General Winter Tyres-A must for Scotland and Northern England this Coming Week January 2016

General Winter Tyres;Scotland a Winter tyres Haven

It is not rocket science to know that the further North we go in the British Isles then the colder it gets. Winters  have become a second nature to people living in Scotland and this is the time of year that the Scots get ready for the Inclement weather that will be heading their way. I have visited this beautiful country in all the seasons of the year and you can guarantee that if you travel in late Autumn  through early spring, that you will encounter Snow.

Scotland has recently enjoyed very good snow falls in their mountain ranges, especially the one that I am most familiar with, the “Cairngorms” you must visit their web-site to appreciate the winter wonderland and the great skiing conditions that you can enjoy there.

General Winter Tyres

General Winter Tyres;Thick snow with winter tyres

Apart from all your skiing equipment, there is one thing you must not forget ? General Winter Tyres are a must to be fitted to your car, before setting off to Scotland or if you live in Scotland you must fit a set on your car. Even if you are visiting the lower mountain ranges of Scotland you are advised to buy a set of snows. You could be caught out at any time during the colder weather after the late Autumn frosts.

Winter tyres are now becoming a necessity for Northern England

Motorists living in Northern England are now starting to become familiar with the same climate problems that they experience in Scotland. Anyone can now get caught out in a snow storm during late Autumn and the whole of Winter.

Most of Northern England are in hilly districts including the Pennines and peaks of Derbyshire to the North Yorkshire moors and the mountains of the lake District. This means that motorists in these areas require better gripping on their cars. The minimum that car owners require is a good normal summer tread pattern, when what they really need is one with plenty of tread on the tyres, but this will be rendered useless when the snow gets here and unless you have General Winter Tyres fitted you will be stranded even in flat districts.

General Winter Tyres will last for about three winters providing that in Spring you change back to your summers , this service is carried out by many local tyre companies such as Pellon Tyre Centre in Halifax West Yorkshire. When you buy your winters  they will store them for you and re-fit the summer ones when the threat of any more bad weather has receded. The first time you need them fitting is done free of charge, followed by a small charge for re-fitting the following spring.

This has been a large success in the past three years and we are looking forward to seen our repeat business in the year to come (2012-13). Many of our past customers tell us about many stories when people were getting stuck in snow, while they were able to get out of trouble because they have chosen the correct product for their car.

Eric Roberts

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. We also sell General Winter Tyres online from our website by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. We offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. We are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.


Toyota Yaris Soft brakes-A look at a soft brake problem on a Customer’s Yaris

Toyota Yaris Soft brakes

Toyota Yaris Soft brakes

There is no doubt that the Toyota Yaris has become a very popular little car. Furthermore, it is one of the most popular models that we have in at Pellon Autocentre, here in Halifax UK.As a result, we have become very familiar with carrying out brake repairs and general servicing.
Sometimes, these little cars can cause us problems? Hence, one of our male customers had bought a ten year old Yaris as a little run around for his daughter. Consequently, his daughter was at college here in Halifax.

Toyota Yaris Soft brakes
We received a phone call from Robin first thing on a monday morning. In summary, he said that his daughter was not happy with the brakes? Indeed she thought that the brake pedal was soft. Thus the brakes had to be pressed very hard before the car would stop.
Robin, left the car with us. Consequently, we checked the obvious things such as leaking brake fluid from the brake pipes and cylinders. Subsequently, nothing was found. Therefore ,we removed all the wheels for a visual inspection.

This was the normal procedure.
Brakes are very important. So whatever the problem we must carry out the brake inspection,thoroughly. Firstly, we noticed a slight leak of brake fluid from one of the rear cylinders. Furthermore, the rear shoes were very low and slightly contaminated with brake fluid.

Toyota Yaris Soft brakes

Of course, we always list the faults we find on a job. In order that we can price the total job and present it to the customer for permission. Hence , to carry out the necessary work to bring the car up the the correct standard.
Furthermore the brake fluid was very black and dirty. In fact, the fluid level in the master cylinder had been totally neglected. For this reason we also added a master cylinder to our list and a complete brake bleed.
To explain what work would be required, we contacted Robin with a quote. Consequently, we were given permission to carry out the brake work. later that day, the brakes were repaired and the pedal became more acceptable.
Robin collected the Yaris and later thanked us for our efficient work, saying”that his daughter was much more confident with the Yaris’s brakes” and felt much safer.

Eric Roberts

Motorists shun diesel cars-while eco-friendly sales rise – BBC News

Motorists shun diesel cars

Motorists shun diesel cars


Motorists shun diesel cars

I do not believe in this propaganda, from the BBC.It is just more rubbish put out by the government. The government were the ones that put out word about diesel cars being more ECO friendly than petrol driven cars. Neither do I believe the number of people living in London with respiratory problems, due to diesel emissions. Please see the report published in the carbuyer on the link below?

What happened to the fact that diesel engines can be converted to use biofuels. This is the recommendations that were coming from motoring organisations. This conversion,would help us to produce more cost-effective vehicles.Also. that run more efficiently and with cleaner engines. Diesel engines start by a compression ignition system instead of a fuel-injection system, they do not have spark plugs.  WyoTech, say that the difference can increase the efficiency of diesel engined vehicles. Thus over petrol driven engines. For this reason, by as much as 30 percent.So, what has happened to the claims. That as bio-fuel becomes more and more available. Then diesel engines can easily be modified.

Now they are telling us to scrap our diesel cars? what a load of tosh?


Motorists are turning to more eco-friendly models as diesel sales decline, industry figures suggest.

Source: Motorists shun diesel cars while eco-friendly sales rise – BBC News

Winter Tyres Europe-To Become “LAW” in Some European Countries

Winter Tyres Europe

Winter Tyres Europe; great news for the tyre makers

Great news for the tyre industry in Europe.Subsequently, when Luxembourg announced that it would become law to fit Winter Tyres.Therefore, during the winter season.As a result, this was great news for the tyre companies. This means also that anyone travelling through the country should also be fitted with winter tyres.Consequently, we have been hammering on for years .About the extra safety and benefits that winter tyres bring.Thus,to our roads.In my opinion, this is a great move forward for the EU country.Moreover, and may encourage other European countries to go down the same road.

Winter Tyres Europe

winter tyres may become law on all of Europe’s roads

Other countries.For instance, are thinking about going down the road.Also, of winter tyres.These are Belgium,Turkey and Poland. More good news for tyre companies.Of course, is that the European Union.Are also considering the use of winter tyres.Throughout all the member states.Indeed, this will be a great boost to all tyre companies.Especially, in these days of recession and falling tyre sales.

Without doubt, this news lifted the share price.Of course, of the major tyre companies.Such as Michelin tyres and Continental tyres.Rising share prices between 30% and 45%. Another tyre company to benefit were Nokian tyres.Hence, a leading player in the winter tyre market.As a result, their shares rising 4% on the news.

Winter tyres also boost revenue

In general Winter Tyres.Therefore cost about 25% more than normal summer tyres. So this will give a boost to the tyre companies revenue.Adding as much as 2 billion Euros to turnover…

More great reading…

“Luxembourg slapped a 74-euro penalty on drivers.Hence, not complying with its snow-tire rule. Polish lawmakers have proposed a 500-zloty ($158) fine for drivers.Not using winter tires from November through March. Turkey and Belgium are mulling similar laws. Germany mandated winter tires two years ago. Winter tires have deeper treads than regular tires.As a result, for better grip and softer rubber.That performs better in cold temperatures but wears more quickly in the summer months. In Sweden, which started requiring winter tires in 1999, the tread must be at least 3 millimeters deep”

Profitable Winter for tyre companies Winter Tyres Europe

“The European Commission.Is considering a standard definition for winter tires throughout the region. The rules could be finalized next year. According,to Fazilet Cinaralp.Secretary general of the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers’ Association in Brussels. As soon as the definition has been clarified.Indeed,we’d like to see a broader mandate on winter tires fairly quickly,” Cinaralp said. “Countries such as Belgium, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Poland and the U.K. should have mandatory winter tires”

In my opinion. This will be great news for the whole tyre industry.Thus, creating an all year round industry.Accordingly, helping the smaller tyre companies to increase revenues…

Eric Roberts

Plastic from tyres- ‘major source’ of ocean pollution | The Star, Kenya

Plastic from tyres

Plastic from tyres


Plastic from tyres

In my opinion then the jury is out on this statement. As a result, I am not so sure the tyres contain any plastic, at all. The source of this story comes out of Kenya, Africa. In fact, I always thought that tyres were going to be used to repair the sea barrier walls. naturally, this may be an old or made up story.

I was under the impression, that waste tyres were filled with concrete and used to build walls to keep out the sea.Hence a barrier?. I have seen the recent television programmes showing how plastic carrier bags were causing the “plastic soup” affect. However this is the first time that waste tyres have been part of the blame.

You should read this report and see what you think for yourself, but I am not so sure?. Tyres have been used for many years. To protect the boats from the harbour walls.Hence, old tyres would find there way into the sea.

Eric Roberts

Particles of debris from car tyres are ending up in the ocean as “plastic soup”, conservationists warn.Microplastics from tyres and textiles are a bigger source of marine pollution than the breakdown of larger plastic waste in some areas, says the IUCN.Up to 30 per cent of plastic released into the oceans each year comes from primary microplastics, not the disintegration of larger pieces, a report found.Debris from tyre abrasion and synthetic fabrics are the main sources, they say.

Source: Read other waste tyre related articles

APOLLO WINTER TYRES-Get to Work On Time by Fitting Them when the snow arrives in 2016


APOLLO WINTER TYRES; will impress your Boss

Although I am sitting here.Hence, writing this post in relatively good weather and the Sun is shining. Then it won’t be long before we get our first Winter blast of 2016.Many motorists will be panicking.Because they will be stuck in their driveways.As a result, their cars will not be able to get out of the snow.


APOLLO WINTER TYRES;This picture was taken in Yorkshire and reminds us what it could be like?

In the olden days.It would be easy to just phone the boss.In fact, and take a day off.Accordingly, or pretend to be sick.But now in these times of recession.When jobs are hard to come bye.Therefore, you need to get to work.Whatever the weather has to throw at us.

It is a fact now that we also start work at an earlier times.Hence, and have shorter lunch breaks.In fact, I personally go to work an hour earlier.Moreover, and take a ten minute break to eat my sandwich. This has come about because none of us want to miss any business.Thus, at all in these hard times.Also, this rubs off on our staff.In fact, they too want to get to work on time. These days do not want to take sick days.Because, of the pressure that we are all under.Hence, to keep our businesses running.Especially, in the car auto trade.To make sure that they’re not the ones that get stranded in any bad weather. Therefore late for work, or even worse miss work altogether.

APOLLO WINTER TYRES and Check out your car battery

The first thing to do.Indeed, before the winter arrives. Is to check out your car’s battery. Any good Car Batteries service centre.Will carryApollo winter tyres out a free battery test and alternator test . Most companies are run by trustworthy people.Therefore, if the battery is fine.Then they will tell you so.Subsequently, the whole test only takes about five minutes.So an appointment is usually not required.So that you can just pop in at lunchtime (if you have one)A free test will be carried out. This is more important than it used to be.Because a 12 Volt Battery (car battery) has much more electrics to contend with.Especially, on modern cars.Than the older cars.Such things as air-con ,electric windows, the on board electronic management systems.Thus, and many more things for the battery to cope with.


The second most important thing.Is to make sure that you have good  WINTER TYRES on the car. Braking distances (stopping distances) are far worse if your car is struggling with bald tyres. Even on rainy days in wet weather. In snowy conditions they are of no use at all. Yet motorists are driving around with bald tyres on their cars. a danger to us all.WINTER TYRES-For the best results 

Winter tyres are also a must for SUVs and larger cars

Over the past four years. We have fitted thousands of these winter tyres in Halifax alone.Therefore, the customers that have used them are now spreading the word.Hence, to their friends and neighbors.About the virtues of this great product. They are also available for the top end car market. Such as BMWs and Mercedes. Including the SUVs and people carriers, so invest in winter tyres for better safety for yourselves and your family.

Eric Roberts

Part Worn Tyre Dangers-Statistics – TyreSafe – Promoting UK Tyre Safety and Driver Awareness

Part Worn Tyre Dangers

Part Worn Tyre Dangers

Part Worn Tyre Dangers

This report from is one of the few that we ever see. Of course, we all know in the tyre industry that part worn tyres do cause accidents.Hence, the results are really never issued. Because, our police go into minute detail, then it is usually months after the accident that the cause of the crash is not published.

As a tyre dealer in Halifax UK, we see many horror stories. Thus caused by tyre problems. Therefore this graphic shows exactly what tyre problems have caused the problem. For this reason, I am publishing this report. The staggering thing to look at is the fact that 97% of part worn tyres sold are illegal?

Eric Roberts


TyreSafe tread depth survey Part worn tyres     Driving in the rain Case FOR ACTION

Source: Statistics – TyreSafe – Promoting UK Tyre Safety and Driver Awareness

Main Dealers-Independent Garage- Which type of garage do you find the BEST VALUE ?

Main Dealers-Independent Garage

Main Dealers-Independent Garage

This argument has been a long standing “bee in my bonnet”. Hence, from the normally large premises. Thus, lit up at night with all the best lighting and signage. In general main dealer garages have many more larger overheads than the Indi garage. As a result, prices are bound to be more expensive and repairs to your cars will be higher priced.

The guys that run the main dealer garages, then they are usually tough guys. You have to be tough to survive when selling a certain brand of car? Most of their wages are topped up with bonus schemes. Of course, this means that the “hard sell” could be more imminent. I must emphasise hear that not all main dealer garages are the same and I am writing generally and not about any specific garage.

So the fact that I have worked in the auto industry for forty years should give me a reason for making a opinion.Especially, when it comes to people’s complaints about service and repair costs (after their car had just had a service at a main dealer). The latest one that I witnessed.Came from a customers comment on the

Main Dealers-Independent Garage

This guy had problems with his Ford Kuga.

I have a 2011 kuga in September last year my engine light came on went into limp mode I took it to an local garage that did a diagnostic tests and shown it needed a DPF regeneration.
Unfortunately he couldn’t do it as the software that was on the Ford had to be done by a Ford dealer. I tried another garage told them the situation and they had all the latest version of software and it still wouldn’t let him do the regeneration. No charge on both diagnostic
So of to ford we.went.
They charged me over £400 to supply and fit a new DPF sensor £50 from a dealer.
I’ve recently had the engine light on again and it’s gone into limp.mode.
I phone ford and told them I want it looked at and guys what they want to charge me. Could this be the same problem again ?

After reading this you will see that the main dealer in this case Ford. Once again, the guy in implicating a bad deal from Ford? I am not sure? All you have to remember is that the main dealer garages have larger overheads than the Indi garages. Indies are normally a family business and in my case carry high moral values. As a result, I think that most other Indie garages will give a truthful balanced opinion regarding your car’s welfare.

Eric Roberts

Uniroyal Tyres- Now under the same banner as Continental and General Tyres

Uniroyal Tyres

Uniroyal tyres in Leeds , UK

 My first dealings with the Uniroyal and General tyres brand was in the late sixties. Hence, Uniroyal Tyres had joined into a partnership with Englebert tyres. Of Liege in Belgium. Belgium seemed like a million miles away in the sixties.Of course, we had seen some experience with the Englebert brand.Because of the singer Englebert Humperdinck.Who was always in the music charts in those days.So, we used to call these tyres after the singer.uniroyal tyres

After the amalgamation. The brand became Uniroyal Englebert Deutschland AG. Thus, this came about in 1963. After a few years using that name. Then the brand became just Uniroyal in 1966.Hence, the year when England won the World cup at soccer.Naturally, well remembered by us oldies.

Uniroyal tyres carried on trading well into the 1970’s.Consequently, when they were sold to Continental tyres in 1979. Who began to make the tyres in its different European factories.As a result, including Scotland here in the UK.

One of the most advertised tyre products. Was in fact Uniroyal.We probably all remember the TV adds with an Orangutan.Thus, holding up an umbrella in the rain.For this reason, naming the tyre “The rain tyre”. Because, it was good in the wet weather. This name has still stuck.Hence, with the Uniroyal tyre brand. Naturally, and indeed we at Pellon tyres in Halifax UK are still selling this famous tyre. Which is still remaining a popular tyre brand for our customers.

 The tyre brand that helped Uniroyal tyres to become a household name was the “Rally 180”

 Also known as the rain tyre.Because of the umbrella symbol on the side wall. In 1991 Uniroyal tyres were the first company to bring out a directional tread design . The RTT-1 tyre. This design was copied by many other tyre companies. Therefore, proved to be very successful for motorists .

Winter tyres were also becoming more popular, with more and more European motorists driving to the ski slopes and Uniroyal did not miss out on an opportunity, bringing out the MS plus 44 winter tyre. This winter tyre became a test winner in many of the motoring magazine tyre tests, and consequently became very popular in the main ski countries such as France and Germany.

In 2007 Uniroyal brought out the “Rally 550” tyre which became a “Best buy”in many of the consumer magazines of the time and in 2008 Uniroyal tyres introduced the very good “Uniroyal Rainsport 2” updated by the Uniroyal Rain Sport 3 that we sell today.

Eric Roberts

Mechanic Dragged Off His Truck-Panic as mechanic gets dragged off truck by runaway car

Mechanic Dragged Off His Truck

Mechanic Dragged Off His Truck

Mechanic Dragged Off His Truck

This sort of incident is not really funny. Handling cars on hoists and lifts can be dangerous? Of course, all this equipment is operated by steel ropes and pulleys. Including, these car transporters. It can be very easy for a wire rope to slip or even snap under pressure. This type of accident is very rare. In the past forty years, I have only known of one incident.

Consequently, a wire rope snagged on one of my car ramps. The young lift operator came running into my office screaming out and panicking. Naturally, I was keen to look? To my horror, the car was literally hanging off the ramp. Of course, a steel rope had somehow become loose and allowed the ramp to drop. As a result, the car was slowly slipping at an angle.

Speed was of the essence. The ramp needed propping up to save the car from falling over all together. My first instinct was to get some wooden props from the timber yard across the road. This could be used to level the ramp whilst the wire rope could be dealt with. Anyhow, this is what we did. The wooded prop was placed under the insecure corner. Necessarily, we could now level the ramp off, making the car safe.

We then called an engineer. Hence, the guy found that a small guidance pulley had snapped. Hence, releasing the wire rope. The faulty part was replaced and we were able to lower the stranded car from the ramp. As a footnote, ramps do have a safety system. This safety system had kicked it to prevent the car crashing off the ramp and any injury to our staff.

Eric Roberts


Source: Video: Panic as mechanic gets dragged off truck by runaway car