Autonomous Emergency Braking

Autonomous Emergency Braking -What is it all about or AEB?

Autonomous Emergency Braking

Autonomous Emergency Braking

Autonomous Emergency Braking

(AEB). So, is possibly the most vital advancement in vehicle safety and security. Incredibly since the seat belt!  Might conserve an incredible 1,100 lives and 122,860 casualties in the UK over the following decade.

It’s a safety technology that keeps an eye on the roadway ahead. Importantly, and will immediately brake the auto. So, if the vehicle driver looses concentration slowly reacting to an accident risk. Consider it like an additional pair of eyes on the road.

As well as an added foot over the brake pedal, prepared to act if you’re distracted. In this way, rather than safeguard the driver. So, making use of the safety belt as well as air bag in any collision. Excitingly, the  AEB can avoid the collision entirely.

AEB Has different names


Accordingly, different car makers have given AEB different names. For example, some vehicles that are made feature two or more AEB systems. So, here is a few example of the different names for these systems.

  • Alfa Romeo: Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Audi: Pre-Sense Plus
  • BMW: Driving Assistant Plus
  • Ford: Active City Stop
  • Holden: Automatic Emergency Braking City Stop
  • Honda: Collision Mitigation Braking System

Eric Roberts

.Eric Roberts

Watch our video clip to get more information concerning the strenuous scientific strategy that enters into screening AEB systems, to make sure that they can remain to save lives. AEB is a system that makes your car a better, safer driver than you, basically, which is why it’s a shame it’s not standard fitment on every new vehicle sold.

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