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If present trends continue, the number of automobiles on Earth – now at one
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The Nanoflowcell Quant e-Sport limousine has now been given the clearance to drive on Europe’s roads

This new type of fuel could knock batteries from powering the cars of the future and BATTERIES MAY NOT BEEN KING?

Consequently, this is a  great article and one of many to come out recently. So, it writes about what it thinks that the new technologies have brought to car manufacturing in recent times.

I am particularly interested in the piece about Nano Flow cell. Because of my business interests in car batteries and BATTERIES MAY NOT BEEN KING!!!

This all new type of car was introduced at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland and has indeed been turning some heads.

The new car is named the “QUANTe”.Explicitly, made by a small company from the principality of Lichtenstein. By the name of Nano FLOW CELL AG (NFC).

The car not only looks fantastic, but the part that interests me is the fact that it is powered “flow cell” technology. Naturally, that is run on “SALT WATER”, yes, “SALT WATER”?, well a type of metallic salt electrolyte.

The technology for this came originally from “NASA” way back in the 1970’s. But for some reason the idea was not followed through. So,the patents have since expired.Because of the new surge in interest to make more fuel efficient cars . Subsequently, that do not run on fossil fuels. The interest in flow cell technology has been re-ignited by several companies.

In real simple terms the flow cell is a battery that will operate like a fuel cell

Of course, the thing that holds the energy are liquids. Including, the power that is generated uses a membrane and electrodes. The car is powered along using an electric motor. Of course, fitted to each wheel (so four in total). To enable a charge or discharge the nano flow cell, there are two kinds of different electrolytic solutions . Of course, that are pumped through the appropriate battery cell in which an electrode (anode or cathode) is located. A partition separates the two electrolyte holding chambers and their different  chemicals. At a nominal voltage of 600 Volts and 50 Amps nominal current, the system in the lab is achieving a steady steam of output of 30 kW.

The new car is expected to have a driving range 375 miles and they can be filled up with electrolyte fluid, the experimental car carries two 200-litre (53 gallons US) electrolyte tanks on board, for a total energy capacity of 120 kWh, to give a similar experience  to the driver filling up with conventional petrol or diesel. Unlike conventional fuel though when the electrolytic fluids in the tanks are discharged, the contents of both tanks must to be replaced. The prototype features a double tank system with dual filler necks, one for each electrolyte, to keep times for the electrolyte liquid replacement to a minimum. This new flow cell car will not have the same inherent dangers that the Lithium-Ion batteries(BATTERIES MAY NOT BEEN KING) poses at the moment and a flow cell will be able to run for a very long time.

This brings up my personal theory once again that each car technology is starting to outstrip another. On face value this fuel method looks like the best one?


the quant nano flow cell car a great looking car with a green future

This type of fuel cell will not be explosive and dangerous. Like the hydrogen Fuel Cell Energy technology that car manufacturers like Toyota and Honda are favouring, or as I say the Lithium-Ion battery technology that Tesla are investing in.

Also the flow cell are not made from precious metals, and this is another blow to all the other players in their quest to provide the car that will travel a good distance and compete or even better the performance of the petrol driven car that we all rely on at the moment, only the future will tell us who the winner will be, but at the moment, this flow cell car is going to take some beating.

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