Dangerous Part-Worn Tyres

How Old Are Your Tyres? Check the Made By Date They May Be Older Than You Think ?

How Old Are Your Tyres

How Old Are Your Tyres;This tyre was bought as a part worn and is 19 years old (twenty now)

How Old Are Your Tyres

How Old Are Your Tyres? Check the Born-On Date

Tyres are just about the most important part of your car.


Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Great tyres advice

This is a great piece of advice. Hence, from the popular web site popular mechanics blog. Old ones should be replaced even though they may not be worn out. many tyres. Especially on

How Old Are Your Tyres

How Old Are Your Tyres;This caravans tyres were well out of date before they exploded

caravans have good tread but suffer cracking on the bead area . Hence, this is due to aging. Of course, the age is located on the side wall of every tyre. Hence, you should know just how Old Are Your Tyres are . Of course, by a tyre date indicator,the one in the picture says 3011.

This tyre in the picture was made on the 30th week and 11 means the year of manufacture 2011 so it was made in the 30th week of 2011 and so was 2 years old at the end of February 2013, well in date. The bead cracking on Touring Caravans tyres is due to the rays of the sun, which break down the carbon black that is part of the tyre  compound mix.

This is more of  a problem when the caravan or motor-home has been stood on a site for a long time. When i was younger my wife and i lived on a mobile home whilst our house was being built. The part worn tyres were the small trailer type  400×8 was the size. Everything was fine until we started to move the caravan, when we sold it on. Then both of them shredded into pieces. On close examination we found that the tyres had deep cracking round the bead area, due to the effects of the sun.

How Old Are Your Tyres

There is also another problem that is starting to raise its ugly head and that is that the second hand tyre dealers are not interested in How Old Are Your Tyres are that they sell to you, this is just another part of their scam.

They want you to believe that the old worthless tyres that they  are selling you are every bit as good as a brand new tyre, but please do not believe them politely move on to a reputable tyre dealer and buy a safe new tyre, you will be surprised how little difference that there is in the price, and you and your family will be safe, driving on a brand new tyre. The Michelin tyre in the image was 19 years old and had just been bought before the MOT test. The guy changed it with us for a new tyre and we damaged the tyre before scrapping it, just to make sure that it did not make its way onto the chain again.

Thanks Eric Roberts

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Eric Roberts

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Skoda Octavia comes in for Air-Con Service including a re-gas after some Hot Sunny Days

Skoda Octavia

The condenser was located behind the dash of the Skoda Octavia, making it a difficult task, with not much room to move and working space was tight Air-Con Service resulted in new parts

This time of year has been very kind to many garages.Up and down the United Kingdom (UK). Therefore,it may seem strange to people who live in other parts of the world. But here in the UK our Summers are very short. So,to be truthful we do not normally get much Sun.

air-con systems

Air-con system servicing in Halifax

The new Skoda is an excellent car. Space is never an issue.Since there is sufficient room for both front and rear seat occupants. Therefore, it is designed in such a way that it will be a comfortable place to stay in. Controls are properly arranged including the Air conditioning controls.Numerous storage compartments are installed. That will on a hot day  make staying inside comfortable.

Skoda Octavia

Old condenser removed from Skoda Octavia

As a result, after our very cold and snowy March. I did not have much hope of us having good Summers. However, I was completely wrong? and this year has turned out to be hot and Sunny. Including a bonus for us garages.

As a result, our customers have been roasting in their cars. Because, of the recent damp and rainy Summers, the motorists have been neglecting their cars Air-con systems and many did not work, giving us a golden opportunity to make a little more profit. I say little because of the fact that we are all still in hard times and the price of air-con has come down, here in Halifax.

Skoda Octavia air con problem

However, I decided to buy a new sign to put up in the garage, right at a set of traffic lights (very eye catching). The heat carried on from day to day, and air-con inquiries were coming in thick and fast. The only problem with air-con is that it takes about an hour to complete the cycle of checking and re-gassing, however, we did very well and most of our customers went away with a lovely cold car to drive in the 30c temperatures.

I say most of the customers went away happy, because some did not. These were the ones with faulty air-con systems on their cars, including the driver of a 56 plate Skoda Octavia.

He, unfortunately, had a faulty Air Con Condenser. This is the part that looks like a radiator and indeed does the same thing as the radiator. Instead of removing the heat from the engine it removes the heat from the Skoda Octavia and is hidden away, somewhere behind the dashboard in the Skoda Octavia. The air-con systems come in three main parts the condenser,compressor and evaporator all these combined take out the heat and humidity from your car.

Air Conditioning Systems work by the compressor pressurising the gas, which is also the refrigerant and then moves into the Air Conditioning Condenser creating heat, as in the car radiator this flows through the very small condenser tubes cooling down the heat and forming into a liquid again, this circulates around the system, converting the heat from your car into cold air again, it is rather like steam turning back into water again, the system operates under high pressure and the refrigerant used cools the Skoda Octavia again, all clever stuff.

Skoda Octavia

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More reading...http://auto.howstuffworks.com/automotive-air-conditioning1.htm

Dale fits new air-con condenser

Skoda Octavia

Condenser hid behind Skoda Octavia dash

Dale Linton one of my technicians was given the job of fitting the condenser and made the usual good job of it. The condenser was located behind the dash of the Skoda Octavia, making it a difficult task, with not much room to manoeuvre and working space was tight. Most air-con jobs work in very tight spaces. The job was completed and the customer went away in a nice cool car.

Article by Eric Roberts Managing Director of …www.pellonautocentre.com

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to Car Air Con Systems on all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts.


Car Hand brake- Car Repair MYTHS ? Hand Brake (Parking Brakes) Customers always want it Checking?

Car Hand brake

Car Hand brake

Things that motorists still ask for when having a car repair.(Car Hand brake)

Consequently, this is an article about some of the things that motorists ask for or ask us to check. Hence, when they leave their car with us for servicing. I have to admit that most of these guys are male. Thus, from the older generation of motorists.Naturally, who remember some of the problems that they used to encounter in the past. Of course, on some of the older model cars that were driven then.

Therefore,one of the most asked questions is “Can you just adjust my Car Hand brake”. This comes from the days when I was a young mechanic. So all you had to do to adjust the hand brake on most regular cars. Was to take out a split pin, and turn a screw thread. Of course, to either lengthen or shorten the hand brake cables.Thus giving you more leverage from the handbrake in the brake shoes.

When the handbrakes finally snapped with rust or age. Then, all you had to do was replace it with a new cable,”simple”. This type of hand brake system was always failing. Especially, when you pulled on the hand brake.So, the cable would snap. This, was responsible for many an accident.With cars parked on hills running away. However, this is the type of Car Hand brake that some motorists think their car is fitted with. Thus,thinking that it is only a ten minute job to adjust (at probably no cost to him ).

Car Hand brake (Parking Brake)

As the modern car progressed. So it was clear that better braking systems had to developed. As a result, cars were getting faster, then they had to stop more efficiently and quickly. This brings us up to date.Consequently, with more and more car manufacturers using discs on all four corners of their cars. Not fitting the drums system at the rear. (Some newer cars still have drums at the rear, but more are favoring four wheel disc systems,for greater braking efficiency). Modern cars also have a separate handbrakes system. Including, their own drums system. Thus, working in conjunction with the rear discs. of course, which are virtually a separate system from the main brakes. Many cars are now fitted with duel cables. So, that are better protected from the outside elements (corrosion) .

Car Hand brake

Worn out discs and pads are another common brake problem besides Car Hand brake problems

Most Car Hand brake on modern cars are much more complicated to service. Of course,now are one and two hour jobs to complete. Some smaller cars have still got rear drums. A Car Hand brake that works by connecting to the Rear Brake Shoes. Requiring freeing off from time to time. Also and lubricating as part of a regular service. But I am afraid that the cables still seize up and have to be come to us for a Car Hand brake Cable Replacement  from time to time especially as the car gets older.

Car Hand brake

Rear Car Hand brake stripped down ready for the hand brake checking

Your Car Hand brake is now a different animal?

In the more up to date modern car with disc brakes all round there is an additional lever and cork screw mechanism that is added to the calipers piston. When the driver pulls the hand brake on in the car, the lever forces the cork screw against the same piston that activates the foot pedal system.

This system also has problems with seizing parts and will take more than ten minutes to free off and lubricate for further use. There are other systems such as used by Volvo, that incorporate a separate drum with its own Ferodo Brake Shoes that is connected to the rear discs, this can also be a long job to service correctly.

To summarise the “can you just adjust my Car Hand brake” days are over, we as a garage need to take more time to repair and adjust the modern car hand brake system and indeed what we do is to offer a separate service just to do the cars braking system justice and to offer a first class brake service.

Article written by Eric Roberts…www.pellonautocentre.com

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Check Your Levels-Top 5 simple maintenance tips everyone should know- Unipart car care centres

Check Your Levels

Look after your car Check Your Levels in this Easter hot weather 

This is very good and important advice to every motorist. So, to get your car through this Easter hot weather! Without causing any damage to the engine, brakes or indeed anything else.

Check Your Levels

avoid a blowout like this CHECK your tyres and Check Your Levels

Make sure you Check Your Levels. Including, water levels, your engine oil (Make sure that you top it up using the correct grade). If you are not sure do ! do not just use any old engine oil. Ask your local service centre to sell you the correct grade of oil for your car.

Consequently, you will most probably have Synthetic Engine Oil in your car. But if you are not so sure what to use then refer to your Engine Oil Guide. We have computer software. So, that tell you the grades for all the cars and will advise you accordingly.

Watch out for the traditional traffic hot-spots, such as the roads to the coast and set off early if you must travel in the heat, it will not do your car any good held up in slow traffic for hours on end and the kids and the dog in the back wont thank you for it neither, try and go for a quieter route and avoid all the traffic.

Make sure that your Air-Con is working and do not be tempted to lower your windows the temperature in the UK is expected to be in the 30s C this weekend, so the air coming into the car will be very hot and uncomfortable, keep the windows closed and let the Air-Con cool you down.

Make sure that you check your tyres as well as Check Your Levels before setting off.

Your tyres are made by a heat process and the hotter the air and the roads, the more likely that a tyre could blow out , we have all seen the large strips of tyre tread on the side of a motorway,(mainly from lorries) but this can happen to cheap car tyres that have been badly repaired as in some part worn tyres, so do not get caught out and buy good quality new tyres, this is a good investment in safety for your family!

Believe me this will happen, we get many customers that will turn up to my depot on a Monday morning with a blown out tyre, that could have been prevented before hand. The biggest cause is that the tyres were run under pressure, or under inflated . This only makes things worse when the weather is going to hot, so please check your tyres and your tyre pressure, and please

Check Your Levels,engine oil

Very important to Check Your Levels especially the oil level

remember that cheap new car tyres are far better than part worn tyres, you just do not know where part worn tyres have been before you bought them.

More safety information to read about your car in the heat

“Make sure you Check Your Levels and the  washer fluid is topped up. If you are going on a long journey the last thing you want is to run out of washer fluid, especially if the weather is bad. You don’t want to be stopping off for bottles of water to clean away the dirt from your windscreen. Check out our great video” Topping Up A Windscreen Washer Bottle’.

W e can’t re-iterate how important it is to check your tyre pressure. If your tyres are incorrectly inflated it has an impact on fuel economy and tyre wear. Add or remove air as needed to keep your tyres performing at their safest. View our great video” ‘How To Check Your Tyres’.

Hope you have a great time in this sunny weather, now in the past.

Eric Roberts..

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Hydrogen Fuel cells-GREEN DRIVING- Hydrogen Cars Look Better for the FUTURE

,Hydrogen Fuel cells

Hydrogen Fuel cells cars could be here sooner than you think ?


Of course, plans are already being set out to build a network of Hydrogen Fuel Cells filling stations. These filling stations will start out across London . Of course, and then across the whole of the UK. In my opinion this will be great news.So these cars will be sold as an alternative to the Lithium-Ion  battery cars. That are out at the moment and of course the so called dirty oil based fuels. Such as petrol and diesel.

The car is being developed by Hyundai. Naturally, the company hope to build over a thousand of these cars by 2015. The Hydrogen Fuel cells engine has been developed in many different countries. I am very impressed by the work done in Australia at the RMIT University in Melbourne Australia. I have linked a video demonstrating how an Hydrogen Fuel cells engine works. Made by RMIT University…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7_QYTAi1-E

Hydrogen makes up about 75% of the Universe that we all live in.

We all know that eventually fossil fuels will run out. Although the timing of this has probably been extended. Significantly, by the advent of “Fracking” .Both in the USA and here in the UK,(although on a much smaller scale). This may have prolonged the life of the combustion engined car .So, that we are all familiar with, or at least be part of the fuels mix in the long run.

Of course hydrogen is a much more efficient fuel than fossil fuels. The process of passing hydrogen through a fuel cell is much more effective than the petrochemicals.Consequently, used in the conventional fossil fuel engines. That we still use today in large numbers. Also unlike the electric powered cars, hydrogen can store the energy that it creates.

Another great advantage of Fuel cells is that it produces “zero”emissions and will not pollute the Planet giving us all a greener future, this has got to be the way forward and not the all electric cars that a been produced at the moment, although I still think that the electric car will be part of the mix.

Six hydrogen cars filling stations for London to start with

The main aim will be to open over a million Hydrogen Fuel cells facilities and eventually the hydrogen pumps will integrate with regular pumps selling petrol and diesel on the forecourts of large companies such as Salisbury and Morrison’s super markets, who are showing great interest in the new program of hydrogen expansion. The expected cost to fill your car with hydrogen will be around the £40 mark which will give you about 400 miles in the new Hyundai ix 35. This will be about the same range as the conventional fossil fuel engined cars, and a great advantage over the electric cars that at the moment can only go short distances before requiring a recharge of their car batteries.
The new ix3 5 drives without any noise and only emits water from the exhaust. It has no gearbox and has drive selector say like an automatic gearbox.

It will take time establish itself but to me this technology, Hydrogen Fuel cells, will be a winner, it sounds almost too good to be true ?

To see a great article about this new car…http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/news/green-motoring/2013-07/hydrogen-powered-cars-step-closer-to-production-reality

Another great web-site to check out about Hydrogen powered cars is…http://www.planete-hydrogene.com/en/hydrogen-energy-1/hydrogen-powered-car/how-it-works-1.html

Eric Roberts

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. Members of Unipart Car Care centres. So, giving a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. Significantly, we also sell tyres online from our website www.pellontyres.co.uk . So by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. Offering courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. Consequently,we  are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes. Lastly, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.


Poor tyres

Second Hand Tyres Causing Problems-Don’t Forget £575 fine and penalty points for defective tyres.

Second Hand Tyres

Second Hand Tyres

Old tyres like these are ending up as £20 Second Hand Tyres

£575 fine and penalty points for Second Hand Tyres

Impartial Reporter

District Judge Liam McNally said it was a bad case as Kalis “knew quite well” that his tyres were defective.


Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Bald Tyres

This article in the “Impartial Report”.thus, proves that motorists do indeed get caught by the police . As a result, are prosecuted for having illegal Second Hand Tyres on their cars.

Second Hand Tyres

British Police checking for defective Second Hand Tyres at the roadside

Although the police are not as abundant as they used to be. Then, it is no use risking a hefty fine. Such as  the fine that this guy received. He would also of course have to buy another set of tyres . Hence, in some cases he could have also received a ban from driving . As each tyre is three points on your license.

As in the picture of the British Police. Often have roadside checks. Consequently, stopping motorists to check the cars documents . Also other important things. As a result we have often have drivers coming to us with what we call a ” Pink slip”. The slip has to be taken to any MOT station . Once the defect has been corrected. Then the car is deemed as OK.

Therefore, if say the car requires two tyres. Then we will check the car again. Once the tyres have been fitted . We then sign the slip to say that the work has been carried out. Moreover, the driver then returns to the police station .Showing the police that the defection has been rectified.Without any further prosecution.

Second Hand Tyres-Another very important problem that we are coming across

Consequently, there is the number of our regular customers that are getting caught out. hence by buying illegal Second Hand Tyres . These tyres are deemed as legal. Especially, if they are checked out and tested with a certified suppliers stamp . But this is not usually the case.

Only the other day (late October 2014). Then,we had two customers call into us . Thus, had recently bought Second Hand Tyres. Because they had some tyre problems in a  near by town (Huddersfield). Both cases were in very similar circumstances. as a result, the first customer had come into us complaining . Because, his car was making banging noises. As a result, he thought it might be his brake discs and pads. When we removed the wheels . So to check out the brakes . Then we could not find anything wrong with the cars brakes. However , with the wheels removed from the car. We noticed a large egg shape . This  went all round the tyres tread and sidewall area.

When we told him he said that this could not be so because he had just paid £40 at a tyre dealer in Huddersfield. He then went on to say that according to the guy who sold him the tyre, then the tyre was brand new. This had only been two weeks earlier?.

Second Hand Tyres

So the guy had paid £40 for a tyre that lasted only two weeks?crazy. We recommended that he took the tyre back to them for a refund, but as in many of these cases the guy felt

Second Hand Tyres

Picture showing Second Hand Tyres side wall splitting all round the inside of the tyre. This was sold to a guy only two weeks previously for £40 a brand new one was only £59.90.

stupid for buying it in the first place and instead bought a proper new tyre from us for £59.90, he could not believe it for only just short of £20 he could buy a brand new tyre, wow.

For full information about your tyre safety and legal requirements  take a look at the following web-site,,,www.tyresafe.org.

Thanks Eric Roberts…

Best Tyres Revisited

Bridgestone Turanza T0025 Tyres Fitted onto this VW Golf

Bridgestone Turanza T0025 Tyres

All this cold rainy weather is bringing all sorts of cars in for different things. As motorists prepare their cars for the summer holidays, coming up in the near future. As you can imagine this can be a busy time for garages all up and down the country. So, as customers want all the little jobs doing that have been put off. Hence, before they set off on their journey.

Bridgestone Turanza T0025 Tyres

New Bridgestone tyres

One of the things that has hit us most, is the number of cars wanting the Air-Conditioning looking at. At times we could have done with two machines. There was such a rush from the customers to get their air-con seen to(no signs of a recession here). Another problem that affects the motorists in hot weather is the brakes.

We will start getting phone calls in the near future from people with noisy and squeaking brakes as the hot dry weather start to take its toll on the brake pads. All the dust from the pads and from the dry roads, start to accumulate between the pads and the discs and build to make the brakes very noisy and requiring attention from the garages.

Wiper blades also wear faster in the heat. The build up of dust and insects require us to use our wipers more often. In the winter time we use the wipers to clear away the water from rain and snow. But in summer we use them to clear away dirt and insects . So they will not use as much water and therefore come under pressure from friction, and friction means greater wear thus they wear out much quicker, so make sure that your window wash bottle is always full and the correct anti-smear washer liquid is used, there is nothing worse than a smeared windscreen with the Sun shining through the screen and you can not see anything.

Special car for a set of new tyres

This week we were asked from a customer for a new type of Bridgestone tyre. Bridgestone are one of the worlds leading tyre manufacturers. As a result we could offer the guy the Bridgestone Turanza T005 tyres for his VW Golf. If you would like a great review about these tyres please click the link.

A second car followed very shortly a stunning Aston Martin. Also wanting replacement Bridgestone tyres. It always makes me proud that customers trust us to have Bridgestone Tyres Fitted . Especially on these very expensive cars. Of course this is why we always keep up to date with the best fitting machines and of course my excellent fitters led by Alex Bray. The tyres were over £1000.00 for the set and the customer let me use a few pictures of his car for my blog, many thanks to him.Bridgestone Tyres Fitted

Thanks Eric Roberts…



EGR Valve Cleaning Video

EGR Valve Cleaning Video-Ford 6.0 Litre Powerstroke: EGR Valve Cleaning Procedure P0401-P0402-P0404

EGR Valve Cleaning Video

EGR Valve Cleaning Video

Naturally,with the advent of modern technology. Therefore, a lot more of the public are enticed. Hence, to buy their own vehicle. Thus, emissions of this massive increase in vehicles. Hence, pose a threat of causing air pollution. Of course, there is nothing wrong with modern vehicle engine technology. Especially, if it is benefits us all.Consequently, it could  cause much more air pollution. Because of the continuous increase in car emissions. Of course this would become a huge problem. Because of this increased threat of pollution. So in many of our universities, then automotive engineers have figured out a solution . Subsequently, this was to integrate EGR valves on automobiles.

Therefore, the main function of the exhaust or the EGR gas re-circulation  valve. Therefore, is to reduce oxidation of nitrogen through the reduction of combustion temperature. Hence,the combustion temperature can only be reduced. This is when the EGR valves send some of the exhaust gas through the intake manifold. So then back into the vehicle engines cylinders.

EGR Valve Cleaning Video

EGR Valve Cleaning Video to keep cleaner engine emissions.

Consequently, there is no doubt that the function that EGR valves carry out is extremely important. because of this then the EGR valve it is now fitted as standard on many vehicles. Basically, vehicles are fitted with two types of EGR valves.

Importantly,the EGR valve on a vehicle, along with the combustion temperature can be regulated. Of course this so it will not become too hot.Thus preventing the nitrogen to react with other compounds. As a result, through the use of the EGR valve. Then it is possible to lower the combustion temperature . Of course,this is to lower the amount of nitrous oxide produced by the vehicles engine. Importantly,this process prohibits the formation of smog. So that is a harmful threat to the environment. Making a safer and greener planet. This video explains all about the importance of the EGR valve in modern engines.

Eric Roberts



Local Auto Centre-“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Waterloo Record

Local Auto Centre

Local Auto Centre
Your Local Auto Centre will advise on timing belt change times

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure Waterloo Record Some of the most important maintenance services to have regularly performed at Local Auto Centre on your car include tyre rotation, four wheel alignment, transmission service, differential service,…


Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Car servicing

So. this is a great saying ! and of course it is correct”an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Of course the moral of the story is all about having your car serviced at your Local Auto Centre. So, and by doing so you are taking a preventative measure finding future faults and possible failures. Importantly, things like rotating your tyres, wheel alignment, checking brakes and steering before a more major fault appears, all these things will be checked out at your local service centre.

Of course, you should also be advised. Especially, about the time that you should have your timing belt changed. Hence, this is very important . Because it could mean a massive bill . Of course, for a new engine fitting . Thus, should you fail to change your timing belt . Especially, at the correct time. Please make sure that you have a regular service carried out on your car at a Local Auto Centre, here in the UK i recommend that you go online to find a Unipart Car Care Centre in your local town or look out for a Point-S service centre.

Local Auto Centre Eric Roberts…www.mot-halifax.co.uk

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. Members of Unipart Car Care centres . Giving a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. Also selling tyres online from our website www.pellonautocentre.com by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. We offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. We are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.

See on www.therecord.com

Car Oils-Get the Right Oil for Your CAR.?

Car Oils

Many different types of Car Oils for the modern car

Oil technology has changed in a big way in recent years. This new trend began with increasing price of fuel at the garage forecourt. This started the car manufacturers to try new methods of increasing the miles per gallon and one of the ways was to lower the viscosity of the Car Oils they used in their engines, one of the first of the new Car Oils grades was 5W-30. These Car Oils reduced the friction levels on the moving parts of the engines.

Car Oils

Old engines like this used the same Car Oils year after year

Also in recent years engines have had to be modified to reach much higher emission standards, by the car manufactures , making engines much more sophisticated and a need for much more finer quality Car Oils  to be used, modern cars are now fitted with much more complicated exhaust and after treatment units, requiring special low SAPS oil, which is needed to protect these units.

These new Car Oils also help with extended service intervals for cars. Special “long life oils” have been developed to help increase the length between car service intervals, thus reducing the amount of waste oil.

All these changes have led to the growth of the number of oil based products on the market to enable the independent Auto centre to service all the different engines out there in the market place. Many garages now have to check each vehicle to see which Car Oils to use when Servicing a Car, and indeed have to keep as many as seven different grades of oil to cope with the diverse number of grades required. The garages can not now rely on keeping a basic viscosity alone

What if you fill your car engine with the wrong oil?

As I was saying earlier in my article it is important that the motorist checks his manual to what the correct type of Car Oils that his car engine takes, the same applies if you are a garage or a regular guy who changes his own oil and filter.

Car servicing is now becoming a specialist job now and although the service intervals are becoming further apart, the service itself has become more complex. The main driver of this being the drive by car makers to make cars with less emissions, this includes the drive by tyre manufacturers for tyres with a better rolling resistance and compounds using silica, the results of all this have become staggering, changing the face of motoring over the past decade.

Incidentally according to “Warranty Direct” the cost of the average job to rectify an engine that has had the wrong oil put in, is £2000.00, so you might consider taking your car to your local service centre near you, if you dont know where your nearest one is, look for your local Point-S centre  or a Unipart Car Care Centre is online.

Article written by Eric Roberts

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. Members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. Also sell tyres online from our website www.pellontyres.co.uk . Consequently,by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. So, we offer courtesy cars to local motorists . Naturally, who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. Finally, we are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes.Carrying out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.