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Kumho Tyres Auto GP- Success of Entering Auto GP towards F1;official tyre supplier

Kumho Tyres Auto GP Kumho Tyres Auto GP; was selected as official tyre supplier 2012 Auto Grand Prix(hereinafter, Auto GP), international top-class formula championship, last year.   eric roberts‘s insight: Kumho Tyres Auto GP Have become very popular amongst the cheap new tyre buying public. Hence, part of this enthusiasm for this mid-range tyre. Of course, comes […]


Nitrogen Gas Advantages-The pluses and Minusus оf Using Nitrogen Gas tо Inflate your Tyres

Nitrogen Gas Advantages;Nitrogen gas inflated tyres use thіs dry, inert gas tо inflate Nitrogen Gas Advantages;Aircraft  tyres, off-road truck tyres, (that usually work in mining and quarries) military vehicle tyres, аnd racing car tyres fоr improved performance, mоrе tyre mileage аnd better fuel economy. More аnd mоrе cars, light trucks, SUVs, Mini-vans аnd Crossover vehicles аrе […]


Pirelli Connesso: Coloured smart tyres send information about your car straight to an app – BT

Pirelli Connesso   Pirelli Connesso Pirelli has unveiled its plans for smart tyres. Therefore I  am all for tyre development. Especially, the idea of your tyres sending back messages. Hence, about important things, such as tyre temperature and possible loss of tyre pressure. This technology is already used. As a result, I suspect that most […]