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Runflat Tyres Are-Safer-When a rapid tyre de-flation happens on your car

Runflat Tyres Are-Safer Runflat Tyres Are-Safer-So what do runflat tyres actually do ? In general, many of my customers complain. Especially, when they have to buy their first replacement runflat tyres. Customers, simply do not understand how these tyres have evolved during the past 10 years of car design. Consequently,its all linked with green house […]


Bald Tyres Can KILL ! Check your Car Tyres regularly-

Bald Tyres Can KILL ! Check your Car Tyres regularly; must be checked every week Bringing this post forward ! We must all be surprised by the increasing amount of rainfall. Consequently, tyres are becoming even more important ! So, the millions of drivers that drive about must have noticed the very heavy downpours that we […]


Continental tyres boost-high-performance tyres at Korbach plant –

Continental tyres boost Continental tyres boost high-performance tires at Korbach plant KORBACH, Germany—Continental A.G.   Eric Roberts‘s insight: Continental tyres keep on moving forward Significantly, this is just one of the expansion plans . Including, a Continental tyres boost for the giant tyre company of Continental. Consequently, the Continental Car Tyres company and all its […]