Winter Tyres-Pellon Tyres

Winter Tyres-Pellon Tyres-Winter tyres continental TS850 snake pass Peak District in the snow

Winter Tyres-Pellon Tyres

My wife was filming this demonstration how affective winter tyres are on our golf mk4 I got 4 rims from a scrap yard. people spend thousands on four wheel drive I spent £270 all in. There was about 7 vehicles abandoned some all smashed up.

Winter Tyres-Pellon Tyres

Of course, this is a great video. Hence it was filmed here in Yorkshire. As expected, the video is a real time film, shot by a normal guy. As a result. of the success of the winter tyres, he decided to load it on Youtube.

here at Pellon Tyres in halifax,Yorkshire, UK we are beginning to see our customers arrive to fit their winter tyres. As expected, many of our customers, take advantage of our “tyre hotel” facilities. In fact, the tyre hotel has become so popular that that we have had to turn customers away.because of the lack of storage.

This is also a time when we have had three mild winters in a row, here in Halifax. Naturally, we never know from year to year what the weather is going to be like. So for this reason winter tyres are still popular in the eyes of our customers. In fact this year we are keeping a larger stock of winter tyres, than ever before. Hence, we have found that tyre manufacturers have increased their interest in making new winter tyre designs.

Winter Tyres-Pellon Tyres-Hundred of winter tyres now in stock

So, i think that this is because of the demand of the public, to fit winter tyres for safety reasons. Of course, it is not usually possible to get to work, without winter tyres on the advent of snow falling.

Therefore, gone are the days when drivers could ring into their boss and say that they were not coming into work because it was snowing badly. This is now not an excuse. Winter tyres are widely available, making driving in snow possible and safer than it has ever been.

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Replacing Drum Brake Shoes

Replacing Drum Brake Shoes-Most cars are very similar to this 2001 Odyssey – EricTheCarGuy

Replacing Drum Brake Shoes

Replacing Drum Brake Shoes

How to Replace Drum Brake Shoes, 2001 Odyssey – EricTheCarGuy


The reason for showing this video. Hence, is to show our customers at Pellon Autocentre, here in Halifax UK.So what is involved in repairing their cars brake shoes. One of our loyal customers, owns a Honda Accord, 1980 model. The car is in great condition. Of course, cars can break at any given time. Thus this is what happened to Joe.

Joe, had been experiencing squeaking noises coming from the back of his car. Especially when he braked hard. Of course, the noise started off at a low pitch. But the noise became much loud with time.

Brake shoes were always known to be noisy. Fortunately, shoes are being replaced with discs and pads, even on the rear of cars. In my opinion discs and pads are much safer and efficient, than brake shoes. We got Joe to bring us the Handa in. Naturally, we put the car on a ramp and removed all the wheels, to check the condition of all the Hondas brakes.

It is no good just checking the rear brakes, we always check out all the cars brakes.

Replacing Drum Brake Shoes

Sure enough, the rear shoes were well worn and covered in brake dust. The shoes on the rear do not work as hard as the front brakes. But like anything else they do need changing in time.

This video explains about the things that we have to do to replace the brake shoes. Joe had his shoes replaced and went on his way yet another satisfied customer.
Well here it is kids another offering of my most popular subject to date, drum brake servicing. I know it’s long but I’ve put a few extras in it for you that I hope you will like and will help you with other things besides just replacing the shoes. Feel free to comment on anything I might have missed, I know I misspoke on a couple of occasions in the video, forgive me as sometimes my mouth says different things than my brain is thinking.

Apply a small amount of grease to the two 8 x 1.25 mm bolts and use these bolts to remove the stubborn Brake Drum. Two turns at a time. You may want to tap with a Rubber Hammer to help release the Brake Drum. After the Brake Drum is removed, Study the REAR Brake Anatomy.

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