Wheel Alignment-Tyresafe-www.tyresafe.org – Why Wheel Alignment Matters

Wheel Alignment-Tyresafe

Wheel Alignment-Tyresafe

Dale finishing a wheel alignment job

Wheel Alignment-Tyresafe

If you have ever had a car that pulls from left to right, or right to left. Of course, it will probably be the Wheel Alignment, that requires adjusting. Consequently, the car’s tyres will also wear off at one side or the other. This “wearing off” causes the tyres to wear prematurely.

A car that requires the wheel alignment correcting can also be unsafe to drive. This is the tyresafe.org angle on the problem.

Eric Roberts

Keeping wheels correctly aligned is important for a number of reasons:

Source: www.tyresafe.org – Why Wheel Alignment Matters

Radial Tyres 1973: Pirelli delivers ominous warning about radial tires

Radial Tyres 1973

Radial Tyres 1973

Radial Tyres 1973

The seventies were a great time in the tyre trade. Hence, because all the tyre companies were trying to develop a perfect radial tyre. Including, Pirelli tyres from then Italy, now China. Of course, the problem was the steel belted radial tyres. Michelin were then as now the market leaders. Especially, in the American car market.

America, had a different problem to us. Accordingly, the American tyre market was then ruled by X-ply and then Bias-belted tyres. These tyres were developed for the huge gas guzzling American cars. Europe were moving over to radial tyres. Radial tyres offered a high mileage, but not on these large cars with there heavy suspension. Radial tyres did not handle very well when fitted to these huge vehicles. The public wanted the radial tyres. Because, they offered much better value for money. The bias-belted tyres would wear out very quickly. So radial tyres had to be used.

As far as I know, Henry Ford redeveloped their cars suspension and started to fit radials to some of their new models. Radials would eventually become more popular and eventually take over completely x ply tyres and bias-belted.

Source: 1973: Pirelli delivers ominous warning about radial tires

Outdated Car Tyres-Whats the Age of Your Tyres ? Read the sidewall it would be important to know?

Outdated Car Tyres

Outdated Car Tyres;It is important to know the age of your car tyres

It is very important that you should know the age of your  trailer and car tyre as you could be in great danger from a tyre blowout. This is what happened to the tyre in the picture.It

Outdated Car Tyres

As a result of the tyre sidewall lettering,This Michelin car tyre was found to be 19 years old

happened to a guy towing a caravan.Hence, he had bought a couple of weeks ago. Unbeknown to him the car tyres were very old Outdated Car Tyres. 8 years old in fact. This tyre blew out on the motorway. Luckily no one was hurt. He came to us for a replacement tyre.

He did not know the trouble that a Tyre Blowout Causes. After a thorough examination I concluded that the tyre was very old. Very perished, because it had been standing outside for a long time. The tyre had many side-wall cracks and as stated was 8 years old. This seems to be more of a problem when buying a second hand car or a second hand caravan or trailer. Please learn how to tell the age of the Outdated Car Tyres from the sidewall markings and if in doubt check your local MOT testing station for the correct information and change your car tyres

Outdated Car Tyres

caravan tyre involved in a “blowout”. Of course, the tyre is now scrap.

Carbibles explain car tyres and there markings.

“In August 2010. I bought a classic 1976 Mercedes with only 30,000 miles on it. The seller (who was only the second owner) warned me that he thought that the Michelin XVS tyres were pretty old (the spare was unused). 

I was aware of the dangers of old tyres from reading your tyre bible. But it was a Sunday and the tyres are an unusual size (205/70R14).Not readily available. I thought that I’d risk the trip back home (250 miles), but that I’d need to get new tyres ASAP. Unfortunately, one of the tyres didn’t last that long, and failed at 70 MPH (see photo, note my skid marks). It turned out that the tyres were date-stamped from week 30, 1986(!), so the advice about old tyres is indeed true!”...Read more http://www.carbibles.com/tyre_bible.html

“Look directly at the tire for the following: DOT letters on the sidewall (only on one side), then adjacent is the tire’s serial number (up to 12 numbers and letters), which will include the week and year of manufacture”…

Nissan Nevara breaking Apart-faces pressure to recall Navara after dozens snap in half

Nissan Navara breaking Apart

Nissan Navara breaking Apart

Nissan Navara breaking Apart

This problem seems to affect the North American market. Of course, it could happen anywhere and indeed owners of the Nivara. Have found some heavily rusty parts in the area where the trucks are breaking apart. In fact I actually bought a Nissan Navara. Consequently, a few years ago now. I did not like the vehicle. As a result, I thought it was too light and did not handle very well.

I eventually, fitted a set of General AT tyres onto the truck. Of course this made the Navara a bit more stable. I eventually sold the car, because of the handling.

Eric Roberts

Source: Nissan faces pressure to recall Navara after dozens snap in half

Exhausts Changed-to meet new European Union Emission Laws

Exhausts Changed

Exhausts systems also cost much more than 10 years ago

I can honestly say that I have lived during the most radical changes ever made to cars, due to the new rules about “global warming” and emissions from cars. Back in time when we had Vauxhall Vivas Cavaliers, Chrysler Horizons old type Minis and Ford Cortinas life in the garage was much easier and certainly more stable.

The exhaust systems on those cars would stay the same year after year. So much so that we could order systems in the hundreds at a time and kept a large stock, that we would always sell. In fact we could order exhausts systems by the container load and they would all be sold, (happy days).


Then the computer came along and car manufacturers could very quickly change car models, they became very flexible changing parts on different models at will.

This included systems. We were finding that Exhausts.  Like other parts would be left on the shelf unsold. Hence,we were becoming very reluctant at keeping exhausts on the shelves. Without, getting stuck with them.Consequently, at this time exhaust wholesalers began to spring up.As a result, and in a short period of time. We decided not to keep an exhaust stock at all. So, and leave it to the wholesalers.In fact. The last stock that we kept in was from Bosal Exhausts. Probably, (the best Exhausts in the World) and that was in the late nineties.

Exhausts Changed

The next thing to affect Exhausts were Vehicle Emissions controls. These were introduced by the British Government. Thus, requiring that cars had to be fitted with “Catalytic Converters.” These cats as we know them. Therefore, are fitted between the car’s engine onto the exhaust pipe system. The gas from the engine is filtered through the cat. Into a very fine filter system. Made from ceramics to withstand the high temperature. The cat has also some precious metals to help filter out the particulates. (this is why the cats are so expensive).

Some car models have a direct fitting cat to the engine. Thus, the engine sends out waste gasses. That are filtered by the cat. As a result, then the cleaner gases pass through the rest of the system. The Exhausts Changed boxes contain a fiberglass type material. Naturally,  that has an extra filter effect but will also muffle the sound that the gases make when leaving the engine. We all know how noisy a car is when the exhaust breaks.

Exhausts systems are better made these days


bmw mini back box a modern type exhaust

Some cars have two or even three boxes depending on the size of the engine and car. Here in the UK we do not change the exhaust until it actually breaks, and the we have it replaced and in my opinion this is the best thing to do. Even the worst looking rusty old Car Exhausts  can last for years and it is no use changing your exhaust just because it looks rusty and old, replace it when it breaks, unless it fails the MOT test. The main part to fail on the test will be the cat, if it fails the test the cat will need replacing.

To summarise Cheap Exhaust systems are far better made these and certainly last much longer, cats are also well made and will only fail if the ceramic cone gets damaged or if you go through flooded water, this usually affects the engine management system and your engine light could be illuminated on your dash, triggered off by your cars computer and a replacement will be needed.

Eric Roberts

Upgrading Your Tyre Size-How does wheel size condition the performance of your car?

Upgrading Your Tyre Size

Upgrading Your Tyre Size

Adam at Pellon Tyres working on a very wide Porsche wheel.


Upgrading Your Tyre Size  Upgrading Your Tyre Size

This is a great article from Pirelli tyres.Hence, explains in short, what happens if you change your tyre size. Naturally, most drivers keep exactly the same tyres as were supplied with e new car. Wheels and tyres are designed by the tyre manufacturers and the car manufacturers. Of course, some tyre dealers also sell wheels. Therefore, these people become experts at fitting other tyre sizes. Thus also recommending fitting other sizes of wheels and tyres.

Usually, it is the younger driver that wants to upgrade his car onto different wheels and tyres. I must admit that this is a market that we at Pellon Tyres struggle with? People do not want the wheels that we keep in stock. Accordingly, they only want the wheels that you can’t get. However ,if the driver does fit new tyres and wheels it is important that the correct ones are fitted.

Wider wheels are usually wanted. Because of this it is important that the correct height is kept. This is known as “overall diameter”. There is an amount of tolerance involved. Thus, this is about 15%. You can get official tyre company charts that give you the correct change of tyre and wheel size. It is also worth remembering that your tyre size affects your speedo reading.

TO double check your speedo. Then you can check the reading against your SAT Nav.

Source: How does wheel size condition the performance of your car?

Vintage Car Batteries–1932 Austin Lichfield Pickup spotted on display in a Garden Centre

Vintage Car Batteries

Old Austin spotted while delivering Vintage Car Batteries in the area.

 I was very surprised when I called into a local garden centre for a coffee at there coffee shop. I love old and vintage cars and in actual fact we sell the 6 volt hard rubber Vintage Car Batteries that fit these old vehicles. To my amazement I saw an old vintage car forming the part of a sort of farm and country display in the corner of one of the glass houses selling household ware.

 Vintage Car Batteries

Vintage Car Batteries;Austin pick-up side view


Luckily, I always keep my small camera with me. Therefore, and were able to take a couple of pictures for my blog . The car turned out to be a pick-up and was an Austin Lichfield Pick-up from 1932. hence, the car is very rare. Thus, I was really pleased to come across such a wonderful old car.

 Morris Minor Vintage Car Batteries delivered

These Austin vans and pick-ups were known as “tillies” according to the article from “Gracesguide”. I successfully delivered the Vintage Car Batteries which were for an old split screen Morris Minor 1000.

Vintage Car Batteries

Old Austin Lichfield Pick-up picture 1


“A virtually new car was launched in 1939 with the body shell incorporating the floor to give a semi-unitary structure. The car was completely restyled by Argentine born Ricardo “Dick” Burzi who had joined Austin from Lancia in 1929.

In all during the war 53,000 of the saloons, pick-ups and vans, the last two unofficially known as “Tillies”, were made.With peace in 1945 a change was immediately made to civilian production but with the post-war financial crisis they were nearly all exported with the first one arriving in the United States in July 1945.

The van also re-appeared post-war with a slightly larger 1,237-cc engine”Read more on this old and very rare car at http://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Austin:_Ten

Eric Roberts

Michelin-Yokohama Tyre Price Rises-among those set to hike prices – European Rubber Journal

Michelin-Yokohama Tyre Price Rises

Michelin-Yokohama Tyre Price Rises

Michelin and Yokohama Tyres ready to be fitted to your car, At Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK. But price rises will be coming our way in 2017.

Michelin-Yokohama Tyre Price Rises

Michelin-Yokohama Tyre Price Rises

This article in the European Rubber Journal. Hence, is further proof to me that tyre prices are at rock bottom. Therefore, and need to rise. Because, I have been in the tyre trade now for over forty years. Hence, I have seen the rise and fall of tyre prices many times. Due to differing circumstances. Naturally, inflation and stagnation are one of the reasons. Other reasons have been the shortage of raw materials. I can remember a shortage of raw material “latex”. Due to bad weather in the latex growing areas. Hence, this pushed up the price of tyres.

As in many other industrial areas, then the raw materials that tyres are made of has been steadily rising. Manufacturers can and have absorbed the costs. But price increase are imminent. This report sets out reasons. probably a lot better than I can.

Eric Roberts.

Source: Michelin, Yokohama among those set to hike prices – European Rubber Journal

Pirelli Truck Tyres

Pirelli Truck Tyres-Reduce Tyre Breakdowns for Yorkshire Truck Company

Post Updated 3rd Jan 2014

Pirelli Truck Tyres for Bedfords of Batley

The Bedfords trucking empire was started in 1927 by Mr Nelson Bedford. As a result, who started his business off the back of the heavy woolen districts booming textile and clothing industry. Of course, in the early days ! Nelson wanted to be a single operator. But his son Ronald joined forces with his father in 1952. Consequently, by the end of the 1950s the business had grown four fold. Nelson sadly passed away during retirement in 1957.

Ronald was now the top man and by 1968 the fleet grew to over 20 lorries. Ronald did not want his sons to join the business ! Surprisingly, David joined the trucking company in 1972. Specifically, the company were now trucking for the printing industry . Because of this the fleet had now reached 40 vehicles.

In 1991 Davids brother Robert also joined the company and Bedfords continued to expand until the sad deaths of the brothers in 2007 and 2008.

The company is now run by a trust together with directors and managers and has now reached significant growth due to excellent customer service and diversification.

One of the main concern regarding the trucking business was to try a reduce the number of tyre related breakdowns, the fleet these days is over 85 trucks and more than 135 trailers.

In 2011 the company decided to start using One of the main concern regarding the trucking business was to try a reduce the number of tyre related breakdowns, on their fleet. They use a mixture of Pirelli Truck Tyres new and remould depending on the application. 

 Pirelli tyres reduce Bedfords tyre costs

Pirelli Truck Tyres

Pirelli Truck Tyres as used by Bedford Transport Batley

The contract with Pirelli Truck Tyres ensured that the tyres were correctly fitted to the right applications and correctly twinned with tyre pressure monitoring systems in place, so that problems such as low pressure can easily be spotted and rectified. The results were excellent and after a nine month period Pirelli Truck Tyres had reduced the companies tyre breakdown rate thus reducing the tyre related costs. More information about Bedfords Transport.

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years.  Working for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. So,now owning a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre, Consequently, I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my business.

Tyre Prices-On the up? Pricing trends in the UK car tyre aftermarket

Tyre Prices

Tyre Prices

Tyre Prices

Here in the UK, we have been enjoying low tyre prices for at least the past three years.Hence, tyres have been flooding into the UK tyre market from China. As expected, the prices have just come down and down. At the moment, the 205/55R16 Autogrip tyres are £38 each fitted. Of course, this includes balancing. Accordingly, I believe that the price is the cheapest ever sold by us at Pellon Tyres here in Halifax.

This tyre is the most popular size in the tyre market. For this reason, then part worn tyres cost between £20 and £30. Therefore, it is foolish not to buy brand new tyres. Many drivers are astounded by the low price of tyres.

The downside is that they will start to go up in price from the beginning of 2017. Tyre manufacturers in China are reducing stockpiles of tyres to hedge the price on an upwards trend. So if your tyres are getting low then save some money and buy a new set of tyres.

Eric Roberts

With raw material prices reaching the sky-rocket part of their lifecycle, as well as realisation by some Chinese tyre makers that unrealistically low prices can’t go on forever, all in the presence …

Source: On the up? Pricing trends in the UK car tyre aftermarket