Motorhome tyres from Michelin-Massive motorhome fit new tyres-sad ending?

Motorhome tyres from Michelin

Last Saturday saw yet another campervan pulling onto our forecourt for some new tyres fitting. The guy had fitted Kumho tyres in the past but was a little

Motorhome tyres from Michelin

Michelin campervan tyre fitted to the wheel

Motorhome tyres from Michelindisappointed with the low mileage that he had achieved.

The guy told us that his father always fitted Motorhome tyres from Michelin. His father had two front Motorhome tyres from Michelin fitted about two months ago and was highly delighted with their performance.

Consequently, they pulled his twin rear wheel motorhome into the forecourt and we decided that we should jack the vehicle up and remove the wheels outside. As we were fitting the tyres the customer came into the reception for a free coffee and a chat. I love chatting to my customers, as I believe that it’s all part of giving a good service. Although I don’t always feel like talking all the time, then i make an

New Michelin tyre

New Michelin tyre

Motorhome tyres from Michelin

Old tyre removed


Motorhome tyres from Michelin

Excellent, Motorhome tyres from Michelin are specially designed specifically for vans and motorhomes; these are the exact tyres for the job. They are called the “Michelin Agilis” and are the ones to fit to achieve a better mileage and carrying capacity.

Especially relevant, they are closely related to van tyres are built with extra performance in terms of load capacity and sidewall kerb wear.  You would be surprised if you saw the campervan owners who fit normal car tyres to their vehicle. Because, the correct tyre choice of campervan tyres can lead to reduced fuel consumption due to reduced rolling resistance, because of their ability to carry all the extra weight that a motorhome may carry.

Because there is no doubt that this customer has made the correct choice of tyre for his motorhome. Finally, to end on a sad note the guy told me that his father did a six week drive to Spain and sadly past away. He now has to go to Spain and drive his father’s vehicle back home, to sell it.

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Goodyear Online- Tyre giants to sell Goodyear tyres online in the USA

Goodyear Online

Goodyear online;Could it spread to Europe?

The tyre operating system in the USA has always been different to the UK tyre operations. America has always had a tyre retailer franchise system, across

goodyear online

A typical Goodyear franchise in the USA will be fitting for Goodyear Online

its retail tyre market. In other words if you want to buy say a Firestone tyre then you would go to a Firestone outlet. This outlet would only sell the Firestone products.

This system has never caught on here in the UK. Tyre retail outlets, like my own here in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK have always sold multi brands. The UK system in my opinion is best way of offering the consumer a bigger and better choice of tyre brands.

The national retail outlets have always pushed their own products, but have never come close to the USA franchise way of running a tyre retail outlet. I think though that things may be changing and it is no thanks to the internet?

Goodyear Online has recently introduced an online platform, where you can buy Goodyear tyres online. This is in the USA and covers the whole country. The tyres will be fitted at more than 4000 outlets, including the Goodyear franchises 600 tyre fitting stations.

Although this does not apply in the UK, I believe that it may set a precedent for the future of the tyre industry. We all know about the recent buy outs of online tyre retailers across Europe? So is this the start of a similar thing?

Goodyear Online

Michelin and Apollo tyres have both bought online tyre companies and I wonder how long it will be before they start marketing their own products online. At the moment they sell multi brands of tyres, but will it change to a Goodyear Online type of situation, where Michelin sell only Michelin tyres and have them fitted across their ATS network of tyre retail branches.

Michelin have a massive following in the tyre world and in my opinion would be able to pull such a move off, selling the Michelin only product online across

goodyear online

A Goodyear Online screenshot

the whole of Europe?

Because of the Goodyear Online move, may be just the start of things to come? Where it leaves anyone else that sells tyres, I do not know. Consequently, I could be completely wrong, but with all these moves from the tyre manufactures, then something is in the air. Watch out for Bridgestone tyres and their next move?

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Ford Focus Duel Mass Flywheel – Driver heard a noise when clutch pedal pressed?

Ford Focus Duel Mass Flywheel, clicking noise?

Ford Focus Duel Mass Flywheel

Alex splitting the gearbox to get to the Ford Focus Duel Mass Flywheel

The driver of this Ford Focus presented his car to us. He explained that he could notice a slight change of noise in the sound of the engine followed by a sort of ticking noise?

When asked when the noise occurred he said that it was when started to press the clutch down, to about halfway. Then after the halfway point the noise clears up? The same happens when the clutch is released.

When the car engine is idling, or when you are just driving along, then there is no noise.

Then when your foot is off the clutch (either in neutral or driving in gear) there is no noise.

He said that he noticed for the first time, about a month ago. Ryan my service manager thought straight away that the problems pointed to the clutch and perhaps the Ford Focus Duel Mass Flywheel.

The Ford Focus Duel Mass Flywheel is made of many small components and clicking or ticking sounds, point towards the DMF (duel mass flywheel). The sound was only slight and the noise was covered by the car radio.

Ford Focus Duel Mass Flywheel

At first we recommended that the guy should leave well alone and to see if anything else would develop. He agreed with us and went on his way.

We never saw the car again until a month later? This time the noise became a little louder.

Ford Focus Duel Mass Flywheel

Ford Focus Duel Mass Flywheel

Ryan still suspected the Ford Focus Duel Mass Flywheel as being the problem. We took the car in and split the gearbox from the Focus engine to inspect the DMF and clutch. The clutch release bearing and slave cylinder were examined and found to be OK.

Some reasons for the diagnosis of a problem with your Duel mass Flywheel are as follows:-

1) If you have a slipping clutch; if the cars revs become higher but cars speed does not increase, or it feels like you are riding the clutch when driving along or changing gear. Or sometimes you can smell the pungent smell of the overheated burning clutch.


2) Strange unfamiliar metallic noises (sounds like a rattling chain or bag of knife and forks being shook about). This noise will stop when the clutch is depressed then return of release.

3) If your dual mass flywheel has been wearing for a while then your starter motor may start to slip/spin, when you are starting the car.

The driver with the Ford Focus Duel Mass Flywheel problems came to us in good time. The DMF had started to break up and was replaced, along with a new clutch plate. So if you do hear these noises take it along to your local garage to be examined.

285-35R22 General Grabber UHP-Tyres fitted to a nice white Range Rover

285-35R22 General Grabber UHP cheaper than BlackCircles

I love working on a Saturday morning in my tyre depot work shop. I do not fit tyres anymore because I have lost touch with all the new tyre sizes. Believe it or not the wheels are becoming too heavy for me to lift. It is a young man’s job and I am afraid that I have to stick to computers these days.

285-35R22 General Grabber UHP

White Range Rover in for 22 inch General Grabbers

However I do enjoy my Saturday in the workshop. I always keep my camera or one of my staff use their mobile phones. This is just in case we see anything interesting or even nice looking. Last Saturday was no exception.

We had a few good jobs in. One of them was a really well kept Range Rover finished in white. It was great looking  car.

Earlier on in the week the guy had inquired about winter tyres for this Range Rover. He chose to go for some new

285-35R22 General Grabber UHP

Range Rover new wheels

22 inch wheels and decided on using 285-35R22 General Grabber UHP. This was a good choice as readers of mine would know that most SUV vehicles are useless when driving on ice and snow? Winter tyres are required for safer winter driving.

285-35R22 General Grabber UHP

The 285-35R22 General Grabber UHP is said to be the star of the General Grabber family and has been engineered for fast and strong-horsepower SUV/4×4 vehicles, just like the Range Rover. With rim sizes up to 24 inches and at speeds of up to 270 km/h, these 285-35R22 General Grabber UHP not only looks good, it also provides a top performance in its group! With its highly developed tread and the very good quality, this 285-35R22 General Grabber UHP tyre offers safe handling in on- and light off-road terrain, making the tyre a good winter choice.

The 285-35R22 General Grabber UHP, guarantee, for a safe performance.

The new 285-35R22 General Grabber UHP tread pattern is characterised by steep, extended grooves from shoulder to centre and sipes, with sturdy tread lugs.

The design of the 285-35R22 General Grabber UHP is combined with advanced silica tread compounds for flexibility in cold weather below 7 degrees, and a reinforced construction, makes the UHP tyre comfortable, durable and extremely safe in both wet and dry conditions.

Our online price for this tyre was £148.85 compared to £181.61 from Blackcircles and was not available from Asda tyres. Showing that shopping local can save you

range rover wheel and tyre money?



Tyre Knowledge a quick lesson about tyre terms

Tyre Knowledge a quick lesson about tyre terms

I have been writing my tyre articles now for about five years. In that time I have used many different terms. Therefore, we use these terms as every day part of our tyre language. It has never entered my head, that my readers may not know what these terms actually mean or stand for.

Tyre Knowledge is what every diver should be familiar with. However, i do think that as long as the car owner knows about the basics, such as the correct tyre pressures and checking them at least every two weeks, should be enough. However I will explain what some of the terms are that I use in my articles. This is tyre knowledge in simple terms.

A typical tyre size would be 205/55R16 followed by 91V

  1. The 205 is the width of the tyre in millimetres. A tyre marked 205 will measure 205mm across the tread from sidewall to sidewall.
  2. Aspect ratio is the 55 part of the tyre size and is the ratio of a tyre’s section height (H) to its section width (W). Because, this aspect ratio of 55 means that the profile height of the tyre is 55% of its width.
  3. The R stands for radial
  4. Then the 16 is the tyre rim size that the tyre will fit. So in this case the tyre marked 16 will fit on a 16-inch wheel rim. This is measured in inches.
  5. The 91 part of the number following the tyre size, which is the load index is the maximum load-carrying capacity of a tyre under a specific condition.
  6. The V is the speed capabilities of the tyre, this can be found on a tyre manufacturer’s chart; the V means that this tyre can safely do 149kh.

Other tyre knowledge things you may read about

  1. Triangle marks “▲” on the sidewall show the tread groove position of the “tread wear indicators”, the “tread wear indicators” represent 1.6mm. This is the
    tyre knowledge

    Winter tyre snow flake tyre marking found on the tyre sidewall

    legal limit that your tyres must not drop below; if it is down to this mark then you should change your tyre.

  2. Wheel balancing, is a procedure that we carry out to ensure that you wheel is not out of balance and your steering wheel does not shake when driving. Out of balance can be caused by a number of things.
  3. Reinforced tyre is one with a strengthened sidewall and is used on heavier vehicles and vans. The tyre is marked with a “RF” on the sidewall. Car tyres can be marked with an “XL” which means “extra load”.
  4. Wheel alignment, is when we check and adjust the vehicles steering geometry.
  5. Tyre rotation is when we change the tyres from corner to corner to even out the wear.

Finally, I hope that I have covered everything, if I come across any that I have missed in the future then I will update this article’

Eric Roberts.

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Pirelli Scorpion Winter-Specially designed for the SUV’s and the CUV’’

Pirelli Scorpion Winter

pirelli scorpion winter

Pirelli scorpion winter

There is no doubt about the fact. That there has been a massive increase in the amount of SUV and crossover vehicles on our roads.In recent times.

Almost every car manufacturer makes this type of vehicle. Some like BMW make several types, from small to large. This in my opinion is the type of vehicle that requires new winter tyres fitting, in November.

Because many of these cars are (or can me) all-wheel drive. Then the customers think that they can be safe when used in snow or icy conditions. This is incorrect?. Most of these vehicles come out on summer tyres as original equipment.

Fortunately people are realising this and are starting go down the winter tyre road. Such vehicles are what are known as the “high end “part of the car market. These are the cars that are fitted out with large wheels and tyre sizes. They have got a big footprint, which is ok in dry summer weather but just the opposite in winter. You can ask any BMW SUV owner about driving their car in the snow and they will tell you how useless they are on normal tyres.

Pirelli Scorpion Winter

Enter the Pirelli Scorpion Winter tyres. This tyre along with other tyres in the Pirelli winter range is designed to improve downhill braking and cornering when driving in winter conditions such as ice and snow. The Pirelli Scorpion Winter also dissipates water from flooded roads due to heavy rain, by incorporating circumferential grooves, combined with Directional & symmetric tread pattern design with modular block geometry and sipe layout.

Because, the tyre tread is made of a new tyre compound with innovative materials. Increasing grip, excellent handling and traction on snow and ice. Therefore, if you are thinking about buying these tyres then I recommend that you start looking in October. Consequently, as these are limited due to the low production amount and popularity from the larger models of the SUV owners.

Other models that are worth a look at are the

W240 Winter Sottozero

The W240 is made for the similar models as the Pirelli Scorpion Winter, shown in early part of this article, is also another tyre product from Pirelli for the larger

pirelli scorpion winter

Pirelli-W270 large SUV winter tyre


Eric Roberts    

Wheel Refurbishment can improve the look of your cars Alloy Wheels

We all know what a great feeling it is when you just give your car a good clean. I don’t know about you but I am sure that the car always goes better when it has

wheel refurbishment

wheel refurbishment before Alloy wheels before

had a good clean?

This is probably one of the reasons that we clean a customer’s car after it has been serviced. I happen to live about fifteen miles away from my garage in Halifax Yorkshire UK. I very often have to take my friends and neighbours cars in to have them serviced. When I take their cars home, it is surprising how much better the car drives.

I am convinced that part of the reason is because we wash and clean the customer’s car, when we have finished the service. The cars really do seem to drive much better. Our customers have also commented on the difference that a service can have on their car.

This brings me onto Wheel Refurbishment.

Especially alloy wheel refurbishment. Alloy wheels are notorious for degrading. Not only on the outside, but, on the inside too. Most of the time when we remove a tyre from an alloy wheel the inside where the tyre sits will be highly corroded.

We then have to clean of this corrosion,( which is like a white powder and is due to oxidisation, and can break the seal between the

wheel refurbishment

Same alloy wheels after a wheel refurbishment

tyre and wheel causing the tyre to loose pressure) we then apply a special cream, before re fitting the tyre. This has the effect of sealing the tyre onto the rim and enables the tyre to retain its pressure.

If the wheel is really bad, then we suggest to the customer, that they should consider having a wheel refurbishment. Some customers are really proud of their cars and have a wheel refurbishment as a matter of fact, just to keep their cars in pristine condition.

These are the types of customers who also buy our Poorboys car cleaning products and spend hours detailing their cars.

Wheel Refurbishment

Wheel refurbishment, will bring your cars wheel virtually back to new. The process includes totally stripping down all the old materials down to the original metal; this is the total wheel both the inside and the outside and starting the renewing process all over again. The wheels are resprayed with colour of the customer’s choice and then they are baked in an oven at high temperature.

The final process is to apply a coating of lacquer, to give the alloy wheels a further coating for protection.

wheel refurbishment

Guy cleaning his wheels with Poorboys car cleaner

Alloy wheel refurbishment is now getting more popular, mainly because that the price has come down, mainly because there are more companies that are opening up and the wheel refurbishment prices are coming down.

Eric Roberts