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Car Tyres Repairs from Repair Specialists

Car Tyres Repairs from Repair Specialists Car Tyres Repairs from Repair Specialists So a little bit of history ! As a life long tyre guy then specialists tyre repairs have always been around. Of course I can now go back to the very beginning when the radial car tyres were introduced. Firstly many of these […]


Tyre Puncture Repairs-Are tyres really worth repairing ?

Tyre Puncture Repairs Yes it is worth having Tyre Puncture Repairs Many motorists go through life without having any Tyre Puncture Repairs.Thus, on their cars. Some of our customers are forever having punctures and their tyres repaired. For this reason, the fact that they need new tyres fitting. Consequently, the reason that they have had a puncture.Is […]


Difference between winter tyres-summer tyres-New and better materials now used in winter tyres.

Difference between winter tyres-summer tyres Difference between winter tyres-summer tyres Of course, winter tyres are made of different compounds and operate at much lower temperature. So, to rectify this,most tyre makers now include silica in their compounds. Thus enabling the winter tyres to operate at much lower temperatures. So retaining their suppleness in adverse conditions. Consequently, […]


Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems- TPMS systems will be fitted to most makes of cars in the future.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems Tyre pressure monitoring systems will be the “Norm” for all cars Electric Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems are fitted to many car models now. They warn the car driver when a tyre is deflating or flat.Thus, through a warning light on the cars dashboard. Check this link for further information   These devices […]


Michelin Tyres Dominant at “Renault Event” at Silverstone Race Track

Michelin Tyres Dominant Michelin Tyres Dominant; Renault cars use Michelin tyres Dave Smith of Pellon Tyres in Halifax West Yorkshire. Enjoyed a great day out at the Silverstone race track on Sunday. So, Dave took along his two children. Because although the car racing was good, there was also a funfair. Including, plenty of good […]