305-30R19 BST RE050A N1 102Y-Bridgestone Potenza RE050A fitted to Porsche Carrera 4S

305-30R19 BST RE050A N1 102Y

One of our wealthier customers knows how to choose his cars. His latest choice is a Porsche Carrera 4S. The guy can go through tyres. He can 305-30R19 BST RE050A N1 102Y305-30R19 BST RE050A N1 102Yhandle this type of car and very often visits race tracks to test his speed skills when the tracks have their open days.

The Porsche 911 was in immaculate condition. Like his other cars though he quickly wore his tyres down and last week he called to us for the tyres replacing. The guy always returns his old tyre with the same match as the cars original equipment fittings.

This car was fitted with 305-30R19 BST RE050A N1 102Y. The price came at over £200 each.

The right tyres are now critical, and many of the modern supercars are fitted with unique suspension and drive systems. These systems are computer calibrated to react to the specific tyre performance. The Carrera 4S is equipped with the electronically controlled Porsche Traction Management four-wheel-drive system, to obtain peak handling performance at speed.

Because, when my customer bought the latest 911. Then, Porsche succeeded in upgrading the supercar to me much more usable; it was also to be more refined and more comfortable to drive than ever.

305-30R19 BST RE050A N1 102Y

Another Porsche refinement was to fit 305-30R19 BST RE050A N1 102Y, Bridgestone tyres as original equipment. This tyre was to prove perfect for the sporty 305-30R19 BST RE050A N1 102Ydemanding driver in both wet and dry weather conditions. The new Bridgestone also fits new Ferrari cars and the new upgraded VW Golf.

Hence, the tyre also comes out in a run-flat version, on certain sizes, to add more safety to the mix. Have these tyres to cope with a top speed of 189 MPH and 0-62 in 4 seconds? Wow

Other 305-30R19 BST RE050A N1 102Y tyre features include.

  1. State of the art driving precision from Formula One technology
  2. Response and control beyond your dreams
  3. Superb wet grip provides ultimate safety
  4. Speed: Y (Max Speed: 186 mph)
  5. Load: 102 (Max Load: 850 kg)

Michelin Star-Not tyres this time-but Michelin Restaurants and their Star System.

A few months ago I decided to look into the history of the Michelin star rating system for restaurants.

I found it fascinating, how the whole thing started from the desire to help the early motorists to secure a good place to eat on their travels, to today’s

michelin star

The Star Inn at Harome

the sophisticated way that Michelin award recognition to the best eating places all over the world.

I got it into my head that I must visit such a place to see what the difference is. My wife Michelle and I make sure that we go out at least once a week together and preferably on our own. I must admit that I prefer good Italian food, but now later on in life can take in an Indian meal. Eating out is a good time to reflect on the week gone by and talk about our garage business because we have a large grown up family, it is a real time have a bit of one on one conversation together.

However back to Michelin star?

Michelle’s birthday is on the 17th of December. It becomes increasingly difficult to buy something so near Christmas. In recent years I have treated her to a concert and a hotel stopover (which we both love doing). This year I thought about the Michelin star, and looked up about the Star Inn in a village near Helmsley, in North Yorkshire.

The Star is on the main street of a picturesque village called Harrome, about three miles from Helmsley. I looked it up online and discovered that the Star also

michelin star

Vintage Michelin man at the Star Inn

Does overnight accommodation. This also included a taster evening the first night, and because we decided to take the two-night deal the second night included a choice from the a la carte menu.

Did we arrive on wet, misty December day? The rooms were all individually set out. Hence, and were all decorated in a countryside style.

This was to be the first time that I had visited a Michelin star restaurant. I could not wait. Thus, the building itself dates back to the fourteenth century.As a result and from the outside looks small with a beautiful thatched roof. The pub part of the star is like stepping back in time and is one of the best pub’s I have ever visited.

I started to see that this is what every business should be run like? All the staff were very kind and helpful. The most important thing to me though was the staff’s knowledge about the food, the wine and their understanding of the business and the history.

Michelin Star

This is what dealing with customers, and the public is all about. The Star had hundreds of small thoughtful ideas to make the public’s stay a better experience.

This is what running any business (even a garage) was all about, little touches that are not expensive to implicate, but make a huge difference to the public’s experience, when they visit your tyre shop or garage.

The food was out of this world, and the wines we tasted were all part of the experience, I sort of thought they would be because that’s what a Michelin star is all about.

The thing I did not expect was the total business experience? You could compare this with your business experience and procedures, to improve the way michelin starthat we treat our garage customers and add those little extra touches that make a world of difference, that can also give you a better bottom line.

I must congratulate the Star Inn for opening my eyes. Especially, to the way that a business should be run. Especially a company that deals with the public. So we all can add those little touches that make a difference. hence, to the visitor experience. I like to think that I run my garage and tyre business in a similar fashion. But it gave me a whole new enthusiasm and insight.For this reason, into make better profit margins. By not thinking cheap all the time.

I would like to end by also thanking Michelin for introducing me to the Star Inn; we have decided to make a visit there an annual pilgrimage near my wife’s birthday. I would recommend any business owner to visit and see how a company that deals with the public should be run.

Eric Roberts

More Information…http://www.thestaratharome.co.uk/



Broken Engine Mounting-Mercedes A Class thought his engine was dropping out?

Last week was a busy week, one of the jobs was a broken engine mounting.

The customer came into our garage here at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax UK, with what he thought, “Was the engine dropping out”?

Mazda 3

Mercedes A Class with a broken engine mounting

He told us that the Mercedes Class A an increase in engine noise and vibration felt inside the car, as if the engine was ready to fall out?. The customer thought that the noise was even louder, when the car was stood still and idling. The guy was very distraught. He explained how the car made a noticeable thumping noise when he changed gears.

Ryan Linton had a good idea of what it could be. Consequently, the customer left the car with us for examination. Like any other part of the car the engine mountain can be prone to breaking. It is similar to a large exhaust bracket that supports the engine against vibrations. Once it breaks it sounds like the engine will fall out.

A few weeks ago we also had a Mazda 3 in to us with a broken engine mounting problem. The Mazda had a top engine mounting problem and caused the car to vibrate badly when idling. Other cars show different signs, but in general all the noises are stressful, for the car owners.

Broken Engine Mounting

The mountings are checked on the MOT test, but the rubber part of the mountings can break apart very quickly.

broken engine mounting

Broken rubber centre on this Mercedes engine mounting

Ryan checked out the Mercedes and as suspected the car had a broken engine mounting. Because we are a part of Unipart Car Care centres, all our work is guaranteed and covered by a nationwide warranty scheme. Because of this we use replacement parts that are of the same standards as the original equipment parts.

The engine mounting is the part that holds the engine to the body. Or to the engine cradle (sub-frame) of the car. This is to reduce the amount of engine vibration felt inside the car. Most engine mounts are filled with rubber as shown in the image and works. Because, there will be no direct metal-to-metal contact between the engine and the car body In most cars. Furthermore, the rest of the engine and gear box assembly are bolted together and held in place by three or four other mountings.

Ryan went ahead and removed the old mounting. When the new one arrived he fitted it and the car was as good as new. Ryan road tested the car and gave the

broken engine monting

mercedes a class new engine mounting fitted

thumbs up. When the guy picked the Mercedes up he was highly delighted with the cost, because he was convinced that he needed a new engine?

Eric Roberts

Ford Focus Misfiring-Ended up being the Washer Jets?

One of them was a Ford Focus misfiring?

We had a mixed bag of mechanical problems left with us last week. Never the less it all adds to the interest of the job, and our ability to sort the problems out.ford focus misfiring

Ford Focus misfiring

Ford focus rocker cover removed showing badly rusted core plugs due to water entering and sitting there.

One of them was a Ford Focus misfiring? The customer was very upset, thinking that her engine was about to blow up. Ryan Linton, my service manager was able to go straight to the problem. The Ford Focus misfiring is a common problem.

Ryan told the customer that it is indeed the washer jets that leak down onto the core plugs and in turn, the spark plugs. This can also affect the cars coil and causes the engine to splutter, as the water shorts out the ignition electrics (misfires).

Another problem that crops up is that the washer jet water also rots the core plugs that are sitting in the same trapped area of the engine. These also had to be replaced because they were badly rusted and could have blown out at any time?

This is an old problem! This is a known issue with the mark two Ford Focus misfiring. We had exactly the same with an older 2005 Focus model. It starts with the washer jets themselves; water leaks past them on to the cars bonnet (hood) and then travels straight down onto the engines plug area, especially onto the driver side jet.

Ford Focus Misfiring

If you own a Ford focus take a look at the washer jets you will notice they are fitted directly onto the bonnet with no rubber seal between bonnet and jet. Ford

Ford Focus misfiring

New core plugs to be fitted

knows that this is a design fault and now sell updated jets which have a rubber seal fitted. We were horrified when we first saw came across a couple of cases of this. Whenever it was raining or our customer washed her car, there it was, water going into plug well. This caused the Ford Focus misfiring!

We fitted new plugs and core plugs and updated the washer jets. The car is now running fine and the lady customer picked up the Focus and went on her way.

General Tyres 100 Years-A great tyre company from the Continental tyres Stables

General Tyres 100 Years

General tyres are very well known for their excellent 4×4 tyre range. However nor many people know that they manufacture a full range of summer and winter  General Tyres 100 Yearstyres, for regular cars. All the general tyres are made by their owners, Continental tyres. The tyres are manufactured by Continental, alongside their world winning tyres.

The General tyres use the same casing as the ones used to make Continental tyres. They are the exact same quality and will the driver the same excellent performance that we expect from their Continental parents.

We are now proud to announce that we here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax, Yorkshire UK have become the General tyre dealer for the Halifax area. We would also like to congratulate General Tyres 100 Years of been in business.

The regular tyre that we will be offering the Halifax public will be the Altimax Comfort for the regular tyre for summer use and delivers high performance and long service life. The Altimax has a new asymmetric tread, and features the unique Replacement Tyre Monitor and Visual Alignment Indicator designed to indicate tyre wear and provide advice for timely replacement (the legal limit).

This is a great development in General Tyres 100 Years car tyre history.

General tyres also make the Altimax Comfort tyre. ; the Altimax Comfort car tyre ensures a safe grip on wet and dry roads. The non-directional tread also has great attributes, with its durability and great comfort.

The next tyres to come along in the General Tyres 100 Years history, is the Altimax Sport. This tyre guarantees the driver a precise steering experience and safe driving in all challenging conditions. A new, asymmetric tread pattern design with an innovative and up to date silica compound provides the driver with exceptional wet grip and opportunity for high mileage.

General Tyres 100 Years have been developing tyres for many years. All of this experience combined with the manufacturing skills of Continental, have been

General Tyres 100 Years

General Tyres 100 Years

precisely aligned to the winter road conditions, here in Europe and has been optimally combined to create the Altimax Winter plus.

General Tyres 100 Years

 Wide longitudinal and lateral grooves reduce the risk of aquaplaning in bad wet weather and provide superb traction. Therefore, this winter tyre with its special compound guarantees high mileage, which is a great plus for a winter tyre. An all-round success and excellent choice for anyone who wants to safely survive the winter in their car!

Finally, we at Pellon Tyres will be stocking the excellent Eurovan 2 tyre . Which achieves high mileage and powerful traction when shifting those heavy loads. General Tyres 100 Years’ experience have helped develop new tread structure. Consequently, which help  enhance brake performance and handling on dry roads and in curves. Because, this is very important for van drivers on today’s busy roads here in the UK. . Staggered opposing tread grooves in the shoulder reduce noise and heighten ride comfort. Because of this the flat tyre contour ensures even wear and lengthens the tyre’s life.

Eric Roberts