Mazda Winter Tyres Testing-2016 Mazda MX-5 GS Winter Test Video

Mazda Winter Tyres

Mazda Winter Tyres

It has always been my pleasure to write about how different car makes respond in bad weather conditions. As a result, this little Mazda MX 5 is no exception. Of course a good place to look was in the Mazda owners club forum. Consequently, the MX 5 had good reviews when it came to driving in the snow. Of course, like many other cars, it is always best to fit winter tyres. Especially,in areas where snow may be forthcoming.

As a result the general consensus is to keep a set of spare wheels. Hence, with winter tyres fitted. Subsequently, your spare wheels can easily be changed over as winter approaches. Other advisories are. Keeping the fuel tank full and keep the engine  revs as low as possible. Also try to use the highest gears possible . Hence, without laboring the MX 5’s drive train.

Consequently you should be using winter tyres and ensure that your tyres have plenty tread. Bald winter tyres are as useless as summer tyres? Drive the  School of Motoring way. In other words slow down and use your high gears without stalling he engine. As  result I have read many good reports of the MX 5 handling very well in adverse weather condition. Like any other car then safety has to come first. Therefore prepare for the winter. Especially if you live in snow prone areas such as Northern England and the whole of Scotland.

Ownership of a MX 5 should not restrict you from winter driving. Locate a new set of steel wheels and fit a set of winter tyres. As a result we would recommend fitting General Altimax winters. By all means, you can choose your own favourite make. Winter tyres are manufactured by almost all the leading tyre companies. Consequently they are becoming more popular even here in the UK.