Waste Tyre Uses- there are many uses of scrap tyre now including these great planters.

Waste Tyre Uses

Waste Tyre Uses

Waste Tyres Uses put to good use as planters

Waste Tyre Uses are in all our interests and are just part of the problem of recycling all our waste. During recent times we have started to solve the problem of mass disposal of our scrap tyres and they are now turned into many useful items, such as tarmac chipping where the small pieces of rubber are shredded and them added to tarmac to give a quieter road surface. The other big use is that they are used to power cement kilns and are specially heated to dry out the liquid cement in large kilns. The kilns are designed not to emit any smoke into the atmosphere, making this a very green process.   

Waste Tyre Uses

Waste Tyre Uses

The thing that I am pleased with is the millions of ways that ordinary people have found ways to use Waste Tyre Uses to make different items. Some make clothing and jewelry, but the main items are made into garden objects and I think that they look really good. I am starting to show some of these ideas on my blog and hope to inspire people to use a few old waste tyres into making similar things.

Waste Tyres Uses-Collected from any tyre depot for free

Waste Tyre Uses

Waste Tyre Uses

scrap ones to be used as planters can be got from any tyre company in their area, here in Halifax UK we are only too pleased to help anyone out with some old ones.

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. I worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre, and I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my business.


Ford Car Batteries-University of Michigan Open New Battery Lab – Sci-Tech Today


Ford Car Batteries

An up to date Hybrid battery that has been developed by Johnson Controls

Post Updated 10th Jan 2014

Ford, University of Michigan Open New Battery Lab

Sci-Tech Today

A new $8 million battery lab at the University of Michigan will help develop Ford Car Batteries that are smaller, lighter and less expensive to make.


eric roberts‘s insight:


The University of Michigan will soon be setting up a new department, to study and develop new Ford Car Batteries, with the financial help of Fords .

The Ford Car Batteries will be developed for there longevity quality and their endurance

It is a known fact that the electric car has been a slow seller for the Ford Motor Company and it will also be important to develop a battery that is a cheap battery, it will be one of Fords priorities to bring down the price of these Ford Car Batteries.

Electric cars have been very slow to take off, reaching only 1% of the American car market in the year that’s just passed. The Hybrid cars (EV”S) a mix of petrol and battery power  have fared better, taking up just 3% of the total market.

This in part is due to the  high cost of these cars, due mainly to the lithium-ion batteries that are the main source of battery power at the present time.

With the help of  a $5 mil grant this new university department is expected to develop a cheaper alternative battery ,that is hoped will bring down the cost of the Ford Car Batteries and the Ford electric cars.

More reading…http://www.ur.umich.edu/update/archives/131015/battery

Eric Roberts

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See on www.sci-tech-today.com

Michelin versus Budget Tyres

Michelin Crossclimate Saves Money-Addison Lee unlocks 20% tyre saving with Michelin Tyres

Michelin Crossclimate Saves Money

Michelin Crossclimate Saves Money

Michelin Crossclimate Saves Money

There is no doubt that by fitting certain tyre brands. Then we can save money? but its not just a case of fitting certain new tyres. Of course, by now everyone knows that you can save fuel and minimize tyre wear. Consequently, by keeping your tyres properly inflated. Also by rotating the wheels regularly.

To make the next big leap in fuel efficiency. Companies like Addison Lee and their drivers can take advantage of next-generation energy efficient tyres. As a result these tyres are been rolled out. Hence, by several industry leaders including Michelin, Goodyear, Continental and Toyo.

Michelin Crossclimate Saves Money-How much can you save?

During recent manufacturer’s tests. Including the Michelin ones have also shown that Michelin’s Energy Saver range of tyres offer a whopping 8 percent better fuel efficiency. Of course than of competing tyres. In my opinion the Michelin Crossclimate+ also comes into this bracket. As a fuel saver. Although the initial purchase can be more expensive?

Other tyre manufacturers such as Goodyear advertises their Assurance Fuel Max tyres. Provide up to 4 percent more fuel efficiency than standard tyres. It all depends how the tests and savings were scrutinized. These companies use top racing drivers in some of their testing. I have experienced this myself on the Goodyear testing track in Luxembourg.

The new Crossclimate is no doubt an excellent tyre. We have sold quite a few here in Halifax UK. They are unusual in the fact that they are summer tyre with winter capabilities. In fact they even carry the “three peaks” snow marking on the sidewall. Other advantages come in the form of new compound formulas. Thanks to new advanced formulations, silica distribution strategies, and break-through tread designs.

As a result, these new tires save fuel without sacrificing tyre wear. Crossclimates give the driver all-weather traction and most importantly, increased safety. Some of these new tyres like the Michelin’s have actually improved stopping distances and better handling on corners.

Michelin Crossclimate Saves Money and is also a greener tyre.

Off course, by Increasing fuel efficiency.Thus, means that these tyres also reduce harmful CO2 emissions. Michelin estimates that installing a set of their Energy Savers reduces CO2 emissions as much as 2,000 pounds per year. Perhaps about the same as planting 40 trees!

Most major tyre retailers such as Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK. Should now have energy saving tyres, including all-weather tyres in stock. They will have the experience, training and computerized tools. Of course, to help you quickly determine the best brand. Size and style of tyre for your vehicle. Just as importantly  your budget. This is what Addison lee must have given much thought to. So when fitting the Crossclimates to there fleet of cars in London.

I assume that Addison lees also keep a professional eye on tyre pressures and down time from puncture repairs. This attached article gives you an idea of how the company reduced the costs by fitting Michelin Crossclimate+ tyres to there London fleet.

Eric Roberts

Addison Lee has reduced its annual tyre bill by 20% after adopting a Michelin CrossClimate+ policy.

Source: Addison Lee unlocks 20% tyre saving with Michelin | General News

Yorkshire Car drivers-BEWARE of the M62 Speed Camera Gantries

Yorkshire Car drivers BEWARE of the M62 Speed Cameras

I am a resident of Kirklees and have been a user of the M62 motorway ever since it was built. In my opinion it has been a great asset to the people of West Yorkshire and Lancashire, in fact I do not know what we would have done and how the roads would have coped without it.

Yorkshire Car drivers

Yorkshire Car drivers be aware Part of the M62 traffic management system in West Yorkshire

The big problem with the motorway, as we all know is the stretches between junction 25 (Brighouse turn off) and junction 27 (Gildersome turn off). Over the years this stretch has many accidents and hold ups, making it one of the major black spots on the UK motorways. It came as great relief to the Yorkshire Car drivers, “including myself”, when it was announced that this section of the M62 was to be upgraded and turned into a controlled system, similar to the one in Birmingham on the M 42 and part of the M 1 Motorway south of Sheffield.

The work began about three years ago and we were all subjected to a 50 mph speed limit and many delays due to accidents and vehicles breaking down. Eventually the work progressed and we started to see the rise of the gantries covered in Motorway Traffic Cameras over the road, which would be used to control the traffic in the various lanes. I could not wait and gradually the work was competed and the speed signs directing us to what speed we should be doing.

In my opinion I think the new system is really good and it is nice to see some development on the road system for the Yorkshire Car drivers in the North where I think that in the past we have been heavily neglected by various Governments in all fields of investment. As I drive all around the country I cannot believe the investment that has been poured into the South and places like Wales and Scotland, I truly think that we have been starved of money here in West Yorkshire at the hands of politicians to please other regions of the country.

However we must not complain the car driving population of Yorkshire have now got a new controlled section of the great M62, knowing that we will see less holdups and witness less delays.

Keep your car speed bellow 70mph?

There is however one thing that we should all watch out for, “DON’T TAKE YOUR CAR ABOVE THE 70 MPH LIMIT”. It is now known that when the gantry lights are off that the speed cameras are still working and have been “flashing” drivers who have been exceeding the speed limit. I am an older driver and rarely take my car over the limit, but there are thousands of Yorkshire Car drivers who think that the limit is now 80 mph. So when you are driving your car on this section of the M62 beware, the speed cameras are there to get you.

According to the Huddersfield Examiner “West Yorkshire Police refused to comment further but the Highways Agency has now confirmed the new £150 m overhead gantry system between Huddersfield and Leeds CAN catch speeding Yorkshire Car drivers, even when it is not being used to slow the traffic”…More Reading…http://www.examiner.co.uk/news/west-yorkshire-news/highways-chiefs-reveal-m62-cameras-6152759

Article written by Eric Roberts…www.batteriesontheweb.co.uk

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. I have worked for a couple for national tyre companies in my younger days, before starting my first business. I now own a garage and MOT testing centre, here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre, and I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my business. We are members of Point-S and Motor-Codes and are also a Unipart Car Care Centre and of course Tyre-safe.



WASTE TYRE TALK- 4 Ways to Use an old tyre- to get rid of your spare tyre? and KEEP FIT


WASTE TYRE TALK-Keeping fit using an old car spare tyre

Hot ‘n’ Healthy: Use a spare tyre to lose a spare tyre
Savannah Morning News
WASTE TYRE TALK-Looking for a fun and effective new piece of exercise equipment to burn fat and sculpt lean muscle?


eric roberts‘s insight:

This is a great way to use an old spare tyres.

I have seen ways of using old tyres to keep fit and help to “Get Rid of Spare Tyre” in recent times that remind me of when I was a young tyre fitter in my twenties. I worked for a


WASTE TYRE TALK-Fitting giant tyres like this certainly kept my weight down.

company in Leeds called Kurt Neilds, owned by Goodyear, and fitted Earthmover tyres for a living. The job was fantastic. We lifted and carried the giant tyres on Euclid Earthmovers and other giant plant hire vehicles, such as Cat Earth-movers like the Cat 631s and Terex dump trucks; we were as”fit as fiddles” and got paid for it as well.

I only weighed 11 stone and could eat what I wanted, it is no wonder that the use of tyres has been taken up by sportsmen and women. I was impressed at the way rugby union players can throw the big tyres about, and now it looks like old tyres are being used for the exercises used in this article from the WASTE TYRE TALK-Savannah Morning News. I am too old to take this up now but if anybody would like some old spare tyres to train with, you can have them for free here in Halifax.

Old waste tyres are now used for all sorts of things. One of the main uses is to make them into rubber crumbs so that they can be made into safe flooring for say, children’s play areas, these are replacing wood chippings that were once used and are much safer for the children to play on. The waste tyre industry also supplies rubber pellets to the cement making companies to power their cement drying kilns. Also large amounts of rubber pellets go into the making of tarmac for our roads, to give a more cushioned ride, and a harder wearing surface, when driven on.

Thanks  Eric Roberts…www.batteriesontheweb.co.uk

See on savannahnow.com

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MOT Test Safer Roads

AdBlue Contamination Problem- Experts warn of rising levels of AdBlue contamination

AdBlue Contamination Problem

AdBlue Contamination Problem

AdBlue Contamination Problem

At present the AdBlue solution is produced in the UK and Europe, although there are plans to create other production plants in the UK such as the one owned by “Greenox

I must admit that AdBlue was unheard of. Hence in my small world? As a result it is now common place amongst million of truck, car and van users. Noted by the familiar AdBlue cap. Usually placed next to the diesel fuel filler.

AdBlue cam about when from January 1st 2005. Subsequently, vehicles produced in Europe will have needed to meet even tighter emissions standards, namely Euro 4.

By Adding this additive fuel savings of up to 6% have been boasted. As a result, by some of the leading vehicle manufacturers.

AdBlue Contamination Problem

Many of the vehicle manufacturers. So, are opting for SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) as the preferred technology. As a result  (SCR) is an advanced active emissions control technology system. This injects AdBlue through a special catalyst. Of course then into the exhaust stream of a diesel engine. The reductant source is usually automotive-grade urea, otherwise known as AdBlue. The AdBlue then sets off a chemical reaction. Hence, that converts nitrogen oxides into nitrogen, water and tiny amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2). All of course are the natural components of the air that we breathe. This clean mixture of gases is then expelled through the exhaust pipe.

As AdBlue is highly susceptible to contamination unless handled correctly. which has led to some dispute surrounding the creation of new ISO standards. Who should be involved with interaction as to how they should be implemented.


Feather Diesel Services has reported an increase in the number of fuel injector faults where AdBlue has been present in the fuel system. The cross-contamination is often a result of misfuelling the vehicle and even immediate

Source: Experts warn of rising levels of AdBlue contamination – Garagewire

Aircraft Tyres-Delays as Aer Lingus aircraft tyres burst on landing at Cardiff Airport – This is South Wales

Aircraft Tyres

Aircraft Tyres

This is South Wales

Delays as Aer Lingus aircraft tyres burst on landing at Cardiff Airport

This is South Wales

“During the landing a tyre burst occurred and the aircraft came to a stop on the runway,” said Cardiff Airport in a statement.


eric roberts‘s insight:

Wow!! Aircraft Tyres on Planes bursting

This article from This Is South Wales shows that even with every bit of care in the World, things like this can happen. The Aircraft Tyres on our Boeing Aircraft are mainly remoulds. That may surprise some people, but when you think about it, the tyres are not used that often, they are only used for take-off and landing, the rest of the time the tyres are not doing anything, just sitting there in the wheel compartment.

Remould tyres are very safe and indeed are also used on many of our trucks. Some of the leading tyre manufacturers make aircraft tyres including Michelin and Goodyear who also make Goodyear aircraft re-treads. This answers the question Are Remould Tyres Safe, of course they are, or they would not be used on planes.

One of the main Aircraft Tyres re-tread companies in the USA is a company called Desser Aircraft tire and rubber co . They make re-tread tyres for all types of aircraft including Military Jets, So there is no problem in using re-tread tyres for the normal holiday traffic planes that we all use, it’s just that every once in a while we may have a freak accident, like the one in Cardiff Airport in South Wales UK.


Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. Hence, I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. Including, working for a couple for national tyre companies in my younger days. Before starting my first business. Consequently, I now own a garage and MOT testing centre. Locally here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. For this reason, I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products. Anything that will help my business to grow. We are members of Point-S and Motor-Codes .Also a Unipart Car Care Centre and of course Tyre-safe.


See on www.thisissouthwales.co.uk

Unipart Car Care Centre Will Continue to Operate and Stays in Business.

Unipart Car Care Centre

Unipart Car Care Centre Announces Apple Tech Gadget Facebook Contest Newswire (press release) (Newswire.net — October 8, 2013) Bicester, Oxfordshire –One of the UK’s leading car care specialists, Unipart Car Care Centre (UCCC), has announced the…


eric roberts‘s insight:


Our Parts and labour guaranteed for 12 months

We as a Unipart Car Care Centre member . Are committed  to give our customers a great service. Hence, the service doesn’t end when you drive out of  our garage. Consequently, as a UCCC member . We believe in lasting quality and unbeatable value. Especially, for our customers. As such, we offer a 12 month – or 12,000 mile – guarantee. Of course, that is applicable on all parts and labour . Thus, on the cars that we have repaired or serviced.

In other words, if we at Pellon Autocentre fit a part incorrectly, or if it’s goes faulty, we will replace and refit it at no added cost, at  our Auto-centre in Halifax or in the UCCC nationwide network of

garages. So you will be able to  drive anywhere at any time here in the UK with complete peace of mind.

Unipart Car Care Centre

Unipart Car Care Centre in Halifax

You can click on the UCCC web site to find your local, customer-approved local garage. Unipart has just recently gone into receivership but the company was in two parts and the part that runs the UCCC  part of the business will still continue to operate which is good news for us here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax Yorkshire UK. here is a recent part of a press release that we have received from Unipart Group

“Unipart Group confirms its commitment to develop the Unipart Car Care Centre proposition to make it even more compelling for both garages and motorists alike.  It is committed to making its network of independent Car Care Centre garages more robust than ever.

Unipart Car Care Centre

As well as maintaining its strong www.uccc.co.uk online presence for its members, Unipart Car Care Centre will continue to offer all the existing benefits including the popular Nationwide Guarantee Promise,  Car Care Centre of the Year programme and local marketing support programmes. Over the coming weeks, we will be introducing new offerings that will further enhance the benefits provided to the Unipart  Care Centre network”.

Unipart Group will be continuing to provide Original Equipment quality parts which will be distributed to the Unipart Care Centre and independent garage networks by Andrew Page, The Parts Alliance and Express Factors.

Eric Roberts

See on www.newswire.net

Goodyear Wrangler SUV Tyres-Sponsored feature:Could be Your SUVs best friend Especially in Winter?

Goodyear Wrangler SUV Tyres

Goodyear Wrangler SUV Tyres

Goodyear Wrangler SUV Tyres

Has it happens, I simply love my new Jaguar F Sport SUV. As a garage owner I have never been one for “posh” cars. In fact just the opposite? As a result, I have spent the most of the last 40 years driving about in a van of some sorts. We lease most of our cars. So when the Jaguar came along as a leasing option. Then I could not resist but to get one.

Not that it is very expensive, but the fact is that I still class myself as a middle class working man. Of course, I did feel a bit sad when I went to any trade meetings in my van. Whilst everybody else came along in a nice car. For this reason I decided to go for the Jaguar SUV.

I must confess that the car took a bit of getting used to at first. Therefore, the first thing that I did not like. Consequently, was the Start/Stop system. Fortunately, the Jag gives you the switching off alternative. When I was an apprentice mechanic back in the day. Then we were always taught not to switch you engine off for a short stop. For example at traffic signals. Hence the car would use more fuel switching off, that letting the engine idle.

Goodyear Wrangler SUV Tyres

Subsequently, we are now told the opposite? Another part of the car that I do not like. Thus, is the fact that there is no spare wheel. Just a tin of sealant to try get you out of trouble. This seams like a cop out to me? In fact before winter arrives I will try to source a steel spare wheel that fits.

I am also concerned about the nice big fat summer tyres that are fitted to the car. Naturally they will be great in summer, but it is winter that concerns me? These large SUV’s really do struggle in winter. As a result, I remember the first bad snow fall a couple of years ago? We were inundated with the owners of large SUV’s looking for winter tyres.

These big vehicle were hopeless in snow and ice with their summer tyres. As it happens my jag is fitted with 25555R19 Pirelli P-Zero tyres. From experience, I know that they will be next to useless in winter weather. Especially on ice and snow?

Although the attached excellent article is about the Goodyear Wrangler. So, I am going to fit a set of  “Nokian W3 SUV” tyres. Not that I dont like the Goodyear Wrangler. I just think that they may be noisy on the motorways and dry roads.

However we have fitted the Goodyear+Wrangler+HP+All+Weather tyre in the 25555R19 size in the past with good results. As a result, I do find the Wranglers are more rugged and are extremely durable. Of course, this is why they do not get damaged easily. Hence, they can be used in heavier vehicles such as jeeps and the Land rovers ranges.

Goodyear Wrangler SUV Tyres better for tougher vehicles?

In fact the bigger vehicle companies such as Honda, Mazda, Toyota, and Jeep. happily fit the Wranglers  as their original equipment tyres. This shows that the company is well known and reliable in the market. As a result, their tyres are trusted by some really big car and vehicle companies. But I must add that these would be on the bigger 4×4 type of vehicles.

Goodyear Wrangler SUV Tyres


I prefer to use the less aggressive winter and all-weather car tyres in the correct size of course. That is my reasoning for fitting the excellent Nokian winter products. In fact we were thrilled to get a sale from a customer with a Mercedes SUV. He swore by the Nokian W3 SUV tyres. To the extent that he even gets a better mileage coupled with a better winter grip.

These first hand reports really boost our confidence. Hence, when selling a certain product. But please look at the Goodyear tyre products in the attached article and make up your own minds.

Eric Roberts


How to choose and use the right tyre for your SUV.

Source: Sponsored feature: Your SUVs best friend – Feature – Autocar India

Motor Codes attract more independent garages for Improved Customer satisfaction

Motor Codes

Motor Codes has experienced a surge in interest from independent garages lining up to join the garage endorsement scheme. It experienced a 45% increase in its independent garage subscriber-base in 2013, taking the …


eric roberts‘s insight:

Motor Codes good news for the motorists

This is good news for motoring public of Great Britain. Over the years there have been many attempts to start up schemes similar to Motor Codes, that will protect the motoring public from dishonest garages. Unfortunately none of these have really taken off.

Motor Codes

Look for this motor codes sign for better service

It is something that I have always being looking for in my own garage, but did not find any this type of organizations that were what i would call, genuine?. The other schemes that i looked at always seemed to be tied up with some product or other and you had to buy so much of a certain product, to take part in the scheme, in my opinion this was not very genuine enough reason to be a member, and so I did not take part.

Then a garage scheme known as Motor Codes  that was also recommended by the government here in the UK came along and this ticked all the boxes for me. As soon as i saw what was on offer I became a member. In my opinion this scheme was for the independent garage and their “customer care priorities”.

Motor Codes good for tyre safety

The best way for the motorist is to check out their website and see what  members have to offer car driver of today. The garages that join the scheme have all to be checked on all sorts of things such as safety and good garage practices. But more important they give assurances to our customers, regarding prices and the quality of the parts that we use on their cars for servicing and repairs. To me this part of the deal was the most important to me , the extra protection

Motor Codes

Trading Standards are now part of Motor Codes for greater consumer proection

that our customers would receive in case of a dispute.

Thanks Eric Roberts…www.pellonautocentre.com

Hi I would like to introduce myself. Working in the Garage and Avon Tyres and Battery business now for 40 years. Also having worked for a couple for national tyre companies in my younger days. Before starting my first business. Of course,I now own a garage and MOT testing centre. Here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. As a result, I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products . Of course, that will help my business. We are members of Point-S and Motor-Codes Also a Unipart Car Care Centre and of course Tyre-safe.

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