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AGM Batteries-Versus Traditional Batteries-VSP News: Kolman’s Korner, Episode 69 –

Brad Bisaillon, director of strategic accounts, North America and Europe, for the Trojan Battery Company, discusses the differences between AGM Batteries and traditional batteries.   A good battery video to watch for the Trojan battery fans amongst,us and this includes me. Trojan batteries versus traditional batteries AGM batteries are once again becoming more popular […]


Optima Car Batteries-Consider Buying an Optima- “Maintenance Free Batteries” AGM Technology.

Optima Car Batteries Optima Car Batteries;What are Calcium/Calcium car batteries Optima Car Batteries- Calcium/Calcium (C/C) are the next generation of car batteries. Optimas are a step further in battery evolution to the standard lead acid car batteries. Because of this you will not have  have to top the battery up with distilled water.   All, Optima Car Batteries has different […]


Trojan Motorhome Batteries-Upgrading Your Motorhome-RV-caravan Batteries to perhaps the best Trojan

Trojan Motorhome Batteries Get the most out of camping unplugged by upgrading your Motorhome Batteries 12-volt battery to two 6-volt Trojan Motorhome Batteries. A TrailerLife TV original video. For more…   eric Roberts’ insight: Trojan Motorhome Batteries- 6 volt Motorhome Batteries conversion This is a great video. So, about converting you 12-volt single battery to […]


Solar Storage Batteries-Understanding our future storage Needs?

Solar Storage Batteries When shopping for Solar Storage Batteries for a renewable energy (RE) system, it is important to choose a battery designed for deep-cycling, and one with a track re (Understand batteries to buy the right ones for your #RE system   eric roberts‘s insight: Solar Storage Batteries using AGM Batteries This attached article by […]


Leisure Batteries Connected-How to Connect 2 or More Leisure Batteries? / Car & Leisure Battery …

Leisure Batteries Connected Connecting two or more leisure batteries is entirely possible, but it should be undertaken with caution. To connect the batteries, you’ll have to have enough space in the caravan to house the multiple batteries safely, as well as …   Eric Roberts insight: Connecting 2 or More Leisure Batteries It is entirely possible […]


New batteries-Solar Energy Storage-change solar energy storage – The Strategic Sourceror (blog)

New batteries-Solar Energy Storage New batteries to change solar energy storage The Strategic Sourceror (blog) While electricity sourcing from storage technologies for renewable energy is only emerging, it could soon become mainstream. New Types of  Batteries  for Solar Storage” Not Far Away” Although we have been trying out new systems for storing the energy produced […]


Motorcycle Battery care-You Must Constantly Check Your Motorcycle Batteries – Require Much Care

Motorcycle Battery care – Require Much Care People generally have a feeling that a “maintenance-free battery” would need no care and they will simply put it (…) (Motorcycle Batteries – Require Much Care…   eric roberts‘s insight: Varta Motorcycle Battery care Most bikers (motor cyclists) replace their old flat battery with the cheapest well […]