major breakdown.

To make it possible for the EPA coolant to carry the heated air away and leave the car with cold air depends on the pressure that is applied to it. Air coming into the condenser helps in this process. This is the reason why, sometimes, for older models of air conditioners, the temperature is cooler when the car is travelling at full speed than when it stands idle. This allows the compressor to pump EPA coolant harder and faster. Therefore, this helps the air- conditioner system to operate much more efficiently.

As I have said earlier the first time we start having hot weather is when we turn on the AC button and nothing happens. We have all done it ?. The kids are shouting the wife’s boiling hot and shouting at the kids, all because the air-conditioning doesn’t work. More than likely the air-con system will be low on coolant fluid, and this can be corrected by checking with you local auto centre and having an air-con service, this costs around £50, but is well worth the money and leaves your car nice and cool on these few hot sticky summer days.

There are several things that can go wrong with your car’s air-conditioning

but the main problem is that you have had the system switched off for the winter/spring period and the fluid levels have gone lower, once again this will be corrected by a full Car Air-Conditioning Halifax UK service or Portable Air Conditioning Units


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Car Air-Conditioning Halifax UK

Car Air-Conditioning Halifax UK-our SUN air con service machine