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7 Tips to Save Fuel While Driving

7 Tips to Save Fuel While Driving 7 Tips to Save Fuel While Driving There is no shame in admitting! Of course, all of us are worried about the ever-increasing prices of fuel. In fact, I am certain that this often bothers each and every one of us. Fuel increases our expenditure! No matter how […]


Electric Battery Cars or Hydrogen fueled Cars?

Electric Battery Cars or Hydrogen fueled Cars? It is for certain that one of these days we will run out of oil. Although we have now discovered new oil reserves by means of “fracking” we will still run out of oil one of these days. This together with the need to clean up our planet […]


Toyota embracing hydrogen fuel cells as a replacement for battery-electric vehicles

Toyota has done more to further hybrid cars than any other manufacturer, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped looking for better ways to fuel our lives.   eric roberts‘s insight: For further reading about Toyota hydrogen cell cars… Hi This has always looked like one of the future fuels to go into the future […]


Toyota’s Prius EV-Refresh, hydrogen fuel cell Batteries on tap from 2015 – Newsday

Toyota’s Prius EV Newsday Toyota’s Prius EV refresh, hydrogen fuel cell car on tap for 2015 Newsday The next Prius, which is expected in 2015, will include improved batteries and smaller, more powerful electric motors, and will be built on the company’s new global…   Eric Roberts‘s insight: This is great news about the Toyota’s Prius EV […]