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Bridgestone Turanza T0025 Tyres Fitted onto this VW Golf

Bridgestone Turanza T0025 Tyres

All this cold rainy weather is bringing all sorts of cars in for different things. As motorists prepare their cars for the summer holidays, coming up in the near future. As you can imagine this can be a busy time for garages all up and down the country. So, as customers want all the little jobs doing that have been put off. Hence, before they set off on their journey.

Bridgestone Turanza T0025 Tyres

New Bridgestone tyres

One of the things that has hit us most, is the number of cars wanting the Air-Conditioning looking at. At times we could have done with two machines. There was such a rush from the customers to get their air-con seen to(no signs of a recession here). Another problem that affects the motorists in hot weather is the brakes.

We will start getting phone calls in the near future from people with noisy and squeaking brakes as the hot dry weather start to take its toll on the brake pads. All the dust from the pads and from the dry roads, start to accumulate between the pads and the discs and build to make the brakes very noisy and requiring attention from the garages.

Wiper blades also wear faster in the heat. The build up of dust and insects require us to use our wipers more often. In the winter time we use the wipers to clear away the water from rain and snow. But in summer we use them to clear away dirt and insects . So they will not use as much water and therefore come under pressure from friction, and friction means greater wear thus they wear out much quicker, so make sure that your window wash bottle is always full and the correct anti-smear washer liquid is used, there is nothing worse than a smeared windscreen with the Sun shining through the screen and you can not see anything.

Special car for a set of new tyres

This week we were asked from a customer for a new type of Bridgestone tyre. Bridgestone are one of the worlds leading tyre manufacturers. As a result we could offer the guy the Bridgestone Turanza T005 tyres for his VW Golf. If you would like a great review about these tyres please click the link.

A second car followed very shortly a stunning Aston Martin. Also wanting replacement Bridgestone tyres. It always makes me proud that customers trust us to have Bridgestone Tyres Fitted . Especially on these very expensive cars. Of course this is why we always keep up to date with the best fitting machines and of course my excellent fitters led by Alex Bray. The tyres were over £1000.00 for the set and the customer let me use a few pictures of his car for my blog, many thanks to him.Bridgestone Tyres Fitted

Thanks Eric Roberts…