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Astra 1.6 Engine Problem-Lack of regular servicing the cause of the problem!

Astra 1.6 Engine Problem

Astra 1.6 Engine Problem

Astra 1.6 Engine Problem

So, I must confess this was a ne one to me! Of course my staff give me some out of the ordinary car problems that we encounter from time to time. Knowingly, these car problems are good for our blog. So informing driver about things that could be a future problem with their cars. This particular day last a guy with a Astra 1.6 Engine Problem called into our reception.

As usual we asked him to leave the car with us for a test drive and solution to the problem. So, the car was a Vauxhall Astra 1.6 16 valve VVTi model. Importantly the VVTi stands for “Variable Valve Timing with intelligence” a term that was new to me!

So, the problem with the car was that the engine had become very noisy and was rattling its head off. The guy could not remember when the Astra was last serviced. Tactfully we suggested that he should start with a good service. Ryan examined the car and straight away suspected that the engine parts were getting starved of oil!

Oil filter had totally collapsed

So, on examination we found that the engine oil was in a bad state and commenced to change the oil filter as part of the service. Astoundingly, we found that the oil filter had never probably been changed! Not for a long while in any case. The filter had totally collapsed into itself. Therefore blocking the path of the oil from the sump to the engine parts.

Of course you can see the sate of the old oil filter in the posts image. So, the customer had been very lucky, bringing the car in just in time before the engines cam had seized up. probably requiring a new engine?

Attentively, we carried out the full service, hoping that the problem was solved when we re-started the Astra’s engine. Happily, the car was fixed and the engine was running normally. Although there was no lasting damage the driver was very lucky. Of course this would not have happened with regular car servicing. The oil filter would have been changed at the correct time. So, alleviating the possibility of engine failure and an expensive bill ?

Eric Roberts



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