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AGM Batteries

Trojan AGM batteries are being promoted to upgrade the power needs for more powerful cars and trucks.

Brad Bisaillon, director of strategic accounts, North America and Europe, for the Trojan Battery Company, discusses the differences between AGM Batteries and traditional batteries.


A good battery video to watch for the Trojan battery fans amongst,us and this includes me.

Trojan batteries versus traditional batteries

Significantly, AGM batteries are once again becoming more popular. Especially, in the car and transport industry. Because of the constant strain that on board computers and other electronics. Of course, have to absorb on the modern vehicles of today.

This is most evident on the start-stop technology that we use in today’s cars. This system requires many more starting cycles. That can only be handled by a start-stop AGM battery and EFB batteries. Importantly, these batteries are available to us in the Varta brand, one of the companies that were owned by Johnson controls. Subsequently, who are the world’s number one battery manufacturer.

Deep cycle AGM batteries are made with thicker plates and a stronger grid system.

They are also practically dry compared to a normal free flow lead acid battery. Of course, that are fitted into the regular gasoline engine car. That are primarily used to start the car and also for the cars lighting. The plates are much thinner and perforated with small holes. Importantly, this gives the battery more power up front. So, to start the car’s engine and is known as CCA (cold cracking amps).

The AGM Batteries have much thicker plates. This battery is virtually dry and is completely sealed. The plates are covered with glass matting that absorbs the acid. Making the battery virtually dry and able to take a much larger charge and discharge. This was found to be the best option for the new start-stop technology.

There are now other makes of cars such as the Jeep models. Jeeps can come out with an Optima AGM battery.Doing the same job of supplying a good CCA for starting purposes. Also keeping the cars computer system and many on-board electronics fully serviced. So, by the fact that the battery has a deep cycle capability.

This also applies to the trucking industry.

Trojan are informing truck fleet users, the benefits of fitting Trojan batteries to their trucks, replacing the normal lead acid batteries that are fitted as original equipment.

The Trojan batteries are one of the best quality batteries in the world.Significantly, and are manufactured to alloy very deep cycles. Without damaging the battery. The necessity to upgrade the battery. So, comes with the fact that these vehicles use much more power with high demand at certain times, making it necessary to fit a deep cycle battery. The drivers sleeper cab is very often fitted with cooking facilities and even a TV like a mini RV vehicle, and so requires an AGM battery such as the Trojan Deep Cycle Batteries.

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