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NYPD testing Smart Cars-Possibly to replace the scooters they now use- New York Daily News

NYPD testing Smart Cars

three wheeler

NYPD testing Smart Cars

Scooters gotta scoot. The NYPD wants to replace its fleet of three-wheeled scooters with Smart Cars, officials said Wednesday.

This is a great idea, but why dont they go the whole way and use driverless cars, or at least small electric cars that are good for the environment.

Just a thought perhaps they will.


Smart cars to replace three wheelers

When you look at the three wheelers. So, that the NYPD use at the moment, they remind me of a squashed up Reliant Robin. The Reliant Robin was made famous here in the UK by the excellent “Only Fools and Horses” TV series. Of course, which went on for a number of years.

smart cars

A small Renault electric used for the cities by the French post office

I have been lucky enough to visit New York. Having seen the Police driving about on these three wheelers. Consequently, which are just really covered motorcycles. Given these points, then I was very surprised to see the  company had started out in Nebraska . So, then making 2-stroke engines for the fishing boat industry. They then began to make three wheel lightweight vans and went under the name of “Cushman Motor Works”.

The vans developed over the years are become useful in small spaces.Of course, such as for Mail vans and airport vehicles. Including, for use in factories and of course by the NYPD in New York. As I have mentioned earlier they do remind me of the Reliant Robin three wheelers that we had here in the UK. Even down to the single front wheel and two wheels at the rear.

The Cushman’s are powered by an 18m horse power engine and can reach speeds of 35 mph.So, making it easier to police the narrow streets of the inner cities, than walking about on foot.

Smart cars may take over the three wheelers

We have all seen the little Smart cars bobbing about our towns and cities, and the NYPD have taken stock of nine of them as an experiment to replace the three wheelers with them.

The Smart cars was originally a joint production venture by Mercedes. The giant German car manufacturer and the Swiss watch maker Swatch. However Swatch pulled out of the venture leaving Mercedes to build the car in Hambach, France. Although Mercedes had another Mini car in progress, the MCC or Mercedes City Coupe, they took on the task of continuing with the Smart Cars production in France.

The little cars are made from all sorts of parts that are sourced in Europe. With some having Japanese engines, this is one of the reasons that I wrote this article, because I am very surprised at the NYPD buying non-American products to replace the all American three wheelers.

I suppose you could say that the Smart Cars are an up-marketing project. Because they would give more comfort, with air-conditioning and heating.Including with an airbag for driver safety. Also New NYPD Smart car under testing the response to an incident would be quicker. So, in actual fact the Smart cars workout cheaper than the three wheelers.

Not my usual stuff, but I thought it was an interesting story. I wonder also why did the New York authorities take the chance of using Smaller Electric vehicles that would also help with the cities emission figures?

Eric Roberts

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Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 275/35 R20 102W tyre specifications, review and features

Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4

Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4

Tyre Michelin Pilot Alpin PA 4 275/35 R 20 102 W specs, price, review. Michelin tyres for cars.


Not many Michelin Pilot Alpin PA 4 customers here in Halifax UK

As many of my readers will know. I am a big fan of almost everything that Michelin tyres produce. Including products they have produced over the years. Therefore, I think that this could be something to do with the fact. Hence, that the Michelin Pilot Alpin was developed with the larger luxury car in mind. As I have said before, Halifax ix a small market town in Yorkshire UK .Therefore does not have that many wealthy people who would buy such luxury cars.

Tyre retailers in say Leeds and York. of course,  do get a larger share of the BMW’s and Porsche’s as we do in Halifax. With this in mind, we do see some of these famous marques in our area. Of course, we have also fitted a few Michelin Pilot Alpin tyres to these type of cars. The drivers that bring this type of car into us for their tyres. are people that trust us with these valuable machines, we do not scratch their alloy wheels, that sort of thing.

The customers who use us also give us good feedback, I have been a tyre retailer now for 40 years and it is surprising how they like to chat to me especially about their tyres, the people with these types of luxury cars are usually very knowledgeable about their cars and so like a chat.

One particular guy owns a business that supply wall insulation and also installs it into buildings.

His business does very well. Consequently, he likes fast, sporty cars. So, his latest car is a Porsche. Fortunately for us, he came to us for a set of winter tyres . So, to fit his Porsche car. For this reason, he was visiting friends in Germany and he normally drives in his Range Rover in winter, but he decided to give the Porsche a run out.

Like me the guy is a very big fan of Michelin tyres, in fact he will not have anything else on his car. He insisted on a set of Michelin Pilot Alpin tyres. The guy’s name is Richard, but the tyres he wanted were not available in the UK. We have some good connections and suppliers in other European countries and so we had a ring round.

To my surprise I found out that Michelin make these tyres in two different tread pattern designs, the asymmetric and the directional. At first I thought that there some kind of mistake as I found this very unusual?. Sure enough when I rang Richard he did know about this and wanted the asymmetric pattern that was recommended for the Porsche models.

Michelin pilot Alpin in two distinct pattern types

When I checked this out with Michelin. They told me that they thought that both Tyre Tread designs had their own successes. Achieving, the end desired result for both types of tyres. Both tyre designs are subsequently, made from what Michelin Pilot Tyres call their Helio-compound rubber mixture, compound 3 G. Which is a compound that is made from sunflower oil and silica and traditional rubber. Giving the tyres more flexible sidewalls. Therefore a better gripping tread surface in cold weather. Especially at temperatures bellow 7c .

Indeed the new MICHELIN PILOT ALPIN has two different tread patterns.

The reason is that we worked simultaneously in two parallel ways: one is made in collaboration with Porsche, the second one in a more common way. The two solutions have succeeded to achieve the desired result. Both of tread patterns respond perfectly to the “ridge-n-flex” philosophy and use the same elements but in a slightly different way.

We finally received and fitted Richards and off he went to Germany with his new Michelin Pilot Alpine tyres fitted.

Another customer that fitted these tyres said that it was the first time that he had bought a set of winter tyres. But he now feels that he can fully measure the benefits. Especially in treacherous weather conditions. Winters are  the difference between getting home safely, or getting stuck in snow.

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Eric Roberts

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