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Lead Acid Battery Recycling- 95% of these batteries are recycled into new batteries-Explained

Lead Acid Battery Recycling car and truck Batteries – Recycling  The process of Lead Acid Battery Recycling is performed on virtually on one machine. The scrap batteries which have come to the end of their Lead Acid Battery Life, start out at one end. The batteries are then crushed by hammering them into little broken pieces and they are […]


Waste Battery Recycling-Dispose of Old Batteries safely in Your Own Area

Waste Battery Recycling Waste Battery Recycling;Dispose of your old batteries safely This post is about Battery Recycling. Hence, the right thing to do when disposing of your old battery. Therefore, it does not really matter which type of battery that you are disposing of. But for now I really mean your old  golf,scooter,mobility,ups and car batteries. What […]


High-performance Flow battery could rival lithium-ions for EVs and grid storage the battle is on?

High-performance Flow battery High-performance Flow battery-A new redox High-performance Flow battery developed at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) more than doubles the amount of energy that this type of cell can pack in a given volume, approaching the num…   The Nano Flow Cell Technology, is another possible contender to knock the Lithium-Ion battery off […]


Motorcycle Battery season is almost here for you Bikers?

Motorcycle Battery choice could be very important When it comes into February, I know that certain groups of people, start to think about the spring arriving and in fact start to prepare for the new year ahead. These include people who are gardeners, golfers and other outdoor pursuers which include the motorcyclists. I know that […]


Recycling Li-On batteries-Lithium-Ion- electric car batteries- to provide power to homes.

Post updated  18/3/2014 Motor-Trades Insight Recycling Li-On batteries Recycling electric car batteries to provide power to homes could mean ‘an end …   eric roberts‘s insight: We are already talking about a second use for the old electric car batteries ? Four partner companies in the North East of England, they are Opus Green, SR Technologies, […]