Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres- a great all-year round tyre performer

Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres

Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres-As I have stated many times, Firestone tyres have had a shaky past. We all now know about the problems of the past with faulty steel belt problems?.

The good news is that since the Bridgestone take over. Then Firestone are reaffirming their status as a leading European tyre brand. The new Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres are heading the company in the right direction. With a tyre that allows the driver freedom to visit anywhere he likes.

Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres

Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres- One of Firestone tyres latest offerings to improve the companies image in the mid-range tyre market.

This Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres. Along with other great tyres in the range including the TZ300 run flat tyres and the Destination HP SUV tyre range. Are helping to establish Firestone as a leading mid-range tyre manufacturer again. Firestone also produces the S790 high-performance tyre for the large sports saloons.

The Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres were introduced at the beginning of 2015. Because, the new tyre offered a welcoming fresh design. It is made of innovative new materials to add a touch of class to the mid-range tyre sector.

Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres

Because, the Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres, comes with a new slogan “freedom to drive” and is aimed at the young at heart, (that must include me?). Consequently, the new tyre is more fuel efficient due to a better rolling resistance and a silica added compound, which is the general theme for most tyre manufacturers these days.

Therefore, Firestone drivers will love the nice comfortable journey on their new Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres. The tyre buying public should have few problems finding a Multihawk 2 to fit their car: We offer these tyres IN my Tyre Shop in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK. Finally, the tyre will be introduced in 36 sizes for 13″ to 15″ rims, covering more than 95% of EU demand in the small to compact segment cars.


Climate Change Affects Tyres-Should we change our tyres in different weather conditions?

Climate Change Affects Tyres

Climate Change Affects Tyres-In my opinion, two things have changed our tyre buying habit over the past five years?

One is our climate. We are having a spell of very wet weather from autumn right through until the end of springtime. Like many of us, I take great interest in the weather, probably as a garage owner, I am very dependent on the weather and it determines what I order for stock.

Should I buy some extra winter tyres? Or just keep summer tyres in stock? Like most things in business, it is a bit of a gamble. I usually get things right, although last winter I had a few popular sized winter tyres left over. There is no doubt about the fact that Climate Change Affects Tyres.

Climate Change Affects Tyres-winter tyres-summer tyres

Climate Change Affects Tyres-winter tyres-summer tyres

This winter has been the mildest on record according to the weather people. The truth is, though, that we still sold a lot of winter tyres at the beginning of winter. I think that drivers have become more aware now, that winter tyres are very important in the wet weather and although they are great in snow conditions, they are far safer in wet weather.

Here in the Halifax area of the UK, it is very hilly. In recent wet weather, when we have seen much flooding, the water has been cascading down the hilly roads, into the valley and river below. Many drivers, in the Halifax area, use SUV vehicles and convert their tyres on to something like the General AT tyres. These tyres give them far better grip in harsh conditions and, therefore, more safety.

Climate Change Affects Tyres

In parts of the UK that are flat, such as Lincoln then the winter is shorter and summer tyres would probably suffice for most of the year. Sometimes when the weather comes from the east, then it can bring snow. If the snow prolongs, then Climate Change Affects Tyres and I would recommend fitting winter tyres.

I know I feel much safer and confident with winter tyres fitted to my vehicle in winter and it is pleasing to know that many of my customers now feel the same.

The other thing that has affected the tyre scene in recent years is the change of vehicle design? The car market is now flooded with SUV and crossover vehicles. These vehicles have changed the whole range of tyre sizes. Car tyres have become bigger and wider. They are also made to be more fuel efficient and handle better, with a quiet driving experience.

In my opinion, this is another reason why Climate Change Affects Tyres. The tyres for these vehicles are made from softer compounds, to help give them a winter tyres eric 2smoother drive with less road noise. This makes them practically useless in bad winter weather. Tyre manufacturers have been quick to react. They can now make tyre sizes fit these types of vehicles. When it snowed badly a couple of years ago, the worse cars to cope were the big BMW, s and Audi SUV’s.

I remember these drivers panicking. The phone never stopped ringing, with these drivers wanting to fit winter tyres. When the winter tyres were fitted, then it solved the problem. This and the fact that way that Climate Change Affects Tyres, has been a big influence on recent tyre buying trends and more and more drivers are going for the safety option of fitting winter tyres in November.

Slick Tyres- Often seen used at F1 race meetings on a Dry day-What are they and what do they do?

Slick Tyres

I have written about “slick tyres” on many occasions, but I have never stopped to think that my readers and customers, may not have a clue what I am writing about. Do I use the word slicks for a couple of reasons?

The first is when a customer calls in with “bald” tyres. The fact that they are bald makes them look like slick tyres. They are shiny with no tread left on the tyres at all. This is what the real thing looks like. The difference is that the real thing is used for motorsport. These tyres are designed for the use on sports cars and racing cars.

slick tyres

Continental slick tyres ready for the Indy racing

We have all seen the F1 racing cars with their huge tyres that look to have no tread on. Well, they are used on very dry tracks, usually in a hot country, such as Australia or Brazil. The other criteria for using slicks is on a nice tarmac road surface.

The tyres are first heated in special tyre tents. This makes the compound of the tyres very soft and the tyre actually sticks to the road surface. One of the downsides is that the slick tyres pick up small stones and grit. These can be removed and the task usually falls down to one of the race team to sit on a stool and painfully remove all the stones and grit.

A type of slick tyres was also used in the 1960’s.

These were used on “hot rods”, but the tyres did not handle well in wet conditions, due to the lack of tread pattern. Some drivers would cut a thin tread pattern out on the slick tyres tread. This helped with a partial grip, but tyres were developing fast and the radial tyres came out in wider sections, with a proper tread pattern. These made the hot rod slick tyres obsolete.

Slick tyres are also used on the rear of drag cars. The soft compound often burns up and creates a huge amount of smoke, making the racing more exciting to watch.

Here in the UK, Slicks are of course illegal to use on our roads, so the circuits are the place to try them out.



Vredestein Ultra Satin Summer Tyre-to be launched at the Geneva Motor Show

Vredestein Ultra Satin Summer Tyre,

Vredestein Ultra Satin Summer Tyre

Vredestein Ultra Satin Summer Tyre

I will be the first to admit that I thought that Apollo would eventually melt Vredestein down into their giant tyre manufacturing machine?

Vredestein was always a niche tyre manufacturer that developed a very good tyre product, from their factory in Holland. Like most tyre retailers we also became very familiar with the Vredestein staff at their warehouse here in the UK. For many years, we sold the Vredestein products. The Dutch company always came out with different ideas, to help us sell the products including designer tyres. The special products, though, were the winter tyre range.

The Vredestein winter tyres were world renowned for quality and performance.

Then came Apollo tyres? They saw Vredestein as a door into the European and the UK tyre market. At first, things did not change. But as in all take-overs, Apollo began to run Vredestein tyres, their own way. The distribution centre has changed along with the computer system.

Vredestein Ultra Satin Summer Tyre

It looked very much like Apollo were going to “overpower” Vredestein into the Apollo tyre brand. This announcement of the new Vredestein Ultrac Satin summer tyre came as a surprise to me, (a nice surprise)

There is no doubt that we are now dealing with one of the most progressive tyre manufacturers, in the world and Apollo Vredestein has chosen the high-profile setting of this year’s Geneva Motor Show to launch its very latest tyre products, including the Vredestein Ultrac Satin summer tyre. There will also be additions to its Passenger Car range as well they will be announcing that the company’s ambitious growth strategy has now entered a new and exciting direction.

The new Vredestein Ultrac Satin summer tyre

Vredestein tyre dealers who have for many years promoted this excellent product and the new Vredestein Ultrac Satin summer tyre, will be Unveiled on the Apollo stand. They will show off the new tyre which incorporates a number of benefits including outstanding driving performance, superior energy efficiency and low noise levels.

Apollo-Vredestein will also unveil the new Vredestein Ultrac Vorti high-performance pattern in 24-inch size option has a special tread pattern for both the front and rear axles and has been specifically designed for the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, as well as the new Vredestein Ultrac Satin summer tyre. This is altogether great news for all the Apollo-Vredestein dealers across Europe and the UK

Jinyu YH11 Passenger tyres-A great quality tyre at an affordable price

Jinyu YH11 Passenger tyres

Jinyu YH11 Passenger tyres-For those who have never heard of Jinyu tyres, I have decided to introduce them in my blog.

Jinyu YH11 Passenger tyres

Jinyu YH11 Passenger tyres

Like many other tyres manufacturing companies the JINYU Tyre Group Co started to produce tyres in 1995.

The 1990’s saw a huge revolution in the tyre manufacturing sector. Because, this coincided with the opening up of cheaper manufacturing in China. With  the automation of the tyre manufacturing sector. Many of the leading tyre companies, started to open up factories in China. Making it the largest tyre making nation in the world.

New tyre companies soon sprung up. With the Chinese government spending billions to become the largest manufacturing base in a short period of time. This included Jinyu. Who with assets of 4 billion RMB, began producing tyre products in its ultra-modern tyre factory.

Like millions of other products produced in China.  Jinyu YH11 Passenger tyres were produced and exported all around the globe. Including here in the UK. In fact, Jinyu produces tyres that are exported to over 100 countries, making over 3 million passenger tyres a year.

Jinyu YH11 Passenger tyres

Unlike many other tyres produced in China the Jinyu tyres have won many acclaimed certifications for their quality. Unlike other tyre companies. Jinyu has made promises to honour their distribution system and will not offer their tyre products to others. Because, if there is a distributor already established in the country that they export to.

In the UK, the Jinyu YH11 Passenger tyres are imported by Bonds of Pocklington. Consequently, Bonds are now establishing a network of Jinyu dealers across the UK.

Finally, we have had very good results, including the winter tyre range. Because, Eric Roberts says, “Jinyu YH11 Passenger tyres are a great tyre and the product fits in with our new portfolio of brands, including the newly acquired General tyre franchise for the Halifax area”.

Land Rover Tyres-Some thoughts about the “good old days” and tyre evolution

Land Rover Tyres

Land Rover Tyres

Land Rover Tyres

It was back in the 1960’s when I first started in the tyre trade. Although we were operating in a small town, Dewsbury in Yorkshire, it was surprising the amount of Land Rover’s that we would see. We were I suppose surrounded by countryside. This meant that we had quite a few of our customers that were, in fact, farmers.

This is very similar to our present location here in Halifax, we are in a small town surrounded by countryside and we do in fact have some farmers in our mixed customer base. I remember that we used to dodge doing the farmers Land Rover because they always used to smell bad and were usually covered in cow poo?

The farmers, however, did not have the choice of Land Rover Tyres that they certainly have today. The two sizes that were most popular were the 600×16 and the 750×16. The 600×16 tyres were fitted onto the short wheelbase Land Rovers and the 750×16 were fitted to the long wheelbase ones. We were in those days the beginning of the “National Tyres network” and owned by Dunlop at the time.

Because of this, Dunlop was the main Land Rover Tyres that we fitted. The tyre model was the Dunlop RK3 and came out in three sized, as original equipment on the Land Rovers. This gave them the replacement market edge, but other tyre companies were making these tyre sizes. The tyres were in those days X-ply construction and the pattern in the centre were similar to a car tyre pattern, with lugs on the tread outer edges. This gave them an on/off road capability, which suited the framing community.

Land Rover Tyres

Soon to follow Dunlop were another British tyre company, Avon. Avon brought out the Avon Traction Mileage tyre. This tyre was slightly more aggressive looking and began to win favours with the countryside drivers of the Land Rover.

Land Rover Tyres

Land Rover Tyres

Farmers were always renowned for having “deep pockets” and it was not before remoulded tyres were produced in these sizes. Companies such as Kingpin Remoulds were flourishing in the sixties and seventies.

You now have to jump to the 1970’s to see a real change in tyre designs. This was when the new Range Rover was introduced to the public. This was a country vehicle with the added comfort of the normal saloon car.

A completely new tyre came out with the Range Rover. It was a 205/80X16 radial.This started off a whole new ball game for the Land Rovers as well as the Range Rovers. One of the most popular tyres in the 1970’s was the Michelin XPC and became a favourite with the farming community because it was hard wearing, like many of Michelin’s tyre range at the time.

Land Rover Tyres

In the coming years, all sorts of tyre sizes were coming out to fit the Range Rovers and tyre profiles were getting lower and lower. Bringing all this history forward to today, then one of the best tyres for these vehicles come from the General Land Rover Tyres range. These have been developed in line with the manufacturers introducing traction control to their vehicles. Now tyre treads have become far less aggressive to give the same amount of grip as their older counterparts. The vehicle electronics now play a greater part in a tyres grip and so greater tyre mileage can be achieved.

All-terrain Tyres-A wide range of tyres for the Land Rover or SUV owner?

All-terrain Tyres

There are many different types and makes of 4×4 and SUV vehicles on today’s roads, and so explaining about which tyres to use for various vehicle makes, becomes nigh impossible.

For this purpose, I am going to use the Land Rover, for my explanation into all-terrain tyres. All-terrain tyres are for the driver who may do the mixed on-road driving and off-road driving. Many of the SUV’s come out on a standard summer tyre. But the type of tyre that most people associate this kind of vehicle on is a more All-terrain Tyresrugged tyre.

This is where the all-terrain tyres, come into their own. A good example that I came across recently was at an agricultural show in Halifax where my tyre business is based. The cars are all parked in a grassy area, adjacent to the showground. I suspect that you now know what I am about to say because many drivers have experienced this for themselves.

The day started out to be sunny but in the afternoon, then heavy thundery showers were peppering the Halifax area. One shower turned into a torrential deluge, sending spectators and exhibitors for the shelter of the marques. The fun came when the visitors started to drift to the car park and then home. To my surprise, most small family cars did alright, apart from a little skidding.

However, to my surprise, the cars that were suffering and getting stuck were the SUV’s and were also driven by lady drivers. The one I helped was a BMW, with brand new Continental summer tyres fitted. The car was useless and skidded all over the place.

All-terrain Tyres

Halifax is not what you could call a rural area. The terrain is hilly with many small steep bendy lanes and “B” roads. We also have a successful Land Rover dealer in the area, and so it is a perfect scenario to fit a set of all-terrain tyres. These are the tyres you want if you are driving on a mix of road surfaces. You can go from tarmac roads straight onto dirt and farm and forest roads, with high confidence of not losing traction.

The ratio of on/off road capability is most often about 60/40. The one tyre that I would recommend through years of experience is the General Grabber AT. These all-terrain tyres are ideal for the Land Rover owners and any other type of these vehicles. The General Grabber tyres also carry the “snowflake” symbol, which means they are also ideal for bad winter weather and snow.

Fit these tyres and you will be the person that gets to work on time, or can pull off the grass at an agricultural show?