225-45R17 Kumho Solus HS51Ultra High Performance Tyres one of the best

225-45R17 Kumho Solus225-45R17 kumho solus hs51

There is no doubt that the Kumho tyres have come a long way in the past ten years. Here at Pellon Tyre shop in Halifax, Yorkshire. We took Kumho tyres on as one of our main mid-range tyre products. Pellon Tyres, were highly delighted with the results and better still so where our customers.

One of the benefits of being a highly trusted tyre company is that we more often than not we get repeat business. So it is important that we as a supplier make the correct product choice for our customers. After all we are the ones whose opinion they trust.

Choosing the right means quality at the right price, this is why we are highly respected in Halifax and the outer areas. The Kumho tyres product fitted into these criteria and we were pleased to become dealers about six years ago now.

One of the most popular tyres that we sell is the 225-45R17 Kumho Solus. In the past drivers were given the choice of comfort or high performance, but not both combined.

225-45R17 Kumho Solus

Now this has all changed with the introduction recently of the 225-45R17 Kumho Solus HS51. This tyre incorporates a cutting edge design in the tread area combined with a innovative tyre compound that brings comfort and the high performance that you would associate with such a tyre.

225-45R17 Kumho Solus tyre gives the driver a mixture of precise handling and braking combined with a smooth ride and just as important a quite ride. This tyre comes out in many other sizes, I have singled out the 225-45R17 Kumho Solus because of its popularity and it fits many car models.

The 225-45R17 Kumho Solus comes out with a “W” speed rating making it capable of reaching 168 MPH. It also comes with a 91 load rating carrying a Maximum load of 615 kg per tyre.

The tyre has excellent road handling on wet and dry roads.

Eric Roberts

More information…http://kumhotyre.co.uk/kumho-news/all-new-ecsta-hs51/