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Burning Rubber: Tyre Safety Tips for New Young Drivers

Burning Rubber

Burning Rubber

Burning Rubber


Getting your first car is a really big deal. It is a milestone in your life that brings you independence and opens up a vast range of new opportunities. Along with these, of course, there also comes a significant amount of responsibility.

Here we look at some of those responsibilities and in particular, how new, young car drivers can take advantage of some brilliant tyre safety tips for their first car and save money down the line.

Burning Rubber-The Cost of Motoring

It will come as no surprise that owning, running and driving a car is a costly business. The initial outlay for purchasing the car is just the beginning of a long list of expenses that really mount up. Insurance, road tax, MOT, servicing and repairs and then fuel can leave your eyes watering and your bank balance seriously dilapidated. It makes sense then that you should look to save and conserve money wherever possible.

Burning Rubber-Tips on How to Save Money  

One of the best ways to save money as a motorist. So, is to only use your car when it is absolutely necessary .of course, there is no need to jump behind the wheel. Especially, if you are only popping down to the local newsagents for a packet of crisps. Only use your car when either distance or time dictates that it is required.

Doing so will mean that, in the first instance, you will save a great deal of money on fuel. Not only that, only using the car when it is necessary will also mean less wear and tear. This is beneficial for two reasons. First you save money in the short term. Secondly you will get a better price for the car when you come to sell it.

Car sharing is also a good way to save money. Taking turns to drive the compute to work. Including college or university is a win, win. So look out for a person who may be interested.

When you are using the car. Don’t forget that the more people that are in the car. Hence, the more fuel it uses and so you may want to be selective about who and when you offer lifts to people.

Financial responsibilities are important, but what is more important are safety concerns.

Burning Rubber-Tyre Safety Tips

There is a whole raft of safety concerns. That relate to driving and looking after a car. Up most in this list is the responsibility drivers have to act properly. Thus, whilst in control of the car. In addition to this, however, is the responsibility drivers have for the safe upkeep of the vehicle.So this also includes its tyres.

Air Pressure and Punctures

Ensuring that all the tyres on the vehicle are inflated to the correct tyre pressure is paramount to safe driving and should be checked on a regular basis. If a tyre is looking low, then heading to the petrol station or using your own air compressor to pump it up is vital. Low tyre pressure often occurs due to a puncture and so the next step is to have it checked at a garage – if there is a puncture, have it repaired or the tyre replaced.

Burning Rubber-Tread

Bald tyres or those with very low tread are dangerous. So ensuring that there is enough tread on your tyres also needs to be checked regularly. To check them place a 20 p coin between the grooves of the tyre and if you can see any of the outer band. So, then you should have them checked by a professional.

To help keep your tyres well protected, you should clean them regularly using a mild detergent and dress them with a protectant to preserve the anti-oxidant and anti-ozone ingredients they contain.

Finally, sensible driving and not burning rubber will help protect and preserve your cars tyres.

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