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AdBlue Diesel technology

AdBlue Diesel technology

We explain the importance of AdBlue and how to refill a car with it.

AdBlue Diesel technology

I must admit, that I am missing out on the new car technologies.Thus by doing all my work in my office at home and not at the garage. For this reason, many times I see something that I have never heard of, to do with the motor industry. Naturally, I turn to my trusty service manager, Ryan Linton. Ryan is a very clever guy. Consequently, he can fill me in with anything new that comes my way. Including AdBlue for diesel cars.

Ryan told me that one of our customers. So had bought a new Skoda 2-Litre diesel. Equipped with the Adblue system and tank. The guy was in his late fifties and a steady driver. Of course, he always kept his car in an immaculate condition and was a steady driver. For that reason, he was surprised when the warning light came on after only 4000 miles of steady driving.

After filling the AdBlue tank. He expected the warning light to go out. Guess what? it didn’t.As expect he took the car back to the main dealer,in this case Skoda. The car was off the road for over 4 weeks? he is now unsure about the technology. Or what may happen should he be a long way from home. A vote of no confidence in this case.

Ryan explained that this new system was also appearing on a few diesel car service schedules. If you service your own diesel car then it is something to watch out for?

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    Alex says:

    Thanks for sharing this blog post.
    It’s a good insight to see how AdBlue affects vehicles.
    I’ve heard that people have been having problems with AdBlue and their fuel injectors.Also i have read your take on diesel cars it is very interesting.

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