Winter Tyres Help-These are the tips you need to drive safely in the snow and ice this winter – Essex Live

Winter Tyres Help

Winter Tyres Help

Winter Tyres Help

Of course, Much of Essex has been covered by heavy snowfall. As you can see in this image. So drivers were well stuck in the horrific snowy conditions of early April. Winter tyres would have helped millions of drivers to safety.

Source: These are the tips you need to drive safely in the snow and ice this winter – Essex Live

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MOT Test for White E-Type Jaguar-Many boyhood dreams about owning this car presented for MOT Test

MOT Test for White E-Type Jaguar

MOT Test for White E-Type Jaguar

MOT Test for White E-Type Jaguar

of course, it was a sad day when the Government in all their wisdom announced that Most vehicles manufactured or first registered over 40 years ago. Hence, will, as of 20 May 2018, be exempt from periodic testing unless they have been substantially changed.

This “substantially changed “part worried some owners at first. many of these cars have had some major changes. if parts were not available, then they were re-fabricated by specialist companies.

However owners fears were quashed

when it was announced that their would have to be substantial changes to the chassis, running gear and engine capacity before the car was considered as re-built in any way. Especially in the past 30 years of ownership.

According to the UK Government web site then the following changes would be fine- The following are considered acceptable (not substantial) changes if they fall into
these specific categories:
• changes that are made to preserve a vehicle, which in all cases must be when
original type parts are no longer reasonably available;
• changes of a type, that can be demonstrated to have been made when
vehicles of the type were in production or in general use (within ten years of
the end of production);
• in respect of axles and running gear changes made to improve efficiency,
safety or environmental performance;
• in respect of vehicles that have been commercial vehicles, changes which can
be demonstrated were being made when they were used commercially.

Of course this clarified the worries and concerns from the owners of these cars. meanwhile, as it happens we still get these vintage and classic cars presented for the Annual MOT Test. The E-Type Jaguar in my images is a great example. This car was the car that every teenager wanted back in the day. I was twenty years old when this car came out and boy did we want one. MOT Test for White E-Type Jaguar

I believe that many of these cars have to be MOT tested for insurance purposes. Consequently to make sure that the car was road worthy or not. Anyhow the white E-Type had many admirers from my other customers on that day. Including myself?

Eric Roberts

Car Air-Con Shock Price Rise-Car Air Con Recharge Prices Increasing Across the Europe

Car Air-Con Shock Price Rise

Car Air-Con Shock Price Rise

Car Air-Con Shock Price Rise

Of course, this came as a shock to me. Hence, when Ryan Linton explained to me about the massive increase in the price of the car air conditioning gas? The increase will be massive? from about £37 to £300 per gas canister.

The increase has come from our beloved European Union although indirectly. Consequently, air-con gas used in many cars is classed as a pollutant. Much of it is produced in China. Because if this the EU in there wisdom have  put restrictions on the amount of gas that the Chinese export in tot the EU.

So, at the moment the reduction is about 11%. Although this only seems a small amount it puts a massive increase onto the resale price of the gas to the garages and the end users. Our customers?

The frightening thing is that the EU in all their wisdom are going to restrict imports further to a wacking 37%. The mind boggles. I suspect that our customers will not bother having their cars re-gassed. In my opinion we are now getting over penalized by these silly emission rules coming out of the EU.

As you may well have noticed, car air con recharge prices have increased all over the UK and Europe. This is due to EU HFC regulations. We explain whats going on and why.

A small light at the end of the tunnel may be the fact that many other influential car nations such as Germany are starting protest against these stringent measures. However, for the time being we in the garage trade will have to pay for the increase in price of the air-con gas. Of course this charge will have to be passed on to the customer.

Unless the EU changes its mind. Which I very much doubt then this will just be an added cost to the burden on the motorist.

Eric Roberts

Source: Car Air Con Recharge Prices Increasing Across the Europe

Failing Brakes

Runflat Tyres Gone Wrong-A look at the “Runflat Safety Tyres” and how they can go wrong

Runflat Tyres Gone Wrong

Runflat Tyres Gone Wrong

Runflat Tyres Gone Wrong

Not many things surprise us but when a BMW  1 series pulled in the other day then we could not believe our eyes?

On a normal busy Thursday morning a customer pulled in to us with a problem(they usually do). His BMW car was making a nasty sounding noise. In fact the guy thought his engine was about to blow up.

The first thing we did was to check the cars levels. Including the water and the engine oil. To our surprise every thing looked fine. We were treading cautiously. So, just in case the engine was about to fail.

In fact everything looked fine so we decided to run the engine. Ryan listened and everything was in order. No warning lights or burning smells coming from the engine. In fact the engine was in good condition.

The next step was a road test.

Ryan took the car on our normal testing run and indeed he could hear a loudish noise. As a result he brought the BMW back to the garage and lifted it up on one of our ramps. He checked the obvious things that could make a noise. Such as the suspension and exhaust parts, everything was in order.

However to his surprise he noticed a massive piece of the tyre missing on the near side tyre on the inside. Where the sidewall meets the tyre tread. Was this the culprit?

As you can see in the image, the damage was substantial. The car was fitted with the original runflat tyre system. With a runflat tyre fitted to each wheel. The job of the runflat is to get you safely home or to the nearest tyre dealer to get the problem fixed. Consequently, runflat tyres have extra layers of rubber coated belt to give extra strength. For this reason the tyre is able to be driven on albeit at 50 MPH.Runflat Tyres Gone Wrong

This eliminates the need for a spare and saves on the overall weight of the car. Thus helping to reduce the cars emissions. The frightening part of this story is the guy had been driving about Yorkshire for at least two days. So as the tyre slowly deteriorated, then the noise became louder from the flapping tread and the guy thought it was the engine.

When we told him we all had a laugh about it. However he was relieved because he only had to buy a new runflat tyre and not a new engine.

Eric Roberts


Battery Boxes-Selecting the Perfect Battery Box

Battery Boxes

Battery Boxes

Battery Boxes

A battery box is a necessary luxury that every automobile/boat owner should purchase. It keeps the battery safe from vibrations, heat as well as dust. If you are looking for the perfect battery box on the internet, here are the few features that you must look out for.

Perfect Fitment

A box that fits the battery in loosely is very dangerous. Such boxes can actually do more harm than good. You can find battery boxes on the internet that have adjustable sizes and filler materials. These fillers keep the battery intact in one position even in case of a jerky and tough vibrations. The perfect fitment will also keep the battery correctly fixed to the bottom of the box to safeguard the delicate electrical connections.

Waterproof Nature Box

In case of a marine battery, it is very important that you choose marine battery boxes that is lined with waterproof materials on the exterior. If excessive saltwater enters the battery through the vent holes, the electrolyte can be permanently damaged. The waterproof nature of the battery box/casing will prevent such mishaps, keeping your battery safe even in case of major water splashes.
The battery box in case of a marine battery should also come with extendable plastic covers to keep the vent holes safe and away from any saltwater.

Adjustable Straps

Most automobile battery boxes do come with adjustable straps to keep the battery intact in one position. However, these straps have a very small limit of tolerance. Make sure that the straps on your battery box have a large number of settings on it to keep the battery comfortably tight. You should not tighten the straps very hard either. This might result in constant wear and tear due to the vibrations.
The adjustable straps also help in putting a small room for clearance between the walls of the battery box and the battery itself. This clearance prevents the transfer of shocks and vibrations from the external environment.

Easy to Lock/Unlock

The best battery boxes are easy to lock and unlock. This feature allows you to easily remove the batteries for a recharge. The easy lock/unlock feature should not compromise on the safety of the battery in the first place. Instead, the perfect balance between easy access as well as safety is the number one criteria for a battery box.

Vibration Proof Lining

The highest quality of battery boxes features a vibration proof lining on the inner walls. This lining helps in dampening the shocks and vibrations from the external environment correctly. The vibration-proof lining also keeps the battery intact in case of sloshing of the electrolyte on the sides of the walls due to turbulence on the vehicle.

Choosing a battery box that fulfills these 5 criteria will allow you to keep your battery safe and sound. Apart from this, it is always advisable to mount the battery box in a position where it takes minimum damage due to turbulence. Doing so will increase the life-cycle of the battery significantly.

Steering Wheel Not Straight ?-Why do you have to to check your Wheel Alignment?

Steering Wheel Not Straight ?

Steering Wheel Not Straight ?

Steering Wheel Not Straight ?

This article reminded me of the number of customers that come to my garage here in Halifax with the same problem. Hence, their steering wheel is not straight.

or many of them say that when the steering wheel is straight then their car pulls to the left or the right. It really does make driving uncomfortable when this is the problem.

Modern cars now have much more refined steering and suspension systems. This makes wheel alignment even more important than ever.

Correct alignment also ensures that your tyres do not wear out prematurely. Another problem after this long wet and snowy winter is the large amount of potholes that are appearing everywhere.

As a result many cars steering has been knocked out of alignment. many cars will show this by pulling to one side. Thus making driving more difficult and not a pleasurable experience.

This also wears your tyres out prematurely.

You would be surprised at the number of cars that come to us for new tyres with one of the sidewalls worn out. As a result sometimes down to the steel cords of the sidewalls. Of course this is the best time to set your alignment up correctly. So, when you buy some new tyres. many of our customers do actually do this. Enabling your tyres to get off to a good start. many tyres now, especially on SUV’s  are very expensive.

Therefore the tyres really do need looking after correctly. We do balance your wheels when we fit new tyres but wheel alignment is a separate job altogether. When we fit a customers tyres we do inform them if we suspect the alignment is out. We do a free check and charge from £34.90 upwards for the alignment to be corrected.

Eric Roberts

If you have a car then this is very important thing which you should do.And the thing is to check the Wheel Alignment.Because this can save your many important things.

Source: Why to check Wheel Alignment?

Driving in Winter

Compulsory rubber winter tyres- would cut traffic jams and save lives | HeraldScotland

Compulsory rubber winter tyres

Compulsory rubber winter tyres

Compulsory rubber winter tyres

As we have all experienced this winter has been pretty tough. Especially after the so called “beast of the east” bringing a standstill to most of the roads of the UK. Of course some drivers are sensible and fit winter tyres to their vehicles. I also fit winter tyres to my vehicles. believe me they are really good.

My Ford Transit Comfort is fitted with a set of Nokian winter tyres. Believe me when I say that I never got stuck once. They were truly marvelous ? In fact one Saturday night I had to take my son to his girlfriends house in Wakefield West Yorkshire. The journey normally takes about a half hour. On the way a blizzard hit us ten minutes into our journey.

The snow settled very quickly and vehicles began to get stuck.

Even on the main roads. The scene soon became gridlocked as the snow was blown on high winds. Thus making driving impossible.

Except for my van. I quickly diverted onto the small roads that were not as badly affected by the now deepening snow. The Nokian winter tyres were doing a sterling job. Not once did I get stuck as I took as many back roads as possible. I arrived in Wakefield an hour later. So,dropped my son off and headed back home.

Once  again the main roads were grid locked. One main road out of Wakefield was blocked by a jackknifed  double decker bus. I did just the same and headed home on the back roads without any problems. The winter tyres were perfect? I am sure that there are many similar stories with drivers that were glad that they fit winter tyres. They are a known safety feature and save lives.

Eric Roberts

So, for some 12 years I traveled each January to Helsinki. Hence, and never experienced any delays at Helsinki Airport, even though the snow depth was…

Source: Letters: Compulsory rubber winter tyres would cut traffic jams and save lives | HeraldScotland

MOT Testing Horror

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS for short)-What we do at Pellon Tyres in Halifax

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS for short)

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS for short)

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS for short)

TPMS, was first introduced as a safety feature and a way to help lower the cars emissions. So, wheat many drivers dont know is that when their tyres have low pressure. Hence the engine has to work harder to propel the car along. Thus creating more pollution than necessary.

Most modern cars now have this system fitted. In fact TPMS is fitted to cars as standard from 2014 onwards. So if the The wheel of your car is fitted with a sensor attached to the wheels valve. Although it looks like a regular old fashioned rubber valve, it is a piece of modern technology warning light comes on then it should not be ignored. The illuminated light means that your tyre pressures are low. Of course this could be caused by a puncture repair and needs immediate attention.

A sensor valve in each tyre monitors tyre pressures

This is how the system works. The wheel of your car is fitted with a sensor attached to the wheels valve. Although it looks like a regular old fashioned rubber valve, it is a piece of modern technology. The sensor knows what pressure your tyres should be set at. If pressure is lost then a signal is sent to the cars computer which illuminates the warning light on the dashboard.

If the rubber or metal valve is damaged then it can be simply replaced and a new one reattached to the sensor. Most car models would cost £19.90 for this service. Incidentally, this price also includes re programming the sensor to the cars computer. Of course this resets the warning light, which consequently goes out.

TPMS sensors should be serviced regularly to avoid sensors developing faults.

So each sensor has its own unique number allocated to it. of course it is also  fitted with a tiny battery. battery failure is beginning to become one of the main problems. The sensor unit is sealed and when the battery fails then a new sensor is required. Like any other battery the more miles a car does then the more use the battery gets. Subsequently, this then leads to battery failure. Thus a new sensor will be needed.

Also like anything else on a car then corrosion can be an issue. The valves and sensors are open to the elements and will eventually be subject to corrosion. This will also be a problem in years to come. New sensors start out at about £69.90 fitted and the light reset. This depends on the type of sensor and whether or not a standard off the shelf replacement will fit your particular car. If the sensor has to come from the main agent then the cost would be much higher.

New vehicles fitted with TPMS and registered from 1st January 2012 so becomes part of the MOT

Drivers should be aware that if your car is presented for an MOT Test. Hence with the The wheel of your car is fitted with a sensor attached to the wheels valve. Although it looks like a regular old fashioned rubber valve, it is a piece of modern technology warning light illuminated then it is a test failure. Although yet Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS for short)another piece of technology, then I think that TPMS is a great safety feature. As a result the system is constantly checking the tyre pressures for you as you drive along. So, any reduction in your pressures ,perhaps due to a puncture will alert you to take evasive action and could save an accident and even lives.

Finally the TPMS system that we use at Pellon Tyres is the Apaseal system and replacement valves.

Eric Roberts






Nokian Winter Tyres

Nokians AA Rated Tyres-Fuel Efficiency | TyreSafe-Promoting UK Tyre Safety and Driver Awareness

Nokians AA Rated Tyres

Nokians AA Rated Tyres

Nokians AA Rated Tyres




From the 1st November 2012 it will be a legal requirement. Hence, for all new tyres to feature one of the new tyre labels as required by European Regulation No
1222/2009. The intention behind these labels. So, is to give customers more information about the performance of each tyre. It covers three areas –

  • wet braking, which gives you a guide to how safe the tyre is
  • rolling resistance, offering a guide to fuel consumption; and external noise.
  • The labels are very similar to those found on household appliances such as washing machines, and should be easy to understand.

The tyres will be graded by each manufacturer or importer (where tyres are coming in from outside the European Union.).

Of course, to a strict testing system, and each country will be responsible for ensuring that the testing is carried out to the correct standards. Tyre manufacturers have already begun this process, so how are the tyres tested for each aspect of the label?

These new tyre labels are likely to encourage consumers to put more thought into the tyres they purchase. Thus, and tyre manufacturers to put more effort into improving the performance of their product. In time this should improve the safety of our roads

  • by reducing stopping distances
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions (by reducing fuel consumption)
  • reduce the noise that traffic produces.
  • Overall this should result in a definite improvement of our environment.

Consequently, the new EU tyre labelling regulations make things much clearer for the consumer.

Previously the only way to age a tyre or tell the age was on the tyre sidewall. Instead of just the technical information on the tyre side wall. So, the new label give more useful information on fuel efficiency, wet weather capability and the tyres external noise level. Which of course is worth teaching our customers about. So, simply put, an “A” rated tyre will stop a lot quicker in the wet than a G rated tyre.

When tyre labeling first came out then some of us were dubious about its real use. The system was set up as a self governing exercise. This meant that tyre companies could sort of mark up the grading to make the tyres better than they really were. Further on in time then I do think that tyre standards are improving. In fact some tyre manufacturers now make Double “A” tyres with a low noise level.

Nokians AA Rated Tyres

These include Dunlop and Goodyear, but to my surprise Nokian tyres now make an SUV tyre with an “AA” rating The new AA-rated Nokian e Line 2 summer tyre ensures reliable top performance under all weather conditions. The precise driving feel and optimal comfort.

Eric Roberts

Tyre lab


Fuel Efficiency | TyreSafe – Promoting UK Tyre Safety and Driver Awareness

Driving in Winter

Britain’s Washout Easter-Family discovers camper van really just a prison cell on wheels

Britain’s Washout Easter

Britain's Washout Easter

Britain’s Washout Easter

Easter came much earlier this year. As a result, we had a much greater chance of getting some bad weather. And sure enough did we get some bad weather?

It threw everything at us. Snow,sleet,rain, ice and a tiny slither of sunshine. It was horrific?

As a result, people must have been truly fed up, for the want of a better word. Many caravaners and motorhome drivers pre-book their destinations well in advance. Of course you just would not expect the weather to be so bad? but bad it was.

Fortunately, we stayed indoors in front of a nice log fire. Because we sell leisure batteries then this is one of our busiest times of the year. As a result, we were talking about the poor frozen families who must have been stuck inside their campervan for days. hence, not been able to venture out because of the cold, snow and torrential rain. Our local river was less than a meter from bursting its banks. In fact some parts of Yorkshire were indeed flooded.

Not wanting to rub salt in their wounds

But you can bet that the battery systems were working overtime trying to keep the frozen occupants warm and interested in life. I believe that the family in the attached article were trying camper vanning out for the first time. So, they could not have chose a worst weekend. Apparently, all they did was to try and keep warm and play cards.

This reminds me of a family holiday in a UK resort called Cleethorpes. My parents took us away for the first and last time on holiday in a caravan. What a nightmare? it rained for the full two weeks. We had a gas fire that almost killed us all with the fumes and I caught a bad cough. Thus keeping everybody awake as I coughed all night. (Those were the days) I think not.

Eric Roberts

A COUPLE who spent the weekend in a camper van with their children have realised it is basically a punishment cell on wheels.

Source: Family discovers camper van really just a prison cell on wheels