22 Amp Mobility Batteries saved the day for Child’s Christmas Present

Two new 22 Amp Mobility Batteries saved the day.

Every now and then we get a letter from a customer who needs our help. Sometimes we do not know if they are genuine or just some person trying it on. Last Christmas we learned about

22 Amp Mobility Batteries

22 Amp Mobility Batteries ready to go

a lady in Lancashire called Eileen. I bumped into Eileen when delivering a battery to a customer’s house and she was in the property next door, tending to her friends horse (cleaning the stables out). Eileen looked very short and I noticed that she had no legs.

When Eileen saw the battery signage on my van she came over and told me that she had a wheel chair but could not afford to buy any. This tugged on my heart strings and as soon as I got back to Halifax, I sorted out two new 34 amp Lucas mobility batteries at took them back to Lancashire to give to Eileen as a Christmas present. I had to leave the batteries with the guy next door because Eileen was not at home, but a couple of days later, I received a very nice thank you letter in the form of a Christmas card from Eileen.

mobility batteries

Child’s tri-cycle fitted with his new 22 amp mobility batteries

Then a similar thing happened just before this Christmas 2013. We received an e-mail from a guy in Devon who was making a three wheel electric bike for his sons Christmas present.  He had problems with another online company who had sent him the wrong batteries. For some reason the company could not be contacted online or by telephone. I also tried out this company, but could not get any reply.

Mobility batteries sent out to Devon

His son was a very ill young man and so this bike was going to mean the World to him as he needed one with a small electric battery driven engine, his son could not peddle like a healthy child could. The guy was desperate and had no money and asked us for help. I remembered what had happened to Eileen the year before and so decided to give him two 22 Amp Mobility Batteries, which fitted his bike.

The guy in Devon was over the moon and could not thank us enough for our help. His son had a Christmas present that worked thanks to the 22 Amp Mobility Batteries and I was pleased to be able to help someone in distress.

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