Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

Nitrogen Tyre Inflation-Top 10 reasons NOT to put nitrogen in your tyres

Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

In the tyre trade we often come across new ideas that seem to spring from nowhere. For this reason, I was pleased to see this video from out of Australia. Of course, the internet has made this a small world. Therefore we can now all speak to each other by email and distance is no barrier.

As the owner of Pellon Tyres here in Halifax, UK. Accordingly, I like to provide the best equipment and service to my customers.Hence, over the years I have tried many new types services to help enhance our customers experience. Also to keep uptodate with the latest gadgets that hit the marketplace.

Nitrogen used in tyre inflation, is not a new thing. .The national tyre companies were the first to use commercially. I believe that it was first designed to use on the motorsport scene. Naturally, this is the first place that tyre manufacturers experiment with new tyres and associated products.Including. nitrogen to inflate tyres with.

I did however, have my doubts?. Tyre companies were trying to charge extra, similar to new “tubeless valves” in the old days. During the period of my interest in the product, I asked a round various suppliers, that provided the machines. Of course, this was at trade shows. I received a mixed reaction. This depended on how keen a salesman was in selling me a machine.

Nitrogen Tyre Inflation (no thanks)

However, I still had my doubts as to the advantages of using nitrogen to fill tyres. In the early days of tubeless tyres, water became a problem. The compressors that we used produced water as well as air. Hence, this water would enter the tyres. This would not be acceptable. In the following years, various filter were added to the compressors and the water was filtered out. Thus, producing clean air.

I eventually went against the idea of using nitrogen only and we have had no problems whatsoever. This video endorses my decision.

Eric Roberts

runflat tyres

Compulsory Run Flat Tyres

Compulsory Run Flat Tyres

Compulsory Run Flat Tyres

Compulsory Run Flat Tyres?

So I realise that this would be very un-popular amongst many drivers. However I am just trying to get my head round the problems that we are having with vehicles breaking down on “Smart Motorways”. Of course, most the UK motoring organisations list tyre problems in their top tens of breakdown problems. Therefore the fitting of run-flat tyres would alleviate many of the problems.

So, let me explain? So, at the moment there are only about 14% of new cars that are fitted out with run-flat tyres. Consequently there is a much larger scope for improvement.

What is a run flat tyre ?

I am sure by now that most drivers have heard of the run flat tyres. Especially BMW and Mercedes owners. So, these tyres have a much stronger side wall structure. Thus making them able to stand being driven on when de-flated. Importantly, when the tyre picks up a foreign object such as a screw or any other debris found on our roads today. Then it is able to be driven on when the tyre loses its pressure.

Of course, these incidents can also happen at speed on a motorway! Including the growing amount of “smart motorways” . So, that are proving to be unpopular and unsafe to drivers. For some reason there has not been enough safety areas for drivers to pull into when their car breaks down. Stranded motorists have had many close shaves and indeed fetal accidents have occurred.

Vehicles fitted with the runflats are given the chance to manoeuvre. Also, there vehicle is able to carry on driving when they have an instance deflation. As we probably all know a normal radial tyre will disintegrate when deflated at speed. So, making it virtually impossible to direct the car into one of these straggled  safety areas.

Accidents come from these incidents. Tyre blowouts are much safer when using runflat tyres on your vehicle. Unsurprisingly, they are a bit more expensive than standard radial tyres. However, for the sake of safety it may be worth considering fitting runflats as original equipment. Safety conscience drivers may even consider fitting the runflats when replacing there standard tyres.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System a must for runflats (TPMS)

Unfortunately, at the moment not all runflat tyres will fit all the types of cars. Another important feature is that runflat tyres must be fitted with a TPMS system.  Because, when a tyre is deflated and fitted with runflats then the speed must be reduced to 50 mph. However the car can be driven in a straight line and continue on its journey to find safety. Most runflats will eventually be damaged beyond repair! However they will have helped you home or to a safe place without causing any other driver problems. Especially on the smart motorways without sufficient safety ares. Could Compulsory Run Flat Tyres be the answer ?

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Vauxhall corsa suspension problems

Oldfield’s Garage no to customer supplied parts –Pellon Autocentre also has a no customer parts policy

Oldfield’s Garage no to customer supplied parts

Pellon Autocentre also has a no customer parts policy

Worn out brake discs and pads

Oldfield’s Garage no to customer supplied parts

Of course this is the policy of most small independent garages. Including my garage here in Halifax UK Pellon Autocentre. Years ago at the beginning of my garage adventure, then we did make the mistake of fitting customers own parts. Brake parts were the main things to fit. So, at the time we were inundated with local parts shops opened up by immigrants.

Importantly, these shops were selling cheap and nasty parts. Probably fakes and of course very cheap. Of course we soon learned our lesson. A few weeks later the car would surely return. Claiming all sorts of things that were not even associated with the work that we had done. You know the kind of thing that happens now! A car will come in for a wheel alignment. The day after the customer rings us saying that since we had the alignment then the clutch is slipping. What are we going to do about ?

Well this sort of thing happened all the time.

Honestly, I do believe that we were set up in the first place. These guys were out to get us! We soon cottoned on and came with with a no customers parts policy. So, at that time we were trying to build our reputation. Parts suppliers were a guarantee of quality. Also if we had a genuine problem with any parts then we new we would get the backing of our parts suppliers.

Now forty odd years later we have built a fabulous reputation and have developed a trustworthy and very busy garage. Of course trust from both our customers and also our parts suppliers. Honesty is the best policy, if we do make a mistake then we must rectify it. Enabling my staff to discriminate between the genuine problem and a customer who may be out to scam you, and they are still out there ?

Eric Roberts

Oldfield's Garage no to customer supplied parts

Oldfields Garage explains why it says no to customer supplied parts – Garagewire

Leisure Battery- to Leeds University ends in a nice surprise?

Post Updated 23rd Dec 2013

Wanted to buy 110amp leisure battery

 Leisure Battery;When the phone rang for the hundredth time on Thursday it was a call from a well spoken gentleman with a well educated Scottish accent. He wanted to buy a  leisure battery to go

leisure battery

Large motorhome ready to roll ?

into his motorhome. He chose us from our battery web site, and also the fact that we were from Halifax and we were not too far away, as prompt delivery was important.


He turned out to be head of the Devonshire Hall Cumberland Road, part of Leeds University. The university had broke up for the Easter term and he found out that he had a dead battery and therefore required a new one.

I arranged to meet him outside the Devonshire halls at 8.30 am on the following morning with his new battery, as he said that he has a tight schedule. This is just an example of the personal service that we give to our online battery service. While I was waiting I took a walk through the gate into the Devonshire halls outside area. I could not believe my eyes at the outstanding beauty of the building what a shame it is hidden away from the public, the students are so lucky to study in such outstanding architecture of the buildings.

 Sent back old leisure  battery for re-cycling

The guy arrived a little late and he asked if I would drop the new leisure battery off at the back of the buildings into his garage, I obliged accordingly but when he opened his garage door there was a second surprise, the guy owned a 1967 BMC 1100 car in white. He pulled out the car so that I could take a photo for my blog, and gave me two old batteries for re-cycling, This was a great trip out for me (how sad).

About Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre industry now for 40 years. I worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre, and I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my business.


BMC 1100 1967 model

Tyre Safety-Winter Tyres

Tyre Safety-Winter Tyres- Your Cars Safety Starts with Winter Tires

Tyre Safety-Winter Tyres

Tyre Safety-Winter Tyres

Of course, “Car Safety” is one of my lifelong objectives. As a result, I have always had a good living from selling tyres. Another thing that has happened during my stint as the owner of a tyre business. Hence the development and increased braking capabilities of the modern cars. This is the thing that has driven the tyre manufacturers to making their tyre products safer.

The largest progression in my opinion. Thus, has been the development of winter tyres. Winter tyres have become more important for safety reasons. As expected, these tyre developments also include improvements on tyres that fit the larger sport saloons and SUV vehicles. Previously, many tyre manufacturers only made a handful of winter tyre sizes . The mighty Michelin were no doubt world leaders using motorsport as a tool to make many new tyre developments. Including, new tread patterns and tyre compounds.

Michelin were followed by many of the other leading tyre companies. Now winter tyres have become a science in their own right.  All- season tyres are also a much improved product. This video shows the safety aspects that you can expect from todays modern winter and all-season tyres.

Engine Warning Lights

Engine Warning Lights-Why is My Check Engine Light On?

Engine Warning Lights

Engine Warning Lights

Engine Warning Lights

So it is really important to learn about the reason for your cars engine warning to come on. Of course many times are a false alarm. However I know from personnel experience that it is likely to be very important and should be checked out as soon as possible.

This attached article explains about four of the most important reasons why your oil warning light has illuminated! Once again I must emphasise that a regular service will eliminate this from happening. So, on many  occasions it is just that your oil level may have dropped! Of course requiring topping up. If this is a regular occurrence then it would be worth while to take the car into your local garage. Importantly, your car could be burning the oil.

So, due to engine wear or an other inherent problem. As soon as the Engine Warning Lights appear on your dashboard please do not ignore it. It may be well worth having the car checked out.

Finally regular servicing will keep your engine oil fresh and up to level.

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts


Learn about the common triggers that can cause your Check Engine light to come on for almost no reason at all, to save you money and your safety.

Source: Why is My Check Engine Light On?

Keep Your Car in Top Condition

Keep Your Car in Top Condition-The best ways to service and maintain your car

Keep Your Car in Top Condition

Keep Your Car in Top Condition

Keep Your Car in Top Condition

Of course, I do like to look at other similar blogs. So, if nothing else this attached post has given me another idea. When looking at this post then it came to attention that servicing your vehicle was more important than ever. Including the maintenance and care of your tyres. The images of these young people driving and having fun has spurred me to write about the now extra danger of our so called “smart motorways

Protect against a breakdown

There is no doubt that in my mind the last thing that a driver would want is to break down on these smart motorways. Of course, regular servicing of your vehicle will lessen the risk of a breakdown. Regular servicing will check the most common things that may cause your vehicle to breakdown. So, according to the breakdown company “Green Flag“. Then many of the things in there top five reasons for a breakdown are checked on a regular service.

Battery and alternator problems are both in the top five! Importantly, in cab warning signs are often ignored. Including the said battery and alternator warning lights. Drivers often ignore these lights and just carrying on driving. Often until the car actually breaks down. Regular servicing will pick these problems up and prevent a potential disastrous breakdown on the fast lane of these smart motorways.

Of course tyres are high up on the list

Tyres and tyre blowouts are also in the top five! So, this is something that I have suffered myself. Travelling on the M1 motorway on a dark and extremely wet night, then I too had a tyre blowout. Unfortunately, I ran over some truck tyre debris. The steel wire in the shattered truck tyre penetrated my vans tyre sidewall! Hence causing my rear tyre to instantly deflate.

Luckily it was 4.30am and the motorway was relatively quite. I remember thinking that this could have happened to a travelling family or business person. So, the experience would be devastating in most cases. Of course the experience of having to change a wheel on the Motorway on a dark and very rainy winters night was frightening to say the least.

The message from this is to lesson the risks by having your tyres checked and changed at regular intervals. Of course, its all to do with lessening your risks when driving on these dangerous “Smart Motorways”.

Finally the problem is that there are not enough areas to pull into when a vehicle breaks down ? Servicing and tyre checks on your vehicle will lessen the risk of you having to find a safe place to pull into. Of course if you are unfortunate enough to suffer  break down .

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

A study has shown that Brits are spending over 8,000 hours of their life (8,084 hours to be exact) commuting. Doing the maths on that: that’s 337 days – nearly an entire year. With that amount of time spent in your car, all the more reason to ensure your car is well-maintained and serviced to…read more

Source: The best ways to service and maintain your car – Liftshare Blog

apollopower battery

Apollo-Power Maintenance Free batteries-Buying a budget battery online

Apollo-Power Maintenance Free batteries

Apollo-Power Maintenance Free batteries and Lucas car batteries require less maintenance

This is an important thing to watch out for when buying a battery online. Some companies sell inferior products and claim that their car batteries are MF

(maintenance free) When there not. An MF battery will be sealed and have no sign of filler caps on top of the batteries at all; they will have a flat top. Although no lead acid battery is sealed? If you laid one on its side, it would leak acid. Only AGM and Gel batteries are indeed sealed.Apollo-Power Maintenance Free batteries

Therefore, 12-volt lead acid Apollo-Power Maintenance Free batteries.Hence, will use up a large percentage of liquid in the battery. Because of the constant charging and dis-charging.Thus, Coupled with the heat from the engine almost boils the acid and causes evaporation, with the loss of liquid and the need to top the battery up with “distilled water” just like in the old days you will regularly be topping up your battery.

The liquid in your Maintenance Free is a diluted mixture of sulphuric acid and water known as the electrolyte. The process turns into a gas mixture of oxygen and hydrogen and escapes from the battery. Importantly, you will have to top the battery up.

 Apollo-Power Maintenance Free batteries; MF car battery a must for the busy driver

 In a conventional battery, (This is recognised by having open screw tops in each cell )  we then add “distilled water” to keep the battery topped up to the correct level.

Maintenance, free is known as MF batteries.Hence, such as Lucas batteries and Apollo-Power Maintenance Free batteries. For this reason, all, use a different type of lead alloy in the makeup of the cells, made of a calcium lead alloy known as calcium/calcium (C/C). MF car batteries also use calcium alloy of lead and not a lead antimony alloy as in the cheap batteries. So it reduces the gassing as in the typical lead acid battery. The fact that there is no water loss allows the battery to be sealed thus eliminating the need to have to top your battery up, a great benefit. You do not need to top the battery up, once fitted the battery will never require any maintenance. Thus it is an Maintenance Free battery.

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Avon Racing Tyres-A good old British tyre company

 Avon racing Tyres

Avon Racing Tyres are a good old British company

It is good news for supporters of British hill climb as Avon Racing Tyres have taken up the gauntlet as sponsors for this seasons events. Of course now 2020.

Avon Racing Tyres

Action picture from the latest race meeting at Snetterten race circuit in Norfolk UK, as the drivers exchange half way through the race, this is all done in a split second, note the car is an Aston martin and was fitted with Avon Tyres , a great sign of a great tyre.


So, Avon Tyres have always been a favourite tyre company of mine! Especially in my earlier years in the tyre industry. Historically, then  I have visited their headquarters in Melksham. However this was many years ago. But I was always  overlooked as one of their dealers. The new season started in February at the Leicestershire circuit (this is no longer on the racing calendar). Then goes on to cover all the other leading UK circuits including Jersey and Guernsey.

Avon  Tyres sell their racing tyres to the competitors. But this year have set new competitive prices. So, to enable new entrants to have a go at hill climbing. Avon will subsidies the prices on specific hill climb tyre sizes and compounds.

Avon tyres were bought out by American tyre company Cooper tire and rubber co.

They are also involved in GT racing tyres. This started back in 2006, when Avon Racing Tyres were the sole supplier to the GT cars. Avon have brought out a new one for this seasons event and are saying that the new rubbers will be quicker than there predecessor and have been developed and tested over the past two years.

See the GT race car in the picture. In my opinion their tyres for the normal cars have not changed very much over the years and although Avon Racing Tyres take part in motorsport, they have not passed much onto their normal street cars, and I still class them as a good mid-range tyre but they are still very popular amongst older drivers.Avon Racing Tyres

About Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and Car Tyre industry now for 40 years. So, I worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. Happily, I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. Importantly, I am also a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products. Of course, that will help my business.