Kumho Tyres Design Award-Winners for design of the Ecsta Le Sport KU39

Kumho Tyres Design Award;Kumho tyres believe in good looks as well as performance

One thing to me that determines a good tyre, is the tyres looks. Many tyre manufacturers are now looking in that direction, the fact that a tyre should also look good, when fitted to a classy car. You only have to look at Pirelli tyres used in F1 racing, with all the colours that they use to make the tyres fit into the overall picture of the racing scene.

One of first tyre companies to work on their image for better tyre design, was Vredestein tyres in Holland. They contracted the great car designer team from the Giugiaro Design studio.

This new concept of combining design and tyre performance gave a great boost to the Dutch tyre company. Vredestein winter tyres are now World famous for their performance in winter conditions and indeed now win many awards from the leading European tyre magazine tests.

Kumho tyres are aiming for high design standards

Now one of the Worlds up and coming tyre companies, Kumho tyres are following in the footsteps of the major tyre companies by winning design awards.

ECSTA LE Sport tyre

This tyre from Kumho Tyres Design Award is a tyre with terrific sporting performance, with the LE standing for “Luxury Edition”. The tyre will give a performance that is up to scratch with racing tyre levels, while at the same time commanding a high level of comfort and a high standard of driving performance, this tyre is a must for the luxury car market and must be driven on to appreciate this Kumho Ecsta Le Sport KU39 tyres performance and cornering attributes.

This tyre has also won a design award, in fact the tyre won “Three design awards”…

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ECSTA LESport won the 2012 iF Kumho Tyres Design Award, one of the top three design awards in the world. Out of 4,322 Tyre brands of 48 countries, Kumho Tyres’ ECSTA LESport won the major prizes along with Majesty SOLUS and IZENKW27 in the transportation design sector following more than three months of thorough screening and examination”…http://kumho.com.au/beautiful-design-and-powerful-sports-driving-ecsta-le-sports-ku39/

Kumho tyre brands are destined to be World contenders

In my opinion I have no doubt about the quality of the Kumho Tyres Design Award, in the past three years as a Kumho tyres dealer I have had nothing but praise for this product and I can foresee that the company will be up their with the big boys in the near future, producing excellent tyres to fit all types of cars on the market.

This article was written and compiled by Eric Roberts… www.pellontyres.co.uk

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069 Lucas Car Batteries-Do Lucas Make Their Own car batteries

Premium 069 Lucas Car batteries069 Lucas Car Batteries

Today’s car battery market is flooded with all kinds of different makes of products. Some makes are household names such as 069 Lucas Car Batteries and others are not so well known. All kinds of makes are springing up ,with claims and counter claims about how good their batteries are.

One of the driving forces in this has been the inter net and especially E-bay. This is where you are likely to find the cheapest prices . The problem is that do you trust what you are buying, I have noticed recently that the cheapest price for 069 Lucas Car Batteries is not even a new one but looks like a re-used product what ever that means ?. Many auto owners however will buy a quality product and go for the products that are made by a reputable company, such as Johnson controls who make the 069 Lucas Car Batteries.

The truth is that unless you are selling your car you should stick to a named product that you can trust. The better makes will not be the cheapest , but you will be able to rely on the after service. You are better off ordering your new one from an actual web-site , than any other form of internet selling platform. The website will be accountable if you should get a problem with say a delivery that has gone wrong or a faulty battery.

You can even ring up a web-site to confirm that the one that you are buying is the correct one for your car. A few examples of names you can trust would be Lucas batteries. As i have said earlier they do not manufacture their own any more. The rights to sell 069 Lucas Car Batteries were bought by wholesalers Manbat. The company sell two standards. The Classic and the  Premium.

Lucas premium car batteries are a first class product

I have been selling car products now for well over 30 years, longer than I care to remember, and consequently I have seen these companies come and go , but the 069 Lucas Car Batteries has always kept a high standard of quality, and maintained a good high standard in the dealers. The  premium battery is a maintenance free battery (that means you dont have to top them up every two minutes) with calcium/ calcium technology, to cope with the modern car electric systems and slightly higher voltage requirements. This battery is  made by Johnson controls and is in a black casing, which is a recycled product. The  classic is more of a budget battery suitable for the older models of cars and lower engine capacities, this battery could be made by different European  manufacturers, but is selected by Manbat to offer excellent service in use.

069 Lucas Car Batteries

A new battery just fitted in our Halifax depot UK

You know that if you select  069 Lucas Car Batteries that you can rely on the dealer to look after you if you should occur any problems after the purchase, whether in the their store or on their website, beware of other selling platforms on the internet, they may have vanished when a problem raise its ugly head.

This article was written by Eric Roberts

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. We also sell tyres online from our website www.pellonautocentre.com by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. We offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. We are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship. We are also official stockists of Lucas Batteries.


Lithium-Ion golf batteries (A New Breed of Battery) much lighter to carry for Golfers?

Though often overlooked, the Lithium-Ion golf batteries are one of the greatest inventions in all time.(for golfers )

In today’s world, we use batteries to power our accessories and devices such as phones, controllers, and children toys. Battery sales in the United States alone

Lithium-Ion golf batteries

progolf 16amp lithium battery

usually amount to almost fifty billion dollars a year, a number that grows annually by more than five percent per year. Lithium-Ion golf batteries in particular are becoming more and more popular because of their efficiency and power. If you are interested in lithium-ion golf  batteries be sure to check out this article.

To begin, you should know how batteries work. Batteries are in essence, a collection of several devices that includes electrochemical cells. Electrochemical cells have the ability to transform chemical energy into electrical energy which then can be sued to power many devices. Primary batteries are the most common form of battery. They contain enough a chemical energy to power a device for a set time, but cannot be recharged. . In contrast, rechargeable batteries can be recharged and used over and over.

Lithium-Ion golf batteries are among the best types of golf batteries. They last longer than other batteries. They also charge faster, saving your valuable time and are friendlier to the environment than most other batteries.

golf batteries

Golf carts can now run on lithium-Ion batteries

Lithium-Ion golf batteries are especially useful for golf batteries (buggies).

Golf carts and buggies require strong, efficient batteries that will work for several years. Lithium-Ion golf batteries fill all of these requirements. They can be used for STAR CARS, Club cars, and GEM cars. Many companies also offer a warranty on lithium-ion batteries, normally around 2 years. Many Lithium ion golf  batteries for golf carts are often much lighter than their counterparts. This is important because light batteries allow your cart to maneuver better. They also do not weight your cart down.

The voltage and amp hours of the battery vary with the type of cart. The voltage can vary anywhere from 12, 24, 36 to 46 volts. The amp hours can vary from 40 to 100 amps, though most lithium ion golf batteries are 100 Amp hours. However most of these batteries are around seven inches long, six inches wide, and are seven inches tall. Such Lithium-Ion golf batteries also offer an automatic battery management system. This is a system that is included in the inside of the battery. It helps balance your cells without any intervention needed and can cut off power from terminals if it detects high or low voltage or short circuits.

I hope you enjoyed this article about Lithium-Ion golf batteries written for Eric Roberts www.batteriesontheweb.co.uk

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Yokohama Winters are a proven Winter safety advantage from Pellon Tyre Shop Yorkshire UK

Tyres are arguably the most important part of your car. (Yokohama Winters)

They fill a variety of roles in your cars performance, most importantly making sure that the car can roll! Without strong, adequate tyres at the correct pressures , you run the risk of getting a blowout on the motorway or not being able to control your car in extreme winter weather conditions. Your gas mileage is also lower with poor tyres. You want tyres that are strong, durable, and quiet. You also want them to last a long time. If you live in a northern or hilly snowy area, such as Halifax here in west Yorkshire ,you probably want even more specialized tyres that perform well in snowy or icy winter conditions. Yokohama Winters are one of the best in their class for such a job.Yokohama Winters

Now there is no overall “best tyre”. Some tyres enable fast driving. Others function better with wear and are more durable. However if you live in a cold northern city such as Halifax, Huddersfield, or Bradford, Yokohama Winters are your best bet.

Yokohama Winters are designed to give you complete control over your car and maximum traction in icy conditions. They use specialized technology and tread designs are designed to give you complete control over your car and maximum traction in icy conditions. They use specialized technology and tread designs to ensure that icy driving is no problem. Just driving slowly and carefully isn’t a valid option, especially if you live in a city that receives tons of ice and snow. You need the control, grip, and precision that winter tyres offer.

There are several false ideas that people have concerning winter tyres. First, many people believe you only need two winter tyres or that you don’t need winter tires at all. Regular summer tyres or even all-season tyres don’t offer the same level of control or safety as Yokohama Winters, especially in extreme conditions. Also, contrary to popular belief, you want to have four winter tyres. If your car uses a winter pair in the front, then a regular set of tyres in the back, then each end of your car will react differently. This can be extremely detrimental if you are sliding on ice or driving in extreme weather. Investing four tyres is much safer for accelerating, braking, and handling car.

Traction control and ABS brakes offer only limited benefits to actually winter tyres.

Traction control does not change the traction of your tyres in any way, but rather controls the acceleration of your tyre. Winter tyres give the grip you need in winter conditions.

Yokohama Winters

Yokohama tyres are undoubtedly one of the leading tyre companies in the World to embark in research and development. They are continually investing in motorsport events to enable better designed products in their domestic regular tyre brands.

Similarly, while ABS brakes will only ensure that car tyres (wheels) will not lock up, they also don’t improve the actual tyres traction.

I hope you enjoyed this article about Yokohama Winters.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. We also sell tyres online from our website www.pellonautocentre.com by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. We offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. We are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.


Varta car Battery “Your Smarter To Fit a Varta” Quality German Battery

Varta car Battery; started in Germany in 1904

Varta car Battery

Varta car Battery range

Varta batteries stands originally for (Vertrieb Aufladung Reparatur Transportabler Akkumulatoren) and had its headquarters in the German cities of Berlin and Hagen in the district of Westphalia. The business was bought by a certain Gunther Quandt just after the first world war.

The Varta car Battery company then made batteries that were used in the second world war German battle machine, they were used to help power submarines and also for the German Luftwaffe. The batteries were made by slave labour under very poor working conditions, but perhaps the side of Varta batteries that we should forget.

The modern day Varta car Battery product is one of excellence raising standards of the battery world for its quality products. After many changes in directors and company ownership Varta batteries was purchased by Johnson Controls in 2002. This was thought to be a great step forward in the Varta car Battery industry and raised the standards of quality even higher.

It is thought that Johnson Controls paid in the region of $240 million for the Varta battery side of the business and the deal went through by the end of 2003, and is now one of the largest battery companies on the Planet.

More reading…

“Varta car Battery Division, headquartered in Hannover, Germany, reported fiscal 2001 sales of Euro 590 million and earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) of Euro 29 million. It operates six battery assembly plants in Europe located in Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany and Spain. Varta manufactures automotive batteries for BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Ford, PSA, Volkswagen and other automakers in Europe. The company is also a major supplier to the European independent aftermarket, including customers such as Robert Bosch GmbH, hypermarkets such as Carrefour, and wholesalers”… http://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/Johnson-controls-to-acquire-varta-automotive-battery-business-153918045.html


Bosch batteries are made by Varta batteries

 Bosch batteries are also manufactured by Johnson controls they in fact Varta batteries that are re-labelled as Bosch batteries, Bosch do not make their own batteries, worth knowing if you want to compare the prices for a similar product.

The underlying problem when buying any any product is “do you want quality or price” and the same goes for car batteries…

More reading… http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=21908#m220750

Varta car Battery

Varta car Battery

Varta car Battery have one of the most in depth distributor centres in the World and are also available online through its dealer network.


Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. We also sell tyres online from our website www.pellonautocentre.com by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. We offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. We are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.



Pellon Tyres Become Nokian Dealers-This Successful tyre make available in Yorkshire.

Pellon Tyres Become Nokian Dealers

Pellon Tyres Become Nokian Dealers

As a tyre retailer. hence, it is great to be able to sell one of the worlds greatest tyre brands. Therefore, I am talking about Nokian tyres. Over the past 40 years that I have owned my own tyre business. Then, it has been difficult for the smaller tyre company to obtain a great tyre brand. Accordingly, for the purpose of been an exclusive dealer.
Nokian have decided to go down a new road. Thus to supply their products to small independent tyre retailers in each area of the UK. Normal practice is to market the tyres through a large wholesaler. Hence, the wholesaler than supplies the retailers in each town.
The large wholesaler can give the tyre makers an instant market place. This system gives all the small companies an equal chance to supply the products. Product loyalty does not come to play. The price is then driven down as each individual retailer competes for the same products. The only winner is the wholesaler.
The only way an independent tyre retailer can succeed. Therefore, is to be able to sell a unique tyre product in their geographical areas. In the past I have been lucky enough to sell Kleber and Kelly tyres. More recently, it has been the Dutch tyre brand of Toyo and Vredestein.

Pellon Tyres Become Nokian Dealers

As a keen writer about tyres. Then I have been impressed with the results and praise for the Nokian tyre brand. Especially, the winter tyres. Nokian win tyre test after tyre test. The Nokian summer tyres never came to life until a customer of ours, called into to see me one day.
He was complaining about the Bridgestone tyres that were fitted as original equipment. Peters car was a BMW SUV. The X5 had worn out three sets of tyres in as little as 40,000 miles. Peter was a company director and a German friend of his recommended him to try a set of Nokian summer tyres.

At that particular time, Nokian tyres were not available to us at Pellon tyres in halifax UK. He had decided to buy then online and was supplied with Nokian ZLine SUV tyres. As a result of fitting the Nokian, then Peter was very impressed. The mileage was going to be much better than his previous tyres. Also his X5 handled very well with positive steering and braking.
I never like to miss a sale and thanked Peter for his information. This fired me up? Hence to become a Nokian tyre dealer.
My chance came when Nokian decided to create a UK dealer network. For this reason, I did not have to think twice about the offer. Consequently, we will shortly becoming the Nokian tyre retailer for the Calderdale and Halifax area of Yorkshire. A great honour. Our customers will be able to buy Nokian online from our halifax depot.
Below is a list of the tyre ratings for the Nokian ZLine tyres.
Eric roberts

Pellon Tyres Become Nokian Dealers

Good to excellent. The tyres grip well and make little noise in normal driving or cornering. Braking is excellent, even on the autobahn at 150mph. This tyre grabs as well as the OE Bridgestones (RFT), which cost twice as much and have a horrible ride.
Excellent. Despite a tread with large solid blocks of rubber, the Nokian seems to evacuate water well due to its equally-large open channels in the tread. The few times that the VSC kicked in during rain, the tyres felt predictable and safe. The OE Bridgestones that BMW puts on X5s have a nasty reputation for poor traction in the wet. Not so with these Nokians.
Quiet, comfortable. But keep in mind that this is not a run-flat tyre (RFT). RFTs that I have tried all make more noise and have a harsher ride. In the summer, I choose to run non-RFTs and carry a tyre plug kit with compressor. The payoff is a smoother ride. The Nokians compare favorable to the Bridgestones I wore out quickly before them.
Very competitive. These tyres cost much less than the major brands that you see advertised in the media. Given their resistance to wear, you can probably cut your tyre expenditures in half by running Nokians instead of, say Michelins.
A great tyre for a very fair price. I will buy them again. The zLine SUV has no weak performance traits, but it’s not an RFT. If RFT is important to you, Nokian offers those too, but I have not tried them. Ideally I’d do this review in Spring, but I just took them off and as they say carpe diem.

Yokohama Tyres Winters- A Great tyre product for your families safety this winter?

Post Updated 7th Jan 2014

Yokohama Tyres Winters are now available at Pellon tyres in Yorkshire UK

Yokohama Tyres Winters

Yokohama Tyres Winters

We are very honored to become a member of the Yokohama tyre dealer network. We are especially prod to be able to supply Yokohama winter tyres, and now keep a large stock. Yokohama Tyres Winters keep a very large tyre range including winter tyres, to fit all types of vehicles including SUVs and winter tyres to fit the larger cars. This large coverage combined with very reasonable prices , make this product very desirable to the tyre buying motorists. We here at Pellon tyres are really pleased by how popular Yokohama tyres are and have no problems when explaining the benefits of these tyres to the public, a great tyre product for all types of cars and car drivers. 

Please check out this video showing the virtues of buying Yokohama Tyres Winters

Check out Yokohama winter tyre benefits…


  • Yokohama Tyres Winters have Original 3D-shaped sipes with polyhedral surface provide high performance on dry, wet and snow-covered surfaces.
  • High-rigid asymmetric design provides a high balance of performance on dry, wet and snow covered surfaces.


  • Celebrate the beauty of winter and take inspiration from the elements. Yokohama Tyres Winters are specially constructed to provide traction on snow-covered roads. These high performance tyres remain pliable in cold weather and have a unique tread design to give you better traction. Let your emotions run free this
    yokohama tyres

    Yokohama tyres are a company that is dedicated into research and development to enable them to create a better road tyre, whether it be a winter tyre or a summer tyre. The development of rally tyres especially the gravel type for off road rallying has gone a long way towards the development of the winter tyres.

    winter!”… http://www.yokohama-online.com/Tyres/Car-Tyres/Winter-Tyres/%28product%29/V902A   

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. I worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre, and I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my business.

Brake Pad Failures-Ten causes of the most common brake pad issues

Brake Pad Failures

Brake Pad Failures

Brake Pad Failures

Whatever the cause of your brake pads failing. Hence, we have all heard the dreaded “grinding” noise as metal meets metal. Thus, when your pads finally run out of material. Probably, it is the worst sound ever, to come from your car. Consequently, the best scenario to avoid this noise happening. Would be to have regular brake checks. Either by yourself or at your local garage.

This article from garage Wire. Explains some of the reasons why your brake pads could fail. So is well worth a read. I find it incredible that in this fast moving world, then drivers do not take more care of their cars. As a result, they are the ones most likely to eventually hear the dreaded grinding and squealing noise. Hence, that worn down brake pads sound like.

I must confess though. That this did happen to me. As a young entrepreneur I very often neglected the things that I now preach about. At the beginning of  my career as a garage owner. I owned a fantastic little car. A Chrysler Horizon. Sometimes, I would have to go and fetch parts for our customers cars. From up and down the country.

This time I had to go a buy an exhaust part. Thus, from an exhaust manufacturer in Blackpool, UK. Of course, I arrived there and collected the part. Unfortunately, on my return. I heard the dreaded grinding noise. Naturally, emanating from my front pads. I could go no further. Consequently, I had to eat humble pie and called into a local fast-fit autocentre to have a new set of pads fitted.

Lastly it just shows how easily it can happen to any of us. However , I do think that regular brake checks are still import. Please enjoy thus article.

Eric Roberts

Source: Ten causes of the most common brake pad issues

TYRE INFLATION-Is Using Nitrogen A Good Thing?do we really need it

What are the benefits of using Nitrogen gas for tyre inflation ?

This is one of those things that I have been thinking about for a couple of years now? TYRE INFLATION. I had heard that nitrogen was been used in F1 car wheels and tyres and at first I thought it was a bit of a gimmick.

filling racing tyres with nitrogen gas


I also found out that the aircraft industry also used nitrogen gas for their tyre inflation to inflate their tyres, so I decided to look into the possibility of us using the gas to offer a better service to our customers. We are always trying to keep ahead by using the latest technology to make the job of fitting tyres much easier, as tyre development is heading at a fast pace, for example the  “run flat tyre” , without the latest tyre fitting machines it would be impossible to fit run flat tyres because of their very tough side walls.

My thought was that we already inflate tyres with 78% nitrogen, so what difference will it make ?.(the air that we breath consists of 78% nitrogen with 21% oxygen and 1% other gases) so why bother using 100% nitrogen for tyre inflation ?.

In car tyres the air will slowly escape through the inner lining of the tyre, it will also escape from the valve and the seal between the tyres bead and the wheel rim this happens even if the wheel is an alloy wheel or a steel wheel. The pure nitrogen will leak at a much slower rate, but it is important that the motorist still check the tyre inflation pressures at regular intervals.

One of the main benefits is that when normal compressed air is used for tyre inflation, then this leads to condensation forming inside the tyre, which then leads to corrosion of the bead area resulting in more air loss, this is a common problem and we have to clean most wheels with a wire brush and paste the bead area of the wheel with special paste to prevent further corrosion, when we fit a new tyre. When using nitrogen this problem is eliminated as the oxygen, which is the main problem is removed. This is why aircraft use nitrogen because at high altitude where the temperature is very cold, there is no water vapor inside the tyres to freeze thus eliminating any problems with ice in a frozen tyre on landing.

In motor racing F1 cars use nitrogen to eliminate any variation in the tyres temperature which could affect the cars performance ,by using nitrogen gas for tyre inflation this problem is not a problem because the tyres temperature remains more stable.

To use nitrogen for tyre inflation or not ?tyre inflation

This is the thing that is in my mind. Some tyre companies charge extra for the service, but the customer has to return to re-inflate there tyres with nitrogen and in a busy tyre bay you could have cars queuing up down the road just inflate their tyres with nitrogen. I am not yet 100% sure that this is a good thing, I am thinking that perhaps I should offer this as part of the service , such as wheel balancing then leave it up to the customer if they want to keep calling back for their tyres inflating with nitrogen.

For more reading…

“You might be aware that purified nitrogen has been used to inflate tyres on aircraft and racing cars for many years but does it really make sense for ordinary car and van tyres?”… http://www.theaa.com/motoring_advice/safety/filling-tyres-with-nitrogen.html

More reading…

“A recent study found that 93.5 percent of cars in Europe have under-inflated tires, wasting some 2.14 billion gallons of high-priced, polluting fuel every year. Analysts believe the situation is no less severe in North America. But filling tires with costly nitrogen instead of air would likely make little difference — best to just keep an eye on your tires and keep them properly inflated.”… http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=nitrogen-filled-tires-fuel-efficiency

This post was compiled by Eric Roberts…www.pellonautocentre.com/our-blog/



Nokian Winter Tyres-Are still one of the top winter tyre performers in recent tyre tests

Nokian Winter Tyres

Yorkshires latest Nokian winter tyres dealer.


I am very proud to become the newest Winter Tyres dealer in Yorkshire. Nokian tyres are an excellent product. Especially, in the form of winters .Hence,when the mad rush for winters is on. Thus, we can normally only get them from Germany. As the winter progresses the price of these tyres goes up and up.

Nokian  Tyres have been around for a long time.Consequently, are produced in Finland and Russia. Two of the coldest and snowiest countries in the World. If they do not know how to make tyres then nobody does. For tyre companies to prove their products it is important that they enter their tyres in tests that are held independently by motor sport magazines. One of the most influential magazines in the world is the “Auto Bild” magazine , who hold regular tyre testing events on summer and winter tyres, these test are carried out with complete impartiality and the results can be completely trusted. The tyres were tested earlier this year and were tested with top ratings coming in as the top winter tyre in that size.

The tyre tested was the 205/55×16 tyres , the most common tyres in use today, and was described as with exceptional performance in snow with well balanced handling properties.

Nokian Winter Tyres

Nokian testimonials come thick and fast here are a few…


  • Chris, Canada
  • “I live in the Highlands of Scotland. Hence, drive a Subaru Impreza and since late September this year I have been using your W+ Nokian Winter Tyres. I am utterly amazed at how good they are. The weather and snow levels here right now are some of the worst I have ever witnessed. I feel way more in control and safer with your tyres on. The car is balanced moves predictably and inspires great confidence. I chose your tyres based on recommendations after doing a lot of research into many brands of winter tyres. They have exceeded my expectations, they are better than my old brand in the dry, are amazing in the wet and so far are shocking me how good they are in the snow. On all levels performance, price, safety and feel. These tyres have me loyal to your brand always now.  Thank you for keeping me safe and getting me back home to my family.”
  • Diarmid, Highlands of Scotland…
  • If you check on the Nokian web site you will see many more testimonials for these excellent winter tyres.

Nokian winter tyres also came out very favorable in tyre tests carried out by “Auto Express” for further reading and test results…


 Eric Roberts