Austin A35 Van-for MOT Test and Passed a beautifully Restored classic Van

13th April 2014

This Austin A35 Van; theoretically would not require an MOT test ?

 Austin A35 Van

Restored Austin A35 Van  for an MOT test

These old classic cars no longer require an MOT Test but the owners are still having one done to prove to the insurance companies the vehicle is road worthy and fit for purpose. That is the idea of the Test in the first place, some of the newer cars say four or five years old are in a terrible state and need much work to be carried out before they are road worthy again.

Why do classic cars need an MOT test?

This why in my opinion that the idea of the really old cars to be taken out of testing altogether is a completely bonkers idea. The vintage stuff will be kept up to scratch by their owners because of the monetary aspect, but what about the old Ford Cortinas and Vauxhall Vivas and Austin A35 Van that are still been used by enthusiasts, do they car enough ?I don’t know but I suppose the cars should have to prove road worthiness to be insured for the road, which will entail having to have an MOT test.

The Austin A35 Van had no real need to have an MOT test because now under the present European Union and British law cars and vans that were made before 1960 can be exempt from being tested. This is brought about because the EU very kindly said that we in GB could carry on having our own exemptions and this will be one of them. So any car or Austin A35 Van over the age of 30 year old will not have to have the test providing that they have not been modified in any detrimental way.

When I first heard this news I was a little shocked to say the least, after all the  test was introduced to make our roads safer, and it has done a great job in doing so. A friend of mine who is a classic car restorer and can re-build classic cars thinks that the idea is crazy.

The really old vintage cars are usually very well looked after and have no amount of care and money thrown at them. It is the modern classic car guys that worry me a little. I feel that they may be tempted to skimp a little on body work or the brake system, just to save on their cash. Most of these guys just have regular jobs and build these cars in their spare time, so  Austin A35 Vancorners may be cut.

Perhaps I am showing too much concern? And there is nothing stopping them having an Mot test if they require one anyway, I have heard that some insurance companies are still insisting that the classic cars should still go in for a test?

Anyway I hope you get some enjoyment looking at this old restored Austin A35 Van because I certainly did.

This is the information you should look …

“Following public consultation which Austin A35 Van

showed a good level of

support, Transport Minister Mike

Penning has announced that
from 18 November, all pre-1960
vehicles will be exempt from
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