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Car Servicing Advice-Do I Have To Service My New Car At The Dealership? Look for quality and Standards

Car Servicing Advice An answer to the popular question “do I have to service my new car at the dealership?” straight from the horses mouth, Guelph Hyundai’s very own Service Adviser. Car Servicing Advice-If you require  car servicing or car repairs. The answer is NO? “If you are a garage  with a good reputation then […]


Car Servicing Tips-Six Easy Steps for Avoiding Expensive Car Repairs by sticking to basics

Car Servicing Tips; Car repairs need not be that expensive Significantly, a visit to your local car repairs shop can be even more stressful. Say  than a visit to your local dentist. Perhaps you wont suffer physical pain. But sometimes your car repairs bill. Frighteningly, can leave your wallet or purse feeling pretty empty. Including, […]


Winter Car Servicing-Good Garage Scheme Car Servicing in Great Britain : Get Ready for …

Winter Car Servicing Winter Car Servicing at pellon Autocentre, Halifax UK[/caption] Winter Car Servicing With cold weather just around the corner and nights beginning to draw in, the Good Garage Scheme is encouraging motorists to have their cars professionally checked to ensure they are safe and reliable in the winter months …   Eric Roberts‘s insight: Winter […]


Drivers Avoid Car Servicing? Why do Car Drivers avoid Servicing their Cars?

Drivers Avoid Car Servicing Modern cars are all controlled by computers these days. In fact almost all aspects of manufacturing today’s cars are controlled by computers and this includes the servicing schedules. The services that are written out in your cars hand book, have been designed to give the best possible Smart Car Servicing schedule, […]


Electric cars-Are Car dealers Really Scared Of Tesla Disrupting Car Servicing-

Electric cars-Dealers Are Really Scared Of Tesla Disrupting The Servicing Experience Jalopnik Service departments are important for car dealers and Auto Centres in general?   eric roberts‘s insight: When Electric cars arrive will car servicing be a thing of the past Well according to this article, it would be Electric cars from Tesla that get in […]