Battery Boxes-Selecting the Perfect Battery Box

Battery Boxes

Battery Boxes

Battery Boxes

A battery box is a necessary luxury that every automobile/boat owner should purchase. It keeps the battery safe from vibrations, heat as well as dust. If you are looking for the perfect battery box on the internet, here are the few features that you must look out for.

Perfect Fitment

A box that fits the battery in loosely is very dangerous. Such boxes can actually do more harm than good. You can find battery boxes on the internet that have adjustable sizes and filler materials. These fillers keep the battery intact in one position even in case of a jerky and tough vibrations. The perfect fitment will also keep the battery correctly fixed to the bottom of the box to safeguard the delicate electrical connections.

Waterproof Nature Box

In case of a marine battery, it is very important that you choose marine battery boxes that is lined with waterproof materials on the exterior. If excessive saltwater enters the battery through the vent holes, the electrolyte can be permanently damaged. The waterproof nature of the battery box/casing will prevent such mishaps, keeping your battery safe even in case of major water splashes.
The battery box in case of a marine battery should also come with extendable plastic covers to keep the vent holes safe and away from any saltwater.

Adjustable Straps

Most automobile battery boxes do come with adjustable straps to keep the battery intact in one position. However, these straps have a very small limit of tolerance. Make sure that the straps on your battery box have a large number of settings on it to keep the battery comfortably tight. You should not tighten the straps very hard either. This might result in constant wear and tear due to the vibrations.
The adjustable straps also help in putting a small room for clearance between the walls of the battery box and the battery itself. This clearance prevents the transfer of shocks and vibrations from the external environment.

Easy to Lock/Unlock

The best battery boxes are easy to lock and unlock. This feature allows you to easily remove the batteries for a recharge. The easy lock/unlock feature should not compromise on the safety of the battery in the first place. Instead, the perfect balance between easy access as well as safety is the number one criteria for a battery box.

Vibration Proof Lining

The highest quality of battery boxes features a vibration proof lining on the inner walls. This lining helps in dampening the shocks and vibrations from the external environment correctly. The vibration-proof lining also keeps the battery intact in case of sloshing of the electrolyte on the sides of the walls due to turbulence on the vehicle.

Choosing a battery box that fulfills these 5 criteria will allow you to keep your battery safe and sound. Apart from this, it is always advisable to mount the battery box in a position where it takes minimum damage due to turbulence. Doing so will increase the life-cycle of the battery significantly.