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MICHELIN-UNIROYAL TYRES – Self Repairing Tyres from these tyre companies

MICHELIN-UNIROYAL TYRES Never forget that you’re unique, just like everyone else. MICHELIN-UNIROYAL TYRES; introduce the Worlds first tyre that repairs itself. This tyre is lined with a  special tread compound.Thus, that can repair a minor penetration of the tyres. Of course within a minute of the object entering the tyre. The tyre is in fact sealed […]


Michelin Tyres Success Story- the great Success Story of the renowned French tyre company

Michelin Tyres Success Story Michelin Tyres Success Story Eric Roberts 24-7-2011. Part 2; The great Michelin Tyres X radial car tyre was “born.” The next significant milestone for Michelin was the introduction of carbon black in the rubber compound mixture, this not only gave them their black colour but changed the chemical The combination of the […]


Michelin Energy EV-tyres- Fitted to a Renault Zoe in Halifax UK.

Michelin Energy EV-tyres Michelin Energy EV-tyres -Saturday’s at Pellon Tyres, in Halifax. Are filled dealing with tyre customers and tyre enquiries. Thus, like many UK tyre dealers, we attract a varied amount of different models and makes of cars. Saturday is generally a tyre day? This Saturday just gone was no exception?. It was a […]


Michelin story-So How did a Company selling Rubber Tyres become the World’s Authority on Restaurants?

It actually makes a lot of sense. It’s also genius marketing. But really, how did the world’s most talented chefs and esteemed restaurants and come to be Source: This is a great article about the reason that the Michelin brothers, famous for their tyres decided to go into “evaluating restaurants “business, a good Michelin story. […]