Drivers Avoid Car Servicing

Breakdown Cover Important-Car and Van Drivers are running around without any?

Breakdown Cover Important

Car Drivers are Driving without any Breakdown Cover

This is the sort of thing that never crosses your mind as a problem? I actually thought that breakdown cover was nothing much to do with me and that the general motorist would be sensible enough to take cover out, especially when considering a long journey.

However I have now changed my mind, primarily because of the advent of cars that are now without spare wheels. Today’s cars come with all sorts of mismatch spare wheel systems and some of my customers did not even know this and have been driving around without a spare for ages, not knowing that they could get stuck anywhere they traveled, especially without the breakdown cover insurance  to protect them.

breakdown cover

Mass air flow sensors are now a common problem for cars breaking down

Fortunately for ourselves we are finding that many of the tyres that we are getting in for puncture repairs are just too damaged to repair and require a new tyre and in some case’s a new wheel. This is because they have had to run their car with a flat tyre and they called a relation or friend up to change the wheel, because they do not have a spare.

Breakdown organisations attending more tyre relates incidents

We have noticed that in the past couple of years that the motoring organizations such as the AA or RAC here in the UK, are attending more and more call outs to motorists with tyre related problems. A few years ago the driver would just stop and fit his spare wheel, until he could get the tyre repaired; now many of the cars on our roads do not carry a spare wheel.

So the real issue would be to join one of the breakdown schemes that are available, to me it is the sensible thing to do, but according to a recent report for the Halifax Bank. One in seven motorists do not have any breakdown cover and so risk getting stranded this winter.

Another problem that is more prevalent on our modern cars. Of course, is the computer systems. Consequently, that now control our emissions are breaking down. Practically all cars now have these computers (known as ECU’s) and they are creating their own problems for the motorists. Not a week now goes by without a car with that is having electrical engine problems coming in to the garage with a problem.

If the car is stranded in Halifax then we can attend to it with one of our own breakdown vans, but it when the car is away that the customer will get stuck if they do not have sufficient breakdown cover, the survey also says that almost a ¼ of the drivers questioned say that they have been unable to get to work because of car problems, and in my opinion this figure will rise unless more drivers take out breakdown cover.

Young drivers are more likely NOT to take out breakdown cover

As with most things that are driving related it is young drivers that fail to take out any breakdown cover. It is the same as most car related things, the young drivers are also more likely to buy a part worn tyre and skip on car servicing.

 breakdown cover

Breaking down in winter time is not a pleasant thing so consider breakdown cover insurance.

Hence, it appears that the car is not one of their priorities in life.So, they would rather look good and have a good night out than spend money on their car. The figure for young drivers was 23% of 18-24 year old’s did not have breakdown cover for their cars! No surprise their then!

Jeremy Ward, spokesman for Halifax, said: “Many motorists could find themselves left out in the cold this winter as they fail to carry essential items on long journeys, or check their car is roadworthy. We’d recommend drivers ensure they have an adequate level of breakdown cover in place, and also make some monthly maintenance checks such as tyre pressure and tread depth to stay safe.”

The breakdown cover issue was not the worst thing that drivers came with.

Over a third of drivers said that they last checked their tyres over a month ago and more that I in ten had not checked them for over six months. This is why I am always harping on about tyre safety, these drivers are a danger to themselves and other road users.

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Eric Roberts