Avon Racing Tyres-A good old British tyre company

 Avon racing Tyres

Avon Racing Tyres are a good old British company

It is good news for supporters of British hill climb as Avon Racing Tyres have taken up the gauntlet as sponsors for this seasons events. Of course now 2020.

Avon Racing Tyres

Action picture from the latest race meeting at Snetterten race circuit in Norfolk UK, as the drivers exchange half way through the race, this is all done in a split second, note the car is an Aston martin and was fitted with Avon Tyres , a great sign of a great tyre.


So, Avon Tyres have always been a favourite tyre company of mine! Especially in my earlier years in the tyre industry. Historically, then  I have visited their headquarters in Melksham. However this was many years ago. But I was always  overlooked as one of their dealers. The new season started in February at the Leicestershire circuit (this is no longer on the racing calendar). Then goes on to cover all the other leading UK circuits including Jersey and Guernsey.

Avon  Tyres sell their racing tyres to the competitors. But this year have set new competitive prices. So, to enable new entrants to have a go at hill climbing. Avon will subsidies the prices on specific hill climb tyre sizes and compounds.

Avon tyres were bought out by American tyre company Cooper tire and rubber co.

They are also involved in GT racing tyres. This started back in 2006, when Avon Racing Tyres were the sole supplier to the GT cars. Avon have brought out a new one for this seasons event and are saying that the new rubbers will be quicker than there predecessor and have been developed and tested over the past two years.

See the GT race car in the picture. In my opinion their tyres for the normal cars have not changed very much over the years and although Avon Racing Tyres take part in motorsport, they have not passed much onto their normal street cars, and I still class them as a good mid-range tyre but they are still very popular amongst older drivers.Avon Racing Tyres

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