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Runflat Tyres Are-Safer-When a rapid tyre de-flation happens on your car

Runflat Tyres Are-Safer Runflat Tyres Are-Safer-So what do runflat tyres actually do ? In general, many of my customers complain. Especially, when they have to buy their first replacement runflat tyres. Customers, simply do not understand how these tyres have evolved during the past 10 years of car design. Consequently,its all linked with green house […]


Pirelli Run Flat Tyres Can We Repair Them?

When the run flat tyre first came on to the market Firstly, I was not so sure what to think? These tyres were developed together with the car manufacturers  Consequently,were designed to specifically fit the cars on which they were to be fitted for safety reasons. So, the whole concept surrounding these tyres is based […]