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Goodyear Greener Tyres-Introducing low rolling resistance tyres-A greener direction for Goodyear

Post updated  15/2/2014 Goodyear Greener Tyres introduces crouched undulatory negative taxis tyres.   eric roberts‘s insight: Striving for a greener  tyre Goodyear  are always looking for developing a much more environmental friendly product. Hence, to be used to save energy. Thus, by using alternative materials to fossil fuels. These types of products  are especially beneficial . […]


How Eco Tyres Achieve Eco-friendliness and Cost-Efficiency at the Same Time | Auto Boardz

How Eco Tyres Achieve Eco   How Eco Tyres Achieve Eco Environment-friendly tyres include new synthetic substances as well as silica rubber. The resulting tyres incorporate a reduced weight with improved toughness to improve efficiency through remarkable driving conditions. Silica lowers the friction created in standard tyres. By distributing the carbon molecules instead of enabling […]


Bridgestone First-With AA Rated Tyre-Followed by Pirelli Tyres

Bridgestone First Bridgestone First tyres and Michelin AA Ratings This is a great achievement.Hence, in the race to become the first AA rated tyre. In the new European tyre ratings system.Thus, to give more information to consumers.For the reason, regarding the performance ratings of each individual tyres that are made. The new Bridgestone tyres are produced […]


General Tyres Lighter Weight- As your Car Tyres Are Becoming More “ECO” Friendly

General Tyres Lighter Weight General Tyres Lighter Weight; Car tyres are going down the environmental friendly road More and more tyre manufacturer.Hence, are going down the “green” road.Thus, striving to make their car tyres more fuel efficient.Therefore, as part of the drive to make cars more environmentally friendly. Tyres are very important.Especially, in the drive […]


Nokian Tyres new E-Truck series : reliable, economical kilometers for every season and axle position – Automotive World

Nokian Tyres new E-Truck series Nokian Tyres new E-Truck series Of course, the Nokian  E-Truck products feature a special rubber compound for all-season use. Naturally, the optimized groove pattern enables low rolling resistance, and economical as well as ecological kilometers. Consequently, the drivers also appreciate their comfortable handling and quiet running. Firstly, retreading is an […]


Continental Van Eco Tyres-“New” Continental Tyres for Vans and Similar Vehicles

Post Updated 19th Dec 2013 Continental Van Eco Tyres;New Vanco Eco from Continental tyres improves fuel economy Like most other tyre manufacturers Continental tyres are striving to improve their range to include much more economic and fuel saving tyres for the future. Indeed Continental have just completed tests together with ford using the Continental Van […]


Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems- TPMS systems will be fitted to most makes of cars in the future.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems Tyre pressure monitoring systems will be the “Norm” for all cars Electric Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems are fitted to many car models now. They warn the car driver when a tyre is deflating or flat.Thus, through a warning light on the cars dashboard. Check this link for further information   These devices […]