Balancing wheels-Gives you a smooth shake free ride in your car

balancing wheels after a new tyre is fitted

balancing wheels

balancing wheels in an up to date tyre shop.

When we fit new tyres here in our tyre shop in Halifax Yorkshire, we always balance the wheels. Even if the wheels are steel wheels or alloy wheels, we still balance every one. Balancing wheels ensures that your car will drive along, with a perfectly smooth and vibration free ride.

People do not know but tyres are not perfectly round and the weight is not evenly distributed, throughout the tyre. This means that the tyre is heavier in some spots than others.

Tyres have vastly improved over the years but this is still the case and the balancing of wheels is still a necessity.

Out of balance wheels and tyres not only cause bad vibration when driving your car, but they will also wear your suspension and tyres out quicker.

Balancing wheels on a modern electric balancer

Many years ago the only means of balancing wheels was on a small bubble balancer. You would place the wheel and tyre unit over a spindle onto a spirit level type bubble. The wheel would tilt to the side that was heaviest. Lead weights were added, until the bubble levelled out, “job done”. This is known as “static wheel balancing”.

Zooming forward in time, today’s balancers are computer controlled and extremely accurate machines. They are expensive to buy, but give the customers wheels a complete accurate balancing job. This type of balancing wheels is called “Dynamic balancing”

The wheel is fitted to the balancing machine with a large quick release attachment. The wheel settings are fed into the machine and the wheel spins and stops

balancing wheels

Correct wheel balancing is also important

automatically. It then calculates the amount of weights that are required to correct the “out of balance”

When the weights are fitted the machine restarts and checks the wheel. We can even set the machine to fit the weights on the inside of the wheel only. This makes the wheels look better, and some customers will ask for this.

If a wheel becomes out of balance at a later date, then we rebalance the wheel free of charge. This can occur when a weight accidently comes off. If the problem is recurring it could mean a problem with a tyre, but that’s a different story.

Eric Roberts