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AVON TYRES a great British Product.

  Post Updated 31st Dec 2013  Avon Tyres over 100yrs of history Avon tyres have always been a great favourite tyre company of mine and I have traded with them on and off over my 35 year period in the tyre trade.   Avon tyres still trade in the same premises that they now occupy […]


Bridgestone Winter Tyres-Winter vs Summer Tyres – What’s The Difference?

Bridgestone Winter Tyres Bridgestone Winter Tyres Modern tyre design has enabled tyre compounds to be more flexible in low temperatures. As a result, summer tyres are made to perform in possible “hot” weather. Thus, the added ingredient is a “Silica” compound. Therefore,  the third type of tyre is the “all-weather” tyres.Which is a compromise between winter […]


General Tyres Lighter Weight- As your Car Tyres Are Becoming More “ECO” Friendly

General Tyres Lighter Weight General Tyres Lighter Weight; Car tyres are going down the environmental friendly road More and more tyre manufacturer.Hence, are going down the “green” road.Thus, striving to make their car tyres more fuel efficient.Therefore, as part of the drive to make cars more environmentally friendly. Tyres are very important.Especially, in the drive […]


Difference between winter tyres-summer tyres-New and better materials now used in winter tyres.

Difference between winter tyres-summer tyres Difference between winter tyres-summer tyres Of course, winter tyres are made of different compounds and operate at much lower temperature. So, to rectify this,most tyre makers now include silica in their compounds. Thus enabling the winter tyres to operate at much lower temperatures. So retaining their suppleness in adverse conditions. Consequently, […]


Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries- Absorbed Glass Mat batteries AGM are now a very popular battery

Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries Many people think that GEL and Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries are the same Many people buying new golf batteries or mobility batteries. Therefore, believe that the two types of battery are the same. They are very similar.Hence, they are a deep cycle with a low discharge. Because they do not spill […]


Pirelli Snowcontrol Winter Tyres- Pirelli Tyres Awarded by German Motoring Magazine

   Pirelli Snowcontrol Winter Tyres Pirelli Snowcontrol Winter tyres The giant Italian tyre company were given a “Good” in recent tyre tests.Thus, the tests were carried out by the German motoring magazine “AUTO-BILD.”. Hence, the   tests were carried out by using 19565T15 tyre size.Thus, on a VW Golf saloon. Consequently, the Pirelli Snowcontrol 2 were […]


Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres- a great all-year round tyre performer

Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres-As I have stated many times, Firestone tyres have had a shaky past. We all now know about the problems of the past with faulty steel belt problems?. The good news is that since the Bridgestone take over. Then Firestone are reaffirming their status as a leading European tyre […]