Giant Earthmover tyres-These were the great days-Fitting these giant tyres?

Giant Earthmover tyres

Giant Earthmover tyres; I must admit that I thought I knew all about tyres, in my younger days? That was until I started to work on earthmover tyres.

My first venture into the field of the Giant Earthmover tyres came from a tyre company in Leeds. Goodyear tyres earthmover division owned the company. Because the company bordered onto a busy main road, we also serviced the tyres on trucks and cars.

Giant Earthmover tyres

Giant Earthmover tyres, being transported to a site.

My first job came when I first started working in the reception of the truck and car tyre fitting bays. I was on familiar ground and worked selling all the brands of tyres that I was used to. Because we worked for Goodyear tyres, then they were our primary brand. At the depot, we also sold Michelin tyres. I was soon to learn that the Michelin brand was synonymous with hard wear and long lasting.

I was also working with large companies and the fleets of trucks and vans that went with them. I was surprised at the following that Michelin tyres had. Later in my career, about two years on, I started to work on the earthmover side of the business.

I started out as a sales representative but soon found that this was not the job for me. I did not realise the amount of extra knowledge that I required in the field of earthmover tyres. I decided to start again at the bottom of the ladder.

Because of their huge size,  Earthmover tyres had to be fitted from the back of large trucks. The first thing I had to do was to pass my heavy goods vehicle test. I passed my test the first time at the Wakefield Testing Centre.

Giant Earthmover tyres

After about six months of training, I was beginning to learn the job and started to travel all over the UK fitting these giant tyres. To my surprise, Michelin tyres were still very popular in the field of earthmover tyres. The Michelin tyres were more expensive, but would wear better, and their casing quality was second to none. The casing is the tyre that has used all of the tread and then can be used for remoulding. The remoulding option would give the original purchase a second and third life. This is the reason that the Michelin tyres are very cost effective in the long run.

It is the reason why many hauliers go for the most expensive tyres which are the Michelins. When the tyre is worn down, and there is no tread left, then they can be successfully remoulded and have a second and third life. Michelin casings is a much sought after commodity in the tyre remoulding world.

Vauxhall Corsa Brake problems-Car limps in with only half the brakes

Vauxhall Corsa Brake problems

Vauxhall Corsa Brake problems; The Corsa was launched by Vauxhall in 1993. The car is classed as a “super mini” and has been a favorite car for the ladies and as a first-time driver car. They are cheap to buy and run and are also an excellent choice for the family second car.

The particular Vauxhall Corsa Brake problem was on third generation car and belonged to one of our lady customer’s daughters. The car was bought second hand without any inspection. The car ran well, but after about a month, little things started to go wrong.

I always recommend that my customers and friends should get any car that they were buying inspected first by the AA or RAC (The UK motoring organizations). I know that there is a fee, but it can save you loads of money in the long run.

The girl had noticed that her brake pedal had started to go further to the floor when the brakes were applied. The car was 2007 1.4 with a petrol engine, but it

Vauxhall Corsa Brake problems

Vauxhall Corsa Brake problems

Vauxhall Corsa Brake problems; looked like it had not had a service for a couple of years?

Our long standing lady customer, thought it a good idea to book the car in for a service. This service also included a full brake inspection. When the Corsa arrived, we did all the usual things that we do on a service. We changed the oil and filter, along with much of the other things that we do on a service.

Then we removed the wheels, to inspect the brakes. It looked like the discs and brake pads, were never touched. We also discovered that the handbrake had been sticking on, causing the rear pads to wear out.

In short, the car required a full brake job. Front discs and pads and rear brake shoes. We were able to free off the seized up handbrake, so that kept the cost down.

After the job was complete, the lady and her daughter picked the car up. They were happy that the car had been in such good hands, and we said that we would see her when the car needed its next MOT test.


Daewoo Matiz Engine management Light problem?

Daewoo Matiz Engine management Light problem?

Daewoo Matiz Engine Management Light problem?; Engine management light problems are a common feature of owning a busy Service centre, like the one here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK. I would not be lying if I said that we get two or three cars in a week for related engine management light problems.

I must say that it is one of those things that can scare our customers to death. They can drive their cars around with a bald tyre for months, but as soon as a warning light comes on, they are straight over to us for our opinion and possible corrective action.

Our latest light on problem came from a lady who had a Daewoo Matiz Engine Management Light problem? The woman said that she did not think that her car was running properly and was a bit sluggish. Also, a picture of an engine lit up on her dashboard.

As most customers do, (no matter what the car make or model), she panicked. Our customer  was waiting at the door ready for when we opened up the garage

Daewoo Matiz Engine management Light problem?

The problem spark plugs?

doors. This problem can indeed be anything to do with the engine management system. From the expensive coil pack to a faulty fuel injector.

Alex, one of my mechanical staff, plugged our engine management machine into the car and read the fault codes. The code came up as a cylinder misfire, which tied up with the ladies statement of the car not running correctly and sluggishly.

Daewoo Matiz Engine management Light problem?

Like many of our customers think, she thought she was going to need a new engine and was probably on “tender hooks” waiting for us to call her back with our assessment of the damage and the price. We checked most likely cause, the spark plugs. Indeed, the plugs were in a bad condition, and we suspected that this was the cause.

Everything else looked fine and so we fitted a new set of plugs. The car ran much better and so we reset the engine warning light, and road tested the car. Everything ended up right, and we informed the stressed lady customer, who was highly delighted with our low price repairs.



Dunlop Motorsport Tyres-Are they second to Pirelli tyres in the motorsport scene?

Dunlop Motorsport Tyres

Dunlop Motorsport Tyres; In my opinion, Dunlop tyres have taken second, or even third place when it comes to supplying tyres to the motorsport teams. This is true for most kinds of motorsport. The good news for Dunlop is that in recent days they have qualified for three sessions on the famous LeMans 24 Hour race.

Dunlop invented the Pneumatic tyre, way back in 1888. Since then the former British tyre company have been involved in many different types of motorsport racing. Indeed, their first win was also at the LeMans circuit. This was way back I 1924, (even before my time). LeMans is a good hunting ground for Dunlop Motorsport Tyres. This is the event that has seen them as number one tyre manufacturer.

Tyre fitted to race cars have won 35 races at LeMans. In fact, Dunlop Motorsport Tyres have been successful on cars in the LMP2 class of racing cars. The LMP2 cars have won on Dunlop tyres in 2011 and for every year up to 2015. Dunlop became the choice for the FIA World Endurance LMP2 Championships. Dunlop Motorsport TyresConsequently, they have also been winners at the Nurburgring 24 hour’s race series in Germany.

Dunlop Motorsport Tyres, also support the Touring Car races

Dunlop is also supporters of the British Touring Car Championships and the Australian V8 Supercar championship. These top-flight races are always televised and give the giant tyre company excellent TV advertising exposure. Sky television broadcasts live action from Australia, where the Dunlop tyres get maximum exposure.

Dunlop also supplies tyres for the Isle of Man TT race series. They are the Official tyre partners to the FIM Moto2 and Moto3 race series, also seen regularly on TV coverage.

This is just a small sample. They also cover small race meetings at a local level. My main question though must put Dunlop in third place compared to the amount of input that Michelin and Pirelli put into motorsport.


All-Season Tyres versus winter tyres-(tested)-Are they better than changing to winter tyres?

All-Season Tyres versus winter tyres

All-Season Tyres versus winter tyres-This is yet another test, regarding the effectiveness of All-Season Tyres versus winter tyres. It is normally the winter tyres versus the summer tyres. The difference in recent years is that we have seen the introduction of new tyre products with differing claims and counter claims.

Leading tyre companies Pirelli, Michelin and Goodyear are all launching new all-season products this year. The problem is that, so are many of the mid-rangeAll-Season Tyres versus winter tyres tyre suppliers. These include Apollo tyres with their excellent Vredestein range of winter and all-season tyres.

Most of the tyres that were tested came out very well, n but all-season tyres are not the same as winter tyres. In my opinion, it is still better to fit the real thing and stick to winter tyres. This is especially if you live in a hilly or mountainous region of the UK. Here in Yorkshire, we have a mixture of terrain, but we do have many hills. These hills are large and small and this is where we need the proper winter tyres.

All-Season Tyres versus winter tyres is a great debate.

But the fact is that you are better fitting the different products depending where you live. All-season tyres do offer the driver better protection in all the types of weather that we can expect in a bad UK winter. This, in my opinion, is if you live in the part of the country that has a flat landscape. This would be in say Lincolnshire and Norfolk. All-season tyres are certainly better than using summer tyres.

I can foresee a future when most tyres produced will be of the all-season variety. Why not? It is up to the car manufacturers to these tyres as original equipment. The problem would be that the fact that the tread pattern is more aggressive, alters the rolling resistance of the tyre. This would be no good for the new hybrid and electric cars unless the tyre designers came up with yet another special tyre to fit the electric cars?

The tyre tests can be seen on

Goodyear tyres Safety App-Available to All Motorists especially Young Drivers

Goodyear tyres Safety App

Goodyear tyres Safety App; Goodyear tyres Safety App is mainly targeted at the younger driver. The young drivers are in my opinion the least likely to take onboard safety issues when it comes to safe driving. We have all been there in our younger days and done silly things. This, unfortunately, includes drink driving and more recently driving under the influence of drugs.

Tyre safety is a major issue to me. This simply because I feel it my responsibility to inform the public about tyre safety and the risks involved. Young men, in particular, seem to be the ones that flaunt the law. They overtake in silly situations. I have also noticed that recently this has become a more common problem.

This is when accidents happen? When a car is driven too fast out of a junction or at a roundabout can be a dangerous manoeuvre. But with a set of tyres that are not

Goodyear tyres Safety App

Goodyear tyres Safety App screenshot

correctly inflated can double the chances of things going drastically wrong.

This Goodyear tyres Safety App

This app is to inform young drivers about the dangers of distraction while car driving. Goodyear has used a 360-degree gaming App called, “driving academy” and partnered up with the Driving Instructors Association to show the dangers of driver distraction. This is most relevant when driving along and using your mobile phone at the wheel.

Young drivers account for many of the near misses, with 23% of you drivers, admitting that they have used a mobile phone when driving their car.

Kate Rock, the PR manager of Goodyear Tyre UK, says that “One in five young drivers have an accident in the first six months of passing their tests. In the tyre industry, you simply lose points if you get distracted, but transfer the scenarios to a real life driving environment and distractions can end up changing lives”.

It is the target to encourage all young drivers to study such an App to improve their driving skills and have more thought for other road users. Don’t forget the tyres?

Customers can get this app, which is available at and can be accessed using Google Cardboard – or without.