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– This includes Motorhome tyres- before your journey

  Check Your CARAVAN TYRES; West Yorkshire can not stress the importance of your caravan tyres. Tyre experts recommend that owners of any trailed vehicles should remove the complete wheel or wheels .Then take them to their favorite garage or auto centre. Then have them checked by a professional member of the team. It is important that the wheels  are […]


Continental Tyres UK Ltd-Spies In Your Tyres? This Gizmo Will Help Your Car Drive Itself

Continental Tyres UK Ltd A few years back, on a week long bus tour of Continental Tyres UK Ltd AG’s technology and engineering centers in Germany, one item attracted more attention from journalists than nearly any of the other whiz-bang connected-car stuff: A simple tire pressure monitor.   eric roberts‘s insight: Continental Tyres UK Ltd […]


Tyre Pressure Knowledge-What if I don’t know my tyre pressures?

Tyre Pressure Knowledge Tyre Pressure Knowledge This is one of the questions that is asked by some of my customers. Here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax Yorkshire UK. Apart from the internet. Vehicle car manufacturers often place the tyre pressures in three locations of the car. Here are the three places: Inside the driver’s door on […]