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Automotive Jobs To Go-Sales ban of petrol, diesel and hybrid cars could start in 2032

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As the owner of a small garage in Halifax UK then I am disgusted by our Governments decision. So, I am now in my early 70’s and remember the complete devastation of the coal mining! Of course,  caused by the Margret Thatcher government. As a long life Conservative supporter then I feel let down already by this decision ?

So at the moment electric cars have to go back to the main dealers with anything to do with the cars giant battery. Going forward, my fear is that this is how it will remain. Car manufacturers dealerships will be the only way that motorists will be able to have there battery serviced. In other words they will be tied down to the place where the car was bought from.

In my opinion this will mean that thousands of small garages, parts companies and indeed petrol stations will have to be shut down! Including thousands of factories making engine parts and Automotive batteries. Of course, because of lack of work due to car electrification.

Government bows down to the “extinction rebellion” lobby

So, also millions of people in the UK will not be able to afford an electric car. Nissan leaf owners are already having problems sourcing affordable replacement batteries. Because of a blog that I did about this then I get many emails asking for help! regarding the whereabouts of a reasonably priced replacement battery. One guy in Leeds was quoted £20,000 by the nissan dealer.

What I cant understand is why car makers were not given enough time to develop greener engines from fossil fuels. Vehicles out now are very green with low emissions.  Also I am surprised at our government. Who incidentally claim that they are on the side of hard working small and medium size businesses such as the independent private garage sector. Like the coal miners I fear that we will be all trodden over, by this stupid surge for electric cars.

I would love to hear what other people in the industry think.Importantly, I would also like to know why the World did not come to and end after the catastrophe that was the first and second world wars. The poison gases that were emitted over the period of the wars surely must have brought the world to an end ?

Finally we are going to need millions of charging points all over the country. Also where is all the electricity to come from to charge them all up. The country will be littered with thousands of stranded cars with flat batteries ?

Eric Roberts

.Eric Roberts

The UK’s planned ban on sales of new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars could start as early as 2032, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has said. The government sparked industry concern after it brought the date forward

Source: Sales ban of petrol, diesel and hybrid cars could start in 2032 – Garagewire

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