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Continental Tyres UK Ltd-Spies In Your Tyres? This Gizmo Will Help Your Car Drive Itself

Continental Tyres UK Ltd A few years back, on a week long bus tour of Continental Tyres UK Ltd AG’s technology and engineering centers in Germany, one item attracted more attention from journalists than nearly any of the other whiz-bang connected-car stuff: A simple tire pressure monitor.   eric roberts‘s insight: Continental Tyres UK Ltd […]


Continental tyres boost-high-performance tyres at Korbach plant –

Continental tyres boost Continental tyres boost high-performance tires at Korbach plant KORBACH, Germany—Continental A.G.   Eric Roberts‘s insight: Continental tyres keep on moving forward Significantly, this is just one of the expansion plans . Including, a Continental tyres boost for the giant tyre company of Continental. Consequently, the Continental Car Tyres company and all its […]


Continental Tyres Earnings Down-Raw materials costs eat into Conti’s earnings -The Tire Dealer’s No. 1 News Source

Continental Tyres Earnings Down Continental Tyres Earnings Down Conti have always been a well respected and forward thinking tyre manufacturer. In 1892 Continental became the first German company to manufacture bicycle tyres. As a result, that where solely manufactured from rubber. In 1901, one the very first models of Mercedes equipped with Continental Tyres  . […]


Continental tyres Class-Why They Are One of the Worlds Premium Brand of Tyres

Continental tyres Class Continental tyres Class Eric Roberts‘s insight: Continental tyres Top Award-winners in the Tyre World Continental  are always taking the top award places . Especially, in independent tyre sectors . That look at the  performances of their tyre products. Of course, that take them over and above the EU tyre label. Hence, ever since 2007. We […]


Continental Tyres Engineers-looks at pot-hole damage to tyres- Pellon tyres-strengthen construction?

Continental Tyres Engineers Pot-holes are an ever increasing nightmare for British road users. Continental Tyres Engineers discuss tyre construction, and explain the implications for tyres.   eric roberts‘s insight: This Continental tyre came to an end when hitting a hole As a result, we have the same problem here in Halifax GB. Hence, as the […]


Mercedes Continental Tyres-Mercedes-Benz India associates with Continental Tyres | ANI News

Mercedes Continental Tyres Mercedes Continental Tyres Of course, this joint venture comes as no surprise to me? It is a well known partnership in Germany. By having your tyres fitted to new cars. Naturally, brings in new revenue . Hence, when the first tyres eventually start to be replaced. As expected, certain percentage of drivers […]