Apollo Winter Tyres-Saved the day on a recent drive down to France?

Warning Most areas in France DO NOT grit the roads, so be prepared?  it DOES SNOW I almost got caught out?

Apollo Winter Tyres; were only fitted the week before

One of the latest winter tyre makers to enter the UK tyre market is Apollo tyres. The last winter I thought I would try them out. So I fitted a set before we embarked on a long drive (800 miles) to South West France.

Last winter in February. My wife and I went to the South West of France. Hence, to take our daughter back to a teacher training school. We went in our old Audi A4. Thus, we fitted Apollo Winter Tyres to try out, (and boy did we need them ?). I fitted Apollo Winter Tyres to try them out and they were fantastic. We woke up from our hotel on route to find 10 inches of snow. Had fallen overnight and the outside temperature was -17 Celsius.

Apollo Winter Tyres

Audi A4 in France with Apollo Winter Tyres

The hotel car park was on a slope.As a result after breakfast. We saw the other guests struggling to exit the hotel car park. Due to snow and ice.In fact they were not moving at all. Therefore, I could not wait to try my new tyres out.

All the roads were covered in 10 inch of snow. Apparently, that had just blown down from Russia, (according to the French television weather guy), In France they do not panic to clear the snow. Of course, like we do here in the UK. So but tend to leave it to hard pack. Thus, the only roads they clear at first are the motorways.

We still had a journey of 200 miles ahead of us in a total white out. We boarded the Audi and set off to Perigueux in South West France. I started driving at a very steady speed. But to my amazement.The car just strolled through the 10 inch of snow effortlessly.

Apollo Winter Tyres

The Apollo Winter Tyres worked wonderfully in the thick snow. Winter tyres have silica added into their compound so that they do not loose their flexibility in temperatures bellow freezing, this keeps the whole tread onto the road surface and gives a better grip, the same also applies in wet weather and that’s why winter tyres can take every thing that winter can throw at them.

Apollo Winter Tyres

winter tyres ready to go are also on sale at Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK

The Apollo Winter Tyres were superb, the only thing we had to worry about were the other drivers skidding all over the place on their summer tyres. We even stopped to pick up a French guy who found himself stranded in the blizzard in a very hilly area and dropped him off in his home town about 10 mile further on .

 Excellent Jinyu winter tyres

 We finally reached our destination thanks the excellent tyre especially Apollo Winter Tyres and made the return journey in complete safety whilst most other drivers either kept off the roads or were skidding about. A true first rate experience with winter tyres.

Eric Roberts