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High-performance Flow battery could rival lithium-ions for EVs and grid storage the battle is on?

High-performance Flow battery
high performance flow battery

High-performance Flow battery-A new redox High-performance Flow battery developed at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) more than doubles the amount of energy that this type of cell can pack in a given volume, approaching the num…


The Nano Flow Cell Technology, is another possible contender to knock the Lithium-Ion battery off top spot. So, the testing is not yet completed. But the results look good after initial testing.

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Redox Flow Battery may Take Over from Lithium-Ion Batteries

The race to create the battery of the century. Subsequently, is being fought out in universities all over the world. Including the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). The PNNL have been working on a new type of battery known as the “redox flow battery”.

The scientists involved. Claims that the new battery will give twice the amount of energy in a given volume. Consequently, the model is almost on par with the lithium- Ion battery. This battery will be yet another challenge. So. to the vast amount of input and dollars that have been put into the development. Thus, of the lithium-Ion batteries. It will be a challenge to the statuesque. Offering power to the solar storage industry. Portable electronics such as mobile phones and naturally power the electric cars.

How does the Redox High-performance Flow battery work?

This is a good question and I am afraid that I can only give a simple answer. A much more in depth explanation is available in nature.com.

The design of the High-performance Flow battery is made to form two electrolytes with an opposite charge. These make electricity through a chemical energy reaction by exchanging the ions that are produced through a membrane. The two electrolytes are kept in external tanks, making the system very easy to charge, you just have to change the electrolytes, which are also resistant to high temperatures, an advantage over the Lithium-Ion model.

At the moment a dis-advantage over the Lithium-Ion battery is the fact that flow cell only gives a third of the power?

The PNNL institute have already developed a first time battery, the high-performance zinc-poly-iodide flow battery. This battery can give a high density and it would be possible to increase this in the future, with further modifications.

Because size does not matter, there will be scope for this type of High-performance Flow battery is to be used in large scale storage applications, say for storing solar energy for whole communities, and this could put a spanner in the works of Tesla, who are now claiming a stake for their batteries to be used in the same field.

The new zinc-poly iodide flow battery, claim to be much safer than the other players in the battery field, because they can store more power in a smaller space and because there is no acid in the structure, then the battery is safe from catching fire and can work in much lower temperatures than the lithium-Ion batteries. This also eliminates the need to have expensive battery cooling technology, which at the moment takes up much room in a power train.

Further testing of the new battery is going onto solve a few minor problems and they will also be building larger batteries, that can also be tested over a period of time, but lithium-Ion battery makers will be looking over their shoulders with this one.


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Pirelli Tyres- Top Investor- Camfin Said to Discuss Sale to ChemChina – Bloomberg

Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli’s Top Investor Camfin Said to Discuss Sale to ChemChina
The talks come as larger competitors Michelin & Cie. and Continental AG seek to expand with acquisitions, particularly in Asia.


This is not as surprising as i first thought. China will,be looking to buy existing western global companies, to increase their product knowledge and their world portfolio.

This offer for a large part of Pirelli tyres does not come as any surprise in the chase for global dominance,

Including the tyre market. We have already seen the Apollo, Indian tyre companies lust for expansion, and the Chinese will also be active in the takeover battle for some of our leading European tyre companies.


It comes as no surprise to me that Pirelli tyres have now come into the hands of the Chinese state owned company ChemChina.

Like all the other leading tyre companies, Pirelli have developed tyre technology for over a hundred years and will bring the boost of the fifth largest tyre company in the world under the Chinese fold.

The 7.5 billion Euros bid was agreed by the Pirelli shareholders, was agreed by shareholders last Sunday.

There is no doubt that the Chinese have bought giant Italian tyre company for a few reasons, one because of the week Euro and also, they will then have access to Pirelli tyres technology

pirelli tyres

Pirelli tyres are great participants of motorsport from F1 cars to small rally events. like the one in the image.

for making premium tyres and also motorsport technology for future research and development.

ChemChina have already developed a tyre making facility.

Known as the China National Tyre and Rubber Company, who will go into a joint venture and bid to buy the 26.2% stake of Pirelli from the Italian holding firm of Camfin and a bid for the rest of the tyre company, will follow.

Pirelli boss Tronchetti Provera is one of the Camfin investors and he is expected to remain as chief executive. This type of takeover has been part of my working life in the tyre industry.

Of course ,the difference is that it is now China and not the USA that are buying the assets of European tyre makers. Goodyear tyres were always buying out smaller niche tyre manufacturers to add to their portfolio.

In more recent years, Apollo tyres from India have been a dominating force. So, in trying to increase the size of their tyre business by making takeover bids. Consequently, such as their recent acquisition of Vredestein tyres, with a manufacturing base in Holland.

There were even reports coming out of Italy that, that a counter bid may even be coming from one of the other big European tyre companies, either Continental tyres of the French tyre maker Michelin.

It will now be a case of “watch this space “to see how the Chinese takeover will improve Pirelli’s standing in the global tyre market, but there is one thing sure, and that’s the Chinese sure aren’t short of money and could be looking for a large tyre retailer to distribute the Pirelli product more aggressively? Or, a large wholesaler perhaps?

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles.

Eric Roberts

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Tyre Safes New Campaign

Wheel Balancing is Important for that perfect ride?


Wheel balancing is important because it keeps your tyres, bearings and suspension system in order.

Wheel Balancing

Source: affordableautohopkins.com

This is a short but to the point article about the importance of having your wheels balanced.So, it is something that we in the tyre trade keep harping on about, but never the less is important. Most of us have witnessed their wheels out of balance, and had Wheel Balancing Problems . Mainly, when the steering wheel starts to shake driving down the motorway (freeway).


Wheel Balancing  will give you a better ride

Wheel balancing is one of the things in motoring terms that we take for granted. When I first started working in the tyre industry, we had a small piece of equipment. That we would use to balance the wheels, whenever we fitted a new tyre.

This was known as a bubble-balancer, and that is exactly what it was. You would sit a wheel on top of the balancer and a bubble. Similar to the ones in a spirit level. This would tell you when the wheel was out of balance by the tilt on the wheel and we had to counteract this at the opposite side by adding lead weights.

When the wheel was level and the bubble was dead central then the job was done and the wheel was fitted onto the car. The cars in those days were things like Ford Poplars and Morris 1000’s and so did not travel very far or go very fast.

Sit on Wheel Balancer was our first electric balancer.

There are different types of out of balance, “static balance”; vertical shaking that can come from a heavy spot on the tyre. This is what we would try to cure on our bubble balancer. This could also be cured on the next machine that came into use.

The machine was a sit on machine known as a On Car Wheel Balancing machine made by “Repco” and we would jack up the car put machine against the car wheel and we would then spin the electrically driven machine up to high speed. While the wheel was spinning a strobe light would make look like the wheel was in a still position we would then stop the machine with a type of brake and put a counter balance weight on the wheel depending where the tyres valve could be seen.

This method of wheel balancing was horrific.

The older guys in the industry. Will remember the fact that the wheels would shake violently. Then the vibrations would shake the cars to bits. Of course, whilst the poor customer looked on with terror in his eyes. This reminds of the “roller brake tester” used on the modern MOT test. When the car gets shaken to bits, having a brake test.

This method of balancing was not for the faint hearted and I was glad to see the back of them.

The next set of wheel balancers were the fore runners to today’s sophisticated machines. We would put the wheel on a spindle and spin it by hand. These balancers would correct “static”

wheel balancing

Aaron with our up to date modern wheel balancer

and “dynamic” out of balancing. The modern wheel balancer is equipped with many sensors and can pick up balancing problems at high and low speeds. These are necessary for today’s high speed cars and of course give the car drivers a smooth ride, (that’s if your wheels are balanced of  course).

On a regular basis in my opinion is at least once a month. Most members of one of the independent tyre organisations ,such as Point-S will check your wheel alignment and wheel balancing for free and will only charge you if the car is out of alignment and requires adjusting.

Wheel Balancing is part of having a new tyre fitted

Of course, today we balance your wheels as a matter of fact when you buy new tyres or have a puncture repaired. So, if you need a wheel balance just as a matter of fact and your steering wheel starts to shake at say 50 mph, then this is because you may have lost a balance weight or your tyre has become out of shape, due to perhaps a “slipped belt”, which can be caused by nail or screw damaging the steel belt in your tyre, putting the tyre out of shape and causing the wheel to be out of balance.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles.

Eric Roberts

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Tyre Safes New Campaign

Goodyear tyres chosen as Original Equipment for new Fiat 500X – Etyres


Goodyear tyres have been chosen to supply the Original Equipment tyres for the two new versions of the snazzy Fiat 500X in Europe. The tyres have been carefully selected to meet the needs of the newly-revealed Fiat 500X.

Goodyear tyres

As most of my readers will know , I have a soft spot for Goodyear tyres and all that they do.

The decision by Fiat to fit Goodyear tyres to their new 500X is not ground breaking ,but any go news helps sell them tyres.

When car makers fit tyres as original equipment, they will get a certain replacement figure when the first tyres are replaced, which as i say is good news for Goodyear tyres.


Goodyear tyres have been chosen for two out of the three models

Of course,  the new Fiat 500X compact X over will be available in three different models and styles. As a result, these cars will also be available in different drive options. Consequently, two off-road focused versions and also the 4 wheel drive 500X cross+ and the front wheel drive 500X cross.

Goodyear have been selected to have their tyres fitted as original equipment. So, on two of the above versions of the up market models for the European market. So a great honour for this  famous tyre company.

To the people that read my articles. Then they know that I have always been a big fan of the Goodyear tyre company. Of course, they were the ones that gave me my first managerial post, way back in the 1970’s and I have been a fan of their tyre products ever since.

Fiat have selected two different tyres from the Goodyear range

the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 tyre will be fitted to the more robust model of the new X over. So to help give the car a smooth ride. The tyre size will be 225/45R18 with the 91Y load rating. The Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 assists the car with excellent braking and steering qualities.

The urban centered models will be fitted with EfficientGrip Performance tyres. As a result, the size of the tyres will be 215/55R17 94V. The Efficient grip performance tyre gives an excellent rolling resistance. Which helps with lower emissions, plus gives a superior braking performance to the new Fiat car.

The Goodyear consumer marketing director Hans Vrijsen said… “The Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance tyre provides excellent rolling resistance performance and braking performance suitable for a city car, while the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 has a large rim size, offering exceptional braking and handling .We are pleased to offer tyres that not only fit the overall polish and panache of the FIAT 500X but are also customised to fulfill the car’s different driving needs”.

Goodyear tyres

Fiat 500

The new Fiat 500X also comes with many added extras depending on the model that you buy, including, Bluetooth, aux-in and USB connections, steering wheel-mounted controls they also fit voice recognition as standard on all versions of the car, although in the past I have struggled to get them to recognise my Yorkshire accent?

The new Goodyear tyres are available online from www.pellontyres.co.uk, and can be fitted in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles.

Eric Roberts

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Conti Eco Contact 5

Continental tyres used in Daytona 24 hours motor race

Continental tyres

Continental reveal the challenge of supplying tyres all the tyres for the Daytona 24 Hours motor race. With 55 cars on the grid we bring around 10,000 tyres


This good news for Continental tyres, the taking part and supplying tyres for the Daytona 24 hour race in the States.

We are a great fans of the Continental product and look forward to further participation in the motorsport field.


Continental Tyres will continue as tyre provider for three of the four TUDOR Championship classes.

Of course,Continental tyres, one of our favored tyres for Point-S. A tyre group that we are members of. Which, my business Pellon Tyres! Here in Halifax Yorkshire, UK, are proud to be part of. They are also the tyre suppliers again. To the prestigious partnership as official tyre of the International Motor Sport Association the “IMSA”.

This partnership will, last up to the end of the 2018 racing season and means that Continental tyres will be the official tyre provider for three out of the four “Tudor Championship Classes”. The reached agreement also means that Continental will be the tyre maker and supplier for the Prototype (P), Prototype Challenge (PC) and Grand Touring Daytona (GTD) classes. Continental Tyre also will continue as entitlement sponsor and exclusive tire supplier to the Continental Tyre Sports Car Challenge.

Ed Bennett the CEO of the IMSA is over the moon with the recent deal made with the giant German tyre manufacturers and said,

“We are very pleased to extend our relationship with Continental Tyre, As we continue to build the TUDOR United Sports Car Championship and Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge, it is vital to have enthusiastic partners to help us grow the sport. Continental Tyre has been, and will continue to be one of our most active and supportive partners.”

Continental tyres

Continental slick tyres ready for Daytona action

The Continental brand of race tyres have an excellent reputation amongst the racing fraternity and it is expected that Continental will continue to use its exclusive racing tyres the “Extreme Contact TM”, that have a good reputation for the performance that the race drivers demand. Continental are keen to extend their reputation in the North American market and see the backing of these motor sport events as the way forward.

Continental tyres will have many marketing rights

As expected from such deals as this Continental tyres will have good logo positions on the race cars in the races where its tyres are used and have all the usual track side signage and many other marketing opportunities as they come along from promotions and different events including TV coverage. For further reading…http://www.motorsport.com/tusc/news/imsa-continental-tire-extend-partnership/

Continental has also extended their involvement with the NASCAR Group company as well as the IMSA.

To continue with the sport car theme. Continental tyres have developed the first legal track day tyre. This was achieved by tyre expertise and much research and development. The new tyre is known as the Conti Force Contact. Of course, will include the now famous “Black Chilli Compound”! Which aids the tyres to a better bonding to the road surface. The new compound plus a newly developed macro block shoulder design gives the new tyre superb handling when cornering at speed.

The tyre also benefits from having bi-directional draining grooves on the inside of the tread which provides excellent wet weather performance when on the track, allowing for safer driving conditions for the driver in wet weather. The tyres are available in 18 to 20 inch wheel rim sizes.

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. Working in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. So. Working for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. Of course, I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. Blogging about anything to do with cars and their related products. Naturally, that will help my business. We are members of Point-S and Trading Standards and are also a Unipart Car Care Centre.


michelin star

Michelin Stars Story-So How did a Company selling Rubber Tyres become the World’s Authority on Restaurants?

Michelin Stars Story

It actually makes a lot of sense. It’s also genius marketing. But really, how did the world’s most talented chefs and esteemed restaurants and come to be part of the Michelin Stars Story

Source: www.messynessychic.com

This is a great article about the reason that the Michelin brothers, famous for their tyres decided to go into “evaluating restaurants “business, a good Michelin story.

Michelin Guide was first introduced for motorists in 1900 (Michelin story)

We have all heard of the Michelin stars that are a sign of a top class restaurant, but I have always wondered where it all came from and just thought that the Michelin name was perhaps just a coincidence.

I know that they employ inspectors to visit restaurants without the owners knowing who they are. They then asses the restaurant for the highest quality of cuisine and this includes the products used in the meal, the flavours and cooking and whether or not the food is cooked in an individual style. The inspectors also check for value for money and also the number of times the customers visit the restaurant.

There is some concerns in the food industry thought that the Michelin stars mean NOTHING. They are after all judged by humans and so each individual will a certain opinion also depending what mood he may be in. The famous “Faulty Towers “sketch comes to mind, when a hotel inspector visits Basils Hotel, he was in for a shock.  I can imagine this happening to a Michelin inspector on a bad day?

How the Michelin guide was started?

The first Michelin motorist’s guides were not just aimed at restaurants, but were a wealth of information about where to find accommodation and meals for drivers touring France. The Brother responsible for the Michelin Stars Story was Andre Michelin. Who was also part of the Michelin tyre company and so the whole thing is related.

This was in 1900, but by 1920 the information in the guide about dining had become very popular and so to improve the quality of their references, Michelin decided to send out a team of inspectors to check out the restaurants outside of the Paris area where they had concentrated on most of the earlier dining reports. These out of Paris eateries, were give one to three stars according to the quality, an important part of the Michelin Stars Story.

This system was then introduced to Paris and by 1933, 23 restaurants were awarded the top prize of three stars. The system was then rolled out to other European countries, but the system was dropped for a while and then re-introduced in 1951, but very few would achieve the coveted three star rating.

Here in the UK we only have four restaurants that have achieved the three star rating they are; at

The Fat Duck – Bray

Waterside Inn – Bray

Gordon Ramsay – Chelsea

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester – Mayfair

What do Michelin Star Ratings Mean?

Here is a list of the ratings that can be achieved by the chefs; there are three levels of star ratings which can be awarded by the inspectors of the Michelin Star Restaurants; from 1 star to 3


The star inn in Yorkshire has a Michelin star


1-Three stars “Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey”

2-Two stars “Excellent cooking, worth a detour”

3-One star “A very good restaurant in its category”

Unfortunately none of these are in Yorkshire, so I have never had the pleasure of eating in one of these fine establishments? However six restaurants in Yorkshire do have Michelin stars, but not the top honor of  three stars. One day perhaps?

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. Working in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. So. Working for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. Of course, I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. Blogging about anything to do with cars and their related products. Naturally, that will help my business. We are members of Point-S and Trading Standards and are also a Unipart Car Care Centre.



Storage Batteries-The Battle is on for home power storage.

Original article written by Eric Roberts on… http://www.batteriesontheweb.co.uk/blog/

With the ever increasing amount of solar panels, comes the question of how can we store more of the power that we produce? This is more topical to the home owner who may be isolated from the national grid of the country that they live.

Things though are moving forward, and in recent times it has become possible to rig out a whole island community with its own solar and wind power supply, that is used to charge a giant bank of solar storage batteries. These batteries will store the energy from the sun that is collected by day, and then released into the system when the sun goes down, to power the

Storage Batteries

A modern village with built in solar panels

islander’s houses and businesses.

Individuals have come up with great ideas to form their own electric Storage Batteries system using all types of batteries. In my opinion the best batteries to use are the AGM batteries that are made by Trojan and the America battery company.

Trojan batteries specify their RE Series of batteries and are available in 2-volt and 6-volt sizes and offers brand new features and benefits unmatched in the industry: These batteries are a much tougher version of their other deep cycle batteries especially made for solar panel Storage Batteries and wind turbine power.

US Batteries also make home power storage batteries

Another American company also offer a great range of Deep cycle batteries that are suitable for solar power storage, called simply US batteries. As UK agents for both these brands we can only say that they are the bee’s knees of deep cycle batteries.

Many of the home owners that use solar panels to produce power (and that includes myself), sell the electricity that is produced back the utility companies. As far as I know the system in the USA is different. The utility companies offer variable rates of payment, using different rate plans. They have to draw power from the grid in the afternoon and evening, when the sun goes down. They could keep costs down by drawing from the battery bank instead, and recharging the battery during off-peak hours.

Boat and motorhome users now use solar panels to charge up their batteries

Storage Batteries

Solar batteries for storage on a large scale

The solar panel market has now spread to mobile home owners and boat owners, a walk down any canal in the UK and you will see the solar panels on the roofs of the house boats. These vehicles are not connected to the power grid and therefore require some kind of battery storage, for use at night time, when the sun goes down. The same applies to them as to householders and best batteries to use are the Trojan Batteries and the US Batteries. These batteries cost more but will last a whole lot longer over time, like anything else in life “you get what you pay for”.

What is the future of storage batteries?

Tesla car manufacturers in the USA are looking ahead to the future use of the Lithium-Ion batteries that are used in their cars. Because they are a world leader in this battery technology then one area where Tesla might stand out is in cost. Tesla builds its battery packs from battery cells provided by Panasonic, and is about to do it on a massive scale as soon as 2016 at its massive new factory currently under construction in Nevada, USA.. Such an economy of scale – producing 50 gigawatt-hours of battery capacity each year – is expected to push the company’s car battery costs down by 30 percent. Based on the same technology, and because these batteries can be used in home use Tesla’s home battery costs should come down as well and make them much less expensive, and making them affordable to the other communities of the world who at the moment do not have electricity, countries like Africa, where whole villages still rely on kerosene lamps in the dark of night.

Please note these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. Neither the author nor the website can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of battery. The article may contain a link to Batteriesontheweb where you can buy battery products online.

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French Speed Camera Ban-the Use of Speed Camera Detectors including Sat Navs and Mobile Phones

Switch off you Sat Navs speed camera location facility in French Ban

When a friend explained this to me in France, I thought that he was telling me some kind of joke and although I am a little out of date. So, I think it is important to keep reminding fellow Britain’s who happen to be going to France, Spain or Italy for their holidays by car.

French Speed Camera Ban

A typical French speed camera

I must admit that I did not know about the fact that the French Highway Code prohibits the use of speed camera detectors, with penalties of up to 1500 Euros up to the confiscation of your vehicle, a bit draconian you would have thought, but that’s the French for you?

Prohibition of your Sat navs and speed camera alerts

This law came into force on 3rd January 2012. French police law states that it is forbidden to carry any device that can detect the use of speed cameras. This also includes devices such as Sat Navs that you can set them to inform you of any speed cameras that you are approaching; this is usually set on your POI (points of interest).

I have noticed in recent years that the French police authorities have installed many new speed cameras, even on the Auto Route’s (Motorways). They are also taking down the signs that warn motorists that a speed camera is imminent.

When I researched this I stumbled upon a very good web site that gives you mounds of facts about motoring in France and we are recommended to disable the speed camera detection

French Speed Camera Ban

French speed camera warning sign

part of the Sat Navs, or the app on your mobile phone. Many cars are now coming out with Sat Navs built into the car, and if this is so you are advised to contact the vehicle manufacturer for help and clarification of what to do.

The penalties for breaking the law regarding French Speed Camera Ban. Including detecting equipment can be harsh and severe and are applied according to the letter of the law. If you break the French driving laws you can also have your UK driving license confiscated by French Police (a little known fact). This could lead to your vehicle being temporarily confiscated if you turn out to be the only driver and no alternative driver with a valid license is available to take over from you.

Here in the UK we can legally use Sat Navs and other devices, but did you know that they are also illegal in other European countries?

Spain form instance were the same as the UK but have now made it illegal to use the devices as recently as May 2014. You can still use your Sat Navs but must have the speed camera detection option switched off. In fact the Spanish are less strict than the French, because the speed cameras locations are well sign posted and you can down load a Government APP that shows the location of the cameras. Fines for using devices to detect speed cameras can be as high as 6,000 Euros. If you are driving to Spain please double check and make your journey safer.

Italy is a similar story to that of Spain; where speed camera detectors are illegal, but Sat Navs are not. Fines if caught could be as high as 2,800 Euros

Germany is a similar story. It is not illegal to own a detection device. But illegal if you have it switched on in moving traffic.So with all these countries, it looks like you can have and use Sat Navs . But switch off the speed camera location function. Importantly,the same applies if you have a mobile phone app.

I am not sure about the other European countries. Hence, I have concentrated on French Ban where most of the British traffic travels to.

Just as a footnote. I drove to France a few weeks ago and have noticed the increase in the building of large gantries! Across main roads such as the A10 in South West France. At first I thought they were some kind of speed cameras. But have since learned that they were erected to record the movement of heavy goods vehicles. Of course, that would be detected by the fitting of a black box inside the cab of the trucks. This idea was to raise taxes for the French government. What are these people thinking of ?

The truckers were so against this idea

So, incensed that they organised demonstrations, road blocks and indeed rioted in places. The result of this is that the idea was scrapped, what a waste of tax payers money?

French Speed Camera Ban

A gantry that you can now see all over France, originally to charge trucks a road tax but now scrapped.

I thought that France was hard up? In fact the whole exercise has cost about 900 million Euros. Stupidly, at the moment the gantries are useless. But who’s not betting that they will be put to other sinister uses.Working against the motorists, who include millions of people travelling to their holiday destinations.

In my opinion all these French Ban measures are just to catch drivers out.So, who will pay the fines into the French government’s coffers. What a shame these things have to happen to an otherwise wonderful country. I for one am selling up and getting out.

Other great web sites about the subject are … http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/faq/speed-cameras-in-france/

And http://www.abelard.org/france/first-arrival.php

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. Working in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. So. Working for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. Of course, I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. Blogging about anything to do with cars and their related products. Naturally, that will help my business. We are members of Point-S and Trading Standards and are also a Unipart Car Care Centre.


Fuel injectors/Piston rings

Remapping your car engine can save you loads of money in fuel costs by more efficient driving.

Remapping your car engine

Remapping your car engine

Ryan Linton carrying out a remapping on a customers vehicle

Of course, all modern cars are computer controlled for their emissions. The computer is called the ECU, short for Engine Control Unit. It is this unit that links all the different parts of the engines electronics. So,that effectively controls the car’s engine and what the engine omits.

When a new vehicle leaves the factory the engines computer is set to de-fault. This is because the cars may be sent all over the world. Having to be set to the same setting. So, to take into account different climates and driving conditions. The vehicle manufacturers do this by the software settings in the ECU. These settings can be modified, by adjusting and re-setting the original settings, if you see what I mean?

Some older drivers will remember the days when the old style engines were “tuned”. Sometimes better known as “krypton tuning”. Named after the company that made the huge tuning machines that we had to use. I remember the one that I bought. It was made by “Sun”. Significantly, you needed a degree in science engineering to work it.

The modern machine that we use today is simply a laptop computer

Of course, with different attachments to plug into your cars ECU system. Importantly, which can be picked up by your garage technician. Accordingly, who now use this type of equipment all the time. Of course, to check error lights and clear fault codes after the car has been repaired. So remapping now fits in with our general servicing and repairs.

When the car is remapped, it has to use more fuel in order to have an increase in power. The setting that we use gives the driver three options. 1-is more economy 2- is a blend, of economy and power and 3- is power. The thing that usually happens is that because the car has been remapped and is more powerful. With improved torque. Then the driver will save on fuel!  Because they have less need to change gears. Say going uphill or driving in traffic, and this will then give you more fuel economy

How do we carry out remapping on a car?

What we do is that our technician plugs in our computer software into the “OBD” port on the ECU of the car. The computer then downloads the information that is stored with the cars settings. We then send this information online to a major remapping company, who store all the information about your model of car. The data is them updated to the specifications that you the customer would like and the updated files are returned to us in Halifax Yorkshire, and re-entered into your cars ECU.

The new version that is entered ill enhances the performance of your car. So, giving either economy or fuel saving, or a mixture of both. Some cars require what is known as “chip tuning”. This requires the removal of the E PROM from the actual ECU and then the chip is programmed on site. Chip tuning is not as popular now and has been replaced by remapping since 1996.

These developments have all been possible through the motorsport racing car engines that are all tuned by computer to gain the maximum performance on the race car engines.

To conclude remapping gives your engine a far better performance,

you will notice as soon as you press the accelerator. The car will drive much smoother giving you a better and safer drive. During normal driving you will have the knowledge that you are getting a better mileage and use less fuel, this over a year will pay for your remapping investment.

Pellon Tyre and Autocentre are now the Halifax Agents for engine remapping and for further information about the benefits to your car see…http://www.topgear-tuning.com/

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

remapping ecu car

Hi I would like to introduce myself. Working in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. So. Working for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. Of course, I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. Blogging about anything to do with cars and their related products. Naturally, that will help my business. We are members of Point-S and Trading Standards and are also a Unipart Car Care Centre.


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Toyo Tyres Control Rubber- for Hyundai Coupe Cup in 2015 – Tread Magazine

Toyo Tyres Control Rubber

Toyo Tyres Control Rubber

Toyo Tyres Control Rubber

New post: Toyo Tyres to Be Control Rubber for Hyundai Coupe Cup in 2015 http://t.co/jZPG1DBiXM


Toyo tyres ,like so many other tyre manufacturers are constantly dipping their toes into the motorsport scene, at all levels, this article is about Toyo supplying the Hyundai Coupe Cup in the 2015 season using their R888 tyre.


Toyo tyres backing smaller motorsport races

I have been a great fan of Toyo tyres for many years now and one of the reasons is because of the smaller motorsport events that they supply their tyres to.

They support events such as the Honda V-Tec challenge; these events give the chance to take the first steps into motor racing, for the owners of the performance Honda cars. These Honda owners have got together to create their own dedicated racing series.

Toyo tyres also support the Jaguar Saloon & GT Championship;

These are a group of Jaguar car addicts who are members of the Jaguar Enthusiasts club and organise race events and social gatherings.

toyo tyres

Toyo tyres supporting the BMW championships

The next group that Toyo tyres support are the Porsche Championship; this event was formed in 2010 for Porsche owners with the 924 and the Boxster 3.2s models; Each model, having their own championships. These cars can accommodate a grid size of more than 40 cars and race on some of the best circuits here in the UK. For results you can visit… www.porscheracingdrivers.co.uk/

Other events that Toyo support are the championship events for the six Classic and Historic car championships, which is split up into different classes and engine sizes and the cars compete at circuits all throughout the UK. For further information visit…classictouringcars.com/

One of the most popular events that Toyo tyre support is the Production BMW Championship; this is based on the extremely popular BMW E30 3-series cars, and is run on racing circuits across the UK, I was lucky enough to watch a day’s racing at the Croft circuit in Yorkshire UK. For further reading and the results visit…www.pbmwc.co.uk/  

Other races that Toyo Tyres Control Rubber support are;

The Racing Saloons, BRSCC  Alfa Romeo Championship, Hyundai Coupe Cup, BRSCC MK2 Production GTi Championship, Mondello Park Blackchurch Motors Fiesta Championship,  Rally Sports Association and last but not least the Toyota MR2 championship.

I am fond of this series because I once owned one of these small mid-engine sports cars and loved it. The race is open to the novice and experienced drivers and the cars require very

toyo tyres

Toyo tyre Porsche racing

little modification to bring them up to racing standards, for MR2 results… www.mr2championship.com/index.asp

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres. Give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts.Selling Toyo Tyres online from our website www.pellontyres.co.uk. Using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. Offering courtesy cars to local motorists. Hence who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. Also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes Carrying out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.