Apollo Winter Tyres-Saved the day on a recent drive down to France?

Warning Most areas in France DO NOT grit the roads, so be prepared?  it DOES SNOW I almost got caught out?

Apollo Winter Tyres; were only fitted the week before

One of the latest winter tyre makers to enter the UK tyre market is Apollo tyres. The last winter I thought I would try them out. So I fitted a set before we embarked on a long drive (800 miles) to South West France.

Last winter in February. My wife and I went to the South West of France. Hence, to take our daughter back to a teacher training school. We went in our old Audi A4. Thus, we fitted Apollo Winter Tyres to try out, (and boy did we need them ?). I fitted Apollo Winter Tyres to try them out and they were fantastic. We woke up from our hotel on route to find 10 inches of snow. Had fallen overnight and the outside temperature was -17 Celsius.

Apollo Winter Tyres

Audi A4 in France with Apollo Winter Tyres

The hotel car park was on a slope.As a result after breakfast. We saw the other guests struggling to exit the hotel car park. Due to snow and ice.In fact they were not moving at all. Therefore, I could not wait to try my new tyres out.

All the roads were covered in 10 inch of snow. Apparently, that had just blown down from Russia, (according to the French television weather guy), In France they do not panic to clear the snow. Of course, like we do here in the UK. So but tend to leave it to hard pack. Thus, the only roads they clear at first are the motorways.

We still had a journey of 200 miles ahead of us in a total white out. We boarded the Audi and set off to Perigueux in South West France. I started driving at a very steady speed. But to my amazement.The car just strolled through the 10 inch of snow effortlessly.

Apollo Winter Tyres

The Apollo Winter Tyres worked wonderfully in the thick snow. Winter tyres have silica added into their compound so that they do not loose their flexibility in temperatures bellow freezing, this keeps the whole tread onto the road surface and gives a better grip, the same also applies in wet weather and that’s why winter tyres can take every thing that winter can throw at them.

Apollo Winter Tyres

winter tyres ready to go are also on sale at Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK

The Apollo Winter Tyres were superb, the only thing we had to worry about were the other drivers skidding all over the place on their summer tyres. We even stopped to pick up a French guy who found himself stranded in the blizzard in a very hilly area and dropped him off in his home town about 10 mile further on .

 Excellent Jinyu winter tyres

 We finally reached our destination thanks the excellent tyre especially Apollo Winter Tyres and made the return journey in complete safety whilst most other drivers either kept off the roads or were skidding about. A true first rate experience with winter tyres.

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Garage Owners in Shaky Times

Sunbeam Rapier Cross Ply-Tyres-Classic car fitted with 590/600×13 TYRES

Sunbeam Rapier Cross Ply-Tyres

A story from a motorbike battery to Sunbeam Rapier Cross-Ply Tyres-sunbeam rapier in Bradford sunbeam rapier with 600×13 tyres

Sunbeam Rapier Cross-Ply Tyres-1961 Rapier had 600×13 whitewall tyres

One of the great things about my job. of course, as MD of Pellon tyres. No two days are the same.Thus, the only unfortunate thing about this is that your time does fly when having fun.

As expected, the other day I had a motorcycle battery to deliver, (we offer next day delivery). Because it was only a few mile away in Bradford, I decided to deliver the battery myself. I will very often provide batteries in the nearby towns in West Yorkshire. We try to give the best service to our customers from our Tyre shop and websites.

The car was a Sunbeam Rapier. 

I was over the moon and took a couple of pictures. These cars reminded me of when I was a young mechanic, my friend Richard Ellis worked in Dewsbury at a Rootes garage, and I worked at a BMC garage ( soon to become British Leyland).  We always shared stories about the good and bad points on the cars we worked on including the Sunbeam Rapier.

I do not remember seen one until the other day in Bradford. I think the owner of the Sunbeam is a member of the Sunbeam Rapier Owners Club.However, I arrived at the house in Bradford.So the customer was out.Therefore, I hid the battery under a bucket and left a note. Thereupon, on my way back to my van I noticed an old car parked up in next doors drive. I love old cars and often write blogs about them. Hence, this was no exception.

Sunbeam Rapier Cross Ply-Tyres

The Rapier was an upmarket version of the Hillman Minx the early ones only having a speed of 85 mph. The Rapier was given tail fins and a new style grille for the radiator, with the options of a convertible body making the car look cool. As far as I can remember they originally came out on cross ply tyres in the sizes 590×13 and then 600×13 tyres but I stand corrected if you know better.

In 1961 the convertible came out and was a very sound car, it had whitewall tyres

and was fitted with a walnut dash with two tone paint, making the car look unique. The Rapier was out at the same time as the Vauxhall Cresta and the Ford Zodiac all iconic cars of the time.

Lastly, I hope this blog brings back some memories as it did to me. A story from a motorbike battery to Sunbeam Rapier Cross-Ply Tyres-sunbeam rapier in Bradford sunbeam rapier with 600×13 tyres  sunbeam with 590/600×13 tyres

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Apollo Tyres Set For Price Hike-revenue surges but margins skid as costs rise | All The News

Apollo Tyres Set For Price Hike

Apollo Tyres Set For Price Hike

Apollo Tyres Set For Price Hike

As the owner of a retail tyre company, then this is something that is close to my heart. I also think that it is good for business. when there is a bit of inflation in the economy. Apollo are the third or fourth tyre manufacturer to hint that tyre prices were on the rise. As a result, prices are blamed on the increase of raw materials, in this case “rubber”.

Eric Roberts

No doubt, Apollo Tyres Ltd’s December quarter performance raced past Street expectations on all fronts. But rising raw material prices tempered the company’s profitability and the bigger concern is there is no sign of them cooling off. In fact, Apollo Tyres’ management in the analysts’ call cautioned investors that there could be a 10% increase…

Source: Apollo Tyres’ revenue surges but margins skid as costs rise | All The News

General Winter tyres- Part of the giant Continental tyre group

General Winter tyres

General Winter tyres;Winter tyres are a must have safety item

Almost all the vehicle owners. Hence, will have to consider about their tyres and wheels during the winter season. For this reason, traditional summer tyres will not be able to perform well during the winter. So winter tyres become a popular topic and choice among the vehicle owners. Therefore they tend to buy a new set of steel wheels. Together, with winter tyres for the car during winter. Thus, it will help to assure the safety of the car during winter.

general winter tyres

winter will soon be here get your car prepared

A wide range of winter tyres can be seen in the present world.Naturally, they have the ability to fit many car models. Winter tyres come with steel wheels. For this reason, they come to direct contact with the road in a snowy winter.General Winter tyres are made out of a rubber mixture. Along with steel and fabric. Of course, they have the ability to survive under tough conditions in the winter. If you install Cheap Winter Car Tyres for your car during the winter, Then you will get the opportunity to have a safe journey. Thus, with your family members during the winter. Therefore millions of customers from every corner of the world purchase General Winter tyres .

General Winter tyres

Plenty of winter tyre manufacturers have started their businesses because of the popularity of them. There is a high demand for winter tyres during the pre-winter season. People can look for the perfect tyres for them from the available variety. General Winter tyres are one such popular brand of winter tyres and it is recognized as a budget brand. Apollo winter tyres and Vredestein tyres are the leading brands in the world and they have gained a good reputation by providing quality tyres to the clients. You can find the perfect winter tyre for you from the local market after considering your requirements.

After purchasing the  tyres, you should follow some steps in order ensure its safety and use it for a long period of time. You have to check about the tyre pressure at least once in a month. All the tyres are designed to perform well at a specific temperature and a pressure. For example, the Apollo winter tyres are available in different sizes and they have different pressures.

Tyres can be subjected to both over inflating and under inflating. Therefore you should pay some extra attention towards the air pressure on tyres and the service manual will assist you with that. You must also align the wheels of your car in a proper way to reduce the wear and tear. These steps will assist you to use the same set of General Winter tyres for three or four winters with no problems. Car owners can change their set of tyres during October and have the peace of mind and safety to have a pleasant journey.

Winter tyres storage at Pellon tyres in Halifax

We at Pellon tyres also offer a tyre storage facility, we will fit your  tyres for winter and re-fit your summer tyres in spring time, this gives you 3 or 4 years of use out of your General Winter tyres and you will be much safer whatever the weather throws at us.

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Michelin Cross climate short test-UK winter 2016 -Now Proven 2018- YouTube

Michelin Cross climate short test

Michelin Cross climate short test

Of course, by getting the correct tyres for your car means you get a better performance out of it. Specifically, with hundreds of different patterns to choose from how do you know which ones are the best for you?

Choosing the correct tyres mean that you should choose a top performer. Including a tyre from Continental, the Conti Cross Contact LX 2   .Performing well in all areas of the independent tyre tests. Of course, which included handling and breaking on dry and wet roads. Including, rolling and aquaplaning resistance, (the power needed to turn the tyre).

Naturally, the other top tyres came from manufacturers Michelin, with their Cross Climate all-weather tyres.  Goodyear and Dunlop with some tyres performing better in wet conditions than others. Amongst the worst performers’ where offerings from manufactures Runway and Maxxis. Subsequently, all tyres tested performed well in one or more areas of the tests.

Winter tyre tests

In the test of winter tyres however it was Goodyear that came out on top with their winter tyre Ultragrip 8. Of the all-round tyres which you can use both in summer and winter the Vredestein’s Quatrac impressed the test panel the most. Pure summer tyres where proven to perform badly in wintry conditions.

Price wise, all-season tyres cost a fraction more than pure summer tyres do while winter specific tyres cost around ₤ 30-40 more. If the recent English winters with snow and ice continue it might be worth investing either considering in winter specific tyres or to fit the car with all-season tyres.

An online magazine recently tested tyres from 12 different brands covering anything from the premium to the budget and suitable for all cars from family hatchbacks to a new Rolls-Royce.

A good video about the very popular CrossClimate by Michelin. This is different to an all-weather tyre. Hence, Michelin say it is a summer tyre with winter tyre capabilities. Thus, the CrossClimate is well worth a try.

Michelin Cross climate short test

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Ferrari Bald Tyres- Driver with Bald Tyres Loses Control in the Rain, Luckily getting out of trouble

Ferrari Bald Tyres

Ferrari Bald Tyres; Wet roads and bald tyres do not mix

Many drivers do not know how much tread they have left on their bald tyres.Thus, in fact they never check their tyres at all. As a result, if you want to minimize the chances of a tyre related accident.Naturally, it is important that you check your tyres at regular intervals. So, or have them checked out at your local tyre- centre.

We are noticing here at Pellon tyres in Halifax. That drivers of the larger more expensive cars such as Mercedes and BMWs. In fact, are the people who neglect their tyres the most. For this reason, what they do not understand is that major tyre companies. Such as Continental tyres are now making tyres that need replacing at 3mm tread depth.

When the 3mm level is reached. Then the tyre  becomes technically “bald”. For this reason,this is probably what happened to the driver of this Enzo Ferrari. Hence, below 3mm the tyre has No more “Sipes”.These are the tiny slits in the tread. Thus, that allow the tyre to dissipate the water on wet roads. So the message is “Change your tyres at 3mm” not the 1.6 mm level that the law requires.

Change your bald tyres at 3mm tread depth

Ferrari Bald Tyres

Ferrari Bald Tyres;These bald tyres were off a BMW and should have been changed at 3mm not zero tread left

“Last month.On my cross country drive. I stopped for a few days in Denver. Hence, to visit some of my friends that live there. They love to drive just as much as I do so we decided to take both of their Ferrari F430 coupes out for a spirited drive. One of my friends had new tires arriving 2 days after our drive was planned because he had been driving the car so much the tires were bald.

We were struggling to keep up with our friend in the other 430 because the wet roads made it almost impossible to keep traction. The video doesn’t show how fast we are actually going but keep an eye out during the video and you’ll see we are going at a pretty quick pace Thankfully we narrowly missed so many objects like the guardrail, telephone pole, and oncoming traffic which was scaring me because I thought we were going to slide into the oncoming lanes!,becaause of the Ferrari Bald Tyres...http://carscoop.blogspot.com/2012/09/ferrari-f430-driver-with-bald-tires.html

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Wheel Alignment-Tyresafe-www.tyresafe.org – Why Wheel Alignment Matters

Wheel Alignment-Tyresafe

Wheel Alignment-Tyresafe

Dale finishing a wheel alignment job

Wheel Alignment-Tyresafe

If you have ever had a car that pulls from left to right, or right to left. Of course, it will probably be the Wheel Alignment, that requires adjusting. Consequently, the car’s tyres will also wear off at one side or the other. This “wearing off” causes the tyres to wear prematurely.

A car that requires the wheel alignment correcting can also be unsafe to drive. This is the tyresafe.org angle on the problem.

Eric Roberts

Keeping wheels correctly aligned is important for a number of reasons:

Source: www.tyresafe.org – Why Wheel Alignment Matters

Radial Tyres 1973: Pirelli delivers ominous warning about radial tires

Radial Tyres 1973

Radial Tyres 1973

Radial Tyres 1973

The seventies were a great time in the tyre trade. Hence, because all the tyre companies were trying to develop a perfect radial tyre. Including, Pirelli tyres from then Italy, now China. Of course, the problem was the steel belted radial tyres. Michelin were then as now the market leaders. Especially, in the American car market.

America, had a different problem to us. Accordingly, the American tyre market was then ruled by X-ply and then Bias-belted tyres. These tyres were developed for the huge gas guzzling American cars. Europe were moving over to radial tyres. Radial tyres offered a high mileage, but not on these large cars with there heavy suspension. Radial tyres did not handle very well when fitted to these huge vehicles. The public wanted the radial tyres. Because, they offered much better value for money. The bias-belted tyres would wear out very quickly. So radial tyres had to be used.

As far as I know, Henry Ford redeveloped their cars suspension and started to fit radials to some of their new models. Radials would eventually become more popular and eventually take over completely x ply tyres and bias-belted.

Source: 1973: Pirelli delivers ominous warning about radial tires

Outdated Car Tyres-Whats the Age of Your Tyres ? Read the sidewall it would be important to know?

Outdated Car Tyres

Outdated Car Tyres;It is important to know the age of your car tyres

It is very important that you should know the age of your  trailer and car tyre as you could be in great danger from a tyre blowout. This is what happened to the tyre in the picture.It

Outdated Car Tyres

As a result of the tyre sidewall lettering,This Michelin car tyre was found to be 19 years old

happened to a guy towing a caravan.Hence, he had bought a couple of weeks ago. Unbeknown to him the car tyres were very old Outdated Car Tyres. 8 years old in fact. This tyre blew out on the motorway. Luckily no one was hurt. He came to us for a replacement tyre.

He did not know the trouble that a Tyre Blowout Causes. After a thorough examination I concluded that the tyre was very old. Very perished, because it had been standing outside for a long time. The tyre had many side-wall cracks and as stated was 8 years old. This seems to be more of a problem when buying a second hand car or a second hand caravan or trailer. Please learn how to tell the age of the Outdated Car Tyres from the sidewall markings and if in doubt check your local MOT testing station for the correct information and change your car tyres

Outdated Car Tyres

caravan tyre involved in a “blowout”. Of course, the tyre is now scrap.

Carbibles explain car tyres and there markings.

“In August 2010. I bought a classic 1976 Mercedes with only 30,000 miles on it. The seller (who was only the second owner) warned me that he thought that the Michelin XVS tyres were pretty old (the spare was unused). 

I was aware of the dangers of old tyres from reading your tyre bible. But it was a Sunday and the tyres are an unusual size (205/70R14).Not readily available. I thought that I’d risk the trip back home (250 miles), but that I’d need to get new tyres ASAP. Unfortunately, one of the tyres didn’t last that long, and failed at 70 MPH (see photo, note my skid marks). It turned out that the tyres were date-stamped from week 30, 1986(!), so the advice about old tyres is indeed true!”...Read more http://www.carbibles.com/tyre_bible.html

“Look directly at the tire for the following: DOT letters on the sidewall (only on one side), then adjacent is the tire’s serial number (up to 12 numbers and letters), which will include the week and year of manufacture”…

Nissan Nevara breaking Apart-faces pressure to recall Navara after dozens snap in half

Nissan Navara breaking Apart

Nissan Navara breaking Apart

Nissan Navara breaking Apart

This problem seems to affect the North American market. Of course, it could happen anywhere and indeed owners of the Nivara. Have found some heavily rusty parts in the area where the trucks are breaking apart. In fact I actually bought a Nissan Navara. Consequently, a few years ago now. I did not like the vehicle. As a result, I thought it was too light and did not handle very well.

I eventually, fitted a set of General AT tyres onto the truck. Of course this made the Navara a bit more stable. I eventually sold the car, because of the handling.

Eric Roberts

Source: Nissan faces pressure to recall Navara after dozens snap in half