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054 Car Battery developments

054 car battery

054 Lucas premium Battery

I am lucky enough to remember when the first popular cars were imported into the UK. Cars were still manufactured in the UK in those days. You could buy anything from a Rolls Royce to the tiny Austin A35 cars and they were all made here in Britain.

We were loyal car buyers in those days and the car manufacturing sector was booming. This boom also attracted parts companies and there were many engineering firms that serviced the car industry.

This included the great tyre companies. Apart from our own Dunlop tyres, giant tyre companies such as Goodyear tyres started to become a major presence here in the UK.

Battery companies were a little slow to start up. Most batteries were still the old black rubber casing type, and then came the front wheel drive cars. The first minis that were introduced had to have their batteries fitted in the boot of the car. This is because the car was a front wheel drive and there was no room in the engine compartment for a battery to be fitted.

054 Car Battery

The battery industry was beginning to change. Batteries were changing shape and were made of different materials. Plastic casings were the new norm.

Now enter the imported cars. The working class man here in the UK, was beginning to be able to afford to buy a car for the first time. Continental car makers saw the UK as a great new market, and companies such as Datsun, Renault and Talbot were becoming common sites on our roads. With this brought different battery types, including size and shape.

Many of these batteries were made in Japan and were narrow in width with narrow battery posts. I remember the fact that I had never seen anything like this before, and replacement batteries were difficult to get.

The battery in question turned out to be a common part number to us in the UK, the 054 Car Battery. The 054 Car Battery fits many of our modern cars. It can

054 car battery

054 Tungstone car battery

be found on cars such as the Hyundai such as the i10 petrol model.

The 054 Car Battery also fits many Nissan Micra petrol models.

Many Proton and Suzuki smaller car models are fitted with the 054 Car Battery. The Daihatsu car models are almost all fitted with 054 Car Battery, making this battery a major stocking item for BatteriesOnTheWeb.

Finally, the makes that are recommended are the Lucas and Tungstone battery range and are available to be sent out online to most UK post codes.

Eric Roberts.

Oil Change the Modern Way-may be coming our way in the near future?

Even from way back when I was a mechanic, some things have hardly changed. One of them is the Oil Change.

oil change

The Castrol oil change unit, fits neatly under the bonnet

All we had to do was to take out the bolt in the cars oil sump and drain away the oil into a bucket or some other container. We would put the sump plug back in and refill the engine to the correct level using a dipstick.

This method has hardly changed over the past fifty years and more. It was also very easy to do. In fact this job was one of my first jobs to learn when I was an apprentice mechanic. The only problem that we encountered was if the sump plug had been fitted with a crossed thread during the last oil change.

This system has probably lasted us right up to today. There have been some slight changes. Some car manufacturers now fit protective sump guards underneath the cars to protect the underneath of the car’s engine from rocks and stones, but other than that everything has remained the same.

Then came Castrol who are about to revolutionise the way that we carry out an oil change on our car’s. The new method is called the “Nexcel” system. The new system is a sealed unit that contains the oil and the oil filter and slots into the car’s engine like a cartridge, in fact that’s what I would call it, a cartridge?

Oil Change

This system is expected to replace all the old fashioned methods that I have described earlier. It will be expected to do an oil change in just over a minute. This will be carried out under the bonnet (hood) and not under the car.

The most important part of the new system though, is the fact that the new system is controlled by electronics. These electronics will be connected and be a part of the car’s engine management system. Because of this Castrol say that the new oil change system will reduce the C02 emissions of the car and the old oil will be recycled in the correct way.

The first system to be used is fitted on an Aston Martin Vulcan supercar that has been built as a track car. Castrol say that the new system could be rolled out to other production car’s by 2020.

“We believe that the Aston Martin Vulcan sets a whole new standard in the ultra-high luxury supercar class, just as the Nexcel technology sets a whole new standard in engine lubrication. It therefore made perfect sense for us to bring these two innovations in engineering together, and showcase their capabilities,” said Dr Andy Palmer, Aston Martin CEO.

Oil Change

In my opinion car designers will have a problem fitting the system under an already crowded bonnet. I suppose it is no coincidence that the oil change box is about the same size as a car battery. So if the battery is removed to another part of the car. Then there will be room for the new oil change system to be fitted where the battery was fitted.

Like most of these ideas it may fall off into the background, only time will tell.

Eric roberts

Vauxhall Vectra suffers Catalytic Convertor MOT failure

One of the advantages of having a car main dealer (franchise) in your area is that you always get spin off work. This is mainly when the cars are three year old and

vauxhall vectra

Vauxhall vectra in for an MOT Test

ready for their first MOT Test. This particular Vauxhall Vectra was a little older than three years and looked in good condition.

The owner was an old customer of ours and booked his car in on our online MOT booking system, www.mot-halifax.co.uk .

The Vauxhall Vectra looked in good condition,

but the guy said that the car was giving off a rattling sound when going over bumps and the noise was coming from the front. The car was presented for an MOT test, which was carried out by our service manager Ryan Linton.

Ryan is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cars and his knowledge is required to sort a job out on many occasions, during a

vauxhall vectra

vauxhall vectra old catalytic converter unit removed

normal working week. The MOT went very well apart from a couple of expensive problems.

Vauxhall Vectra

The  Vectra required a new tyre on the near side front, but worse of all it failed the emissions test and required a new catalytic converter. There was also a broken spring on the off side front of the car. This would account for the rattling noise that the customer said was coming from the front.

The customer was not very happy, but he eventually came round and agreed for the work doing on his car. The new parts were ordered and were fitted by another one of my excellent staff Alex Bray.

The  Vectra had a new Apollo tyre fitted and the catalytic converter was fitted along with a new spring. The car was re-tested and the guy took is back to new car away, a happy man.

vauxhall vectra

vauxhall vectra with new shocker and spring installed ready to be re-fitted

vauxhall vectra,new shocker 3

vauxhall vectra showing the old unit before it was stripped down.

Eric Roberts


096 Car batteries –Car Batteries Online-Next working day delivery

The 096 Car batteries are one of the most popular batteries to fit cars here in the UK.

096 Car batteries

This 096 Car batteries Lucas battery suitable for many diesel cars

This battery is longer in length than the other popular UK battery. The 075. The difference in fitting is that the 075 battery will fit mainly petrol driven cars. The 096 Car batteries, fit mainly diesel powered cars,

The 096 Car batteries are heavier duty. Specifically, for the diesel engines, which will require more power (cold cranking amps), to start a diesel engine on a cold winters morning. Almost all battery manufacturers make the 096 Car batteries, as I have said it is perhaps the most common battery that we now use here in the UK.

096 Car batteries now come in two different heights. Because, one is what we call a low casing and the other is the 096, which has a tall casing. The low casing battery is 175mm in height. The original and popular 096 battery comes in at 190mm height. Bothe batteries are exactly the same length and width, which is length 278mm and width 175mm.

This is important because in some cases such as certain Vauxhall car models the 096 Car batteries will be too tall and so the 100 should be fitted. Models such as the Astra diesel and Corsa diesel come out on a 100 battery and that means that the 096 will, be too tall.

096 Car batteries

Most battery manufacturers make the 096 Car batteries. These batteries can be easily bought online and shipped out to you by the next working day. 096 Car

096 Car batteries

varta 096 Car batteries Black Dynamic battery

batteries are shipped out to most UK post codes and with a little care the battery can be easily fitted by a DIY car enthusiast.

If you live in the Halifax area of Yorkshire in the UK, then Pellon Auto Centre can fit the 096 Car batteries from their huge battery stock. The opening hours are listed on their website, www.pellonautocentre.com.

If you don’t live in the Yorkshire area then you can buy the 096 Car batteries online from their sister company www.batteriesontheweb.co.uk .

They sell 096 Car batteries made by many different battery companies. They recommend Lucas batteries and Varta batteries as well as their own brand Justbatteries. Finally, these are excellent products and well worth a try.

Eric Roberts

225-45R17 Kumho Solus HS51Ultra High Performance Tyres one of the best

225-45R17 Kumho Solus225-45R17 kumho solus hs51

There is no doubt that the Kumho tyres have come a long way in the past ten years. Here at Pellon Tyre shop in Halifax, Yorkshire. We took Kumho tyres on as one of our main mid-range tyre products. Pellon Tyres, were highly delighted with the results and better still so where our customers.

One of the benefits of being a highly trusted tyre company is that we more often than not we get repeat business. So it is important that we as a supplier make the correct product choice for our customers. After all we are the ones whose opinion they trust.

Choosing the right means quality at the right price, this is why we are highly respected in Halifax and the outer areas. The Kumho tyres product fitted into these criteria and we were pleased to become dealers about six years ago now.

One of the most popular tyres that we sell is the 225-45R17 Kumho Solus. In the past drivers were given the choice of comfort or high performance, but not both combined.

225-45R17 Kumho Solus

Now this has all changed with the introduction recently of the 225-45R17 Kumho Solus HS51. This tyre incorporates a cutting edge design in the tread area combined with a innovative tyre compound that brings comfort and the high performance that you would associate with such a tyre.

225-45R17 Kumho Solus tyre gives the driver a mixture of precise handling and braking combined with a smooth ride and just as important a quite ride. This tyre comes out in many other sizes, I have singled out the 225-45R17 Kumho Solus because of its popularity and it fits many car models.

The 225-45R17 Kumho Solus comes out with a “W” speed rating making it capable of reaching 168 MPH. It also comes with a 91 load rating carrying a Maximum load of 615 kg per tyre.

The tyre has excellent road handling on wet and dry roads.

Eric Roberts

More information…http://kumhotyre.co.uk/kumho-news/all-new-ecsta-hs51/

ContiSilent Tyres are made with black Chilli added to the tyre compound?

ContiSilent Tyres

contisilent tyres

ContiSilent tyres

Continental tyres are one of the world leaders. In using natural products to cut back on the use of petro-chemicals when making tyre compounds.

Continental engineers say that,” the Black Chili rubber compound is designed to mesh with the roughness of the road. At the same time, temporary atomic connections between the tyre compound and the road surface ensure high adhesion. Acting like small suction pads. Both factors make for the greatest possible adhesion in all directions. During braking, cornering, and acceleration on both wet and dry roads”.

These new tyres will be on sale for the use on high performance cars. The ContiSilent tyres were shown off and tested on the roads of Southern Spain, near Marbella. The event was attended by top motorsport journalists on a 300 mile stretch of roads, using cars like the Jaguar F-Type, Mercedes CLA AMG, BMW M4, Porsche Macan S, Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray and Tesla Model S.

The new design and compound mix is known as the ContiSilent Tyres. Therefore, this was included in the tyres used on these prestigious cars. Were the SportContact 6 and the ContiSport tyres. The SportContact 6 tyre with the ContiSilent technology. Were fitted to the all-electric Tesla Model S car.

ContiSilent Tyres

The tyre tests were carried out in tough conditions using the bendy mountain roads that are well known to Spanish visitors. Although I was not one of the lucky ones that attended, I have been to similar events over time as a tyre shop owner. This event was enjoyed by all who attended, as the cars with their ContiSilent

ContiSilent tyres

ContiSilent tyres showing the inner foam that includes black chilli

Tyres fitted were put through their paces.

One of the secret of ContiSilent is a special coating that is bonded to the inside of the tread area after the tyre production process. Because, this special layer of foam like material has a strong damping effect on the sound waves caused by the rotating tyre on different road surfaces. No matter what surface the vehicle is driving on, then there is much less road noise coming through to the car’s interior, making much less sound.

Finally, a great experience was had by all who attended, to witness yet another great innovation from the Continental tyre company.

Eric Roberts

Run-Flat Tyres- Why this is still a grey area for the tyre retailer/tyre shop?

Although I have written about this before after further research I have come to the

run-flat tyres

Continental run-flat tyres

conclusion that the repairing of Run-Flat Tyres is still a grey area.

What hit home to me was after the following incident at my tyre shop in Halifax Yorkshire UK. A customer from a Timber Merchants. Based just across the road from us. Brought his BMW in to us because the TPMS light had come on. The light showed that the passenger side front tyre had lost some pressure.

On inspection. We found a nail had penetrated the centre of the tyre. Sticking to our policy, we explained to the guy that we did not repair Run-Flat Tyres, and therefore it would require a new tyre. The guy was given the price of a new tyre. He then took his car back across the road and parked it up.

About fifteen minutes later and to our surprise, we saw a mobile fitting van pull up and the guy took off the wheel and repaired the tyre.

I realise it was up the guy to do what he wants with his car and eventually I got over it. It did open my eyes though, to see if the Run-Flat Tyres problem had moved on.

Run-Flat Tyres latest information

I decided to ring the technical departments up myself, to get the information from the horse’s mouth, so to speak?

Out of all the tyre companies that make the Run-Flat Tyres, three companies were against repairing their Run-Flat Tyres; these were Yokohama, Continental, and Pirelli. They were all adamant that they should NOT be repaired.

Amongst the others, BF Goodrich said that repairs were permitted under the BSAU 159 (1990) tyre law, but there could only be one repair maximum.

Bridgestone tyres said that you could only repair their Run-Flat Tyres if the pressure did not drop below 15 psi.

Firestone tyres are the same company as Bridgestone and so had the same Run-Flat Tyres stipulations.

Run-Flat Tyres

Michelin tyres stated that you could repair them using the same BSAU 159 regulations as long as it was a Michelin ZP type. The only exception to this is if the

run-flat tyres

Yokohama run-flat tyres

Michelin tyre state on the sidewall that “this tyre cannot be repaired” only one repair per tyre.

Dunlop and Goodyear are now the same company and when I rang them they said that both makes of Run-Flat Tyres could be repaired to British Standard 159.

Kumho Tyres also stated that their Run-Flat Tyres could be repaired to the BSAU 159.

In line with many of leading tyre companies, I have considered the implications and we will not offer to repair run-flat tyres. In my opinion this is a grey area. I am not prepared to put any of my customers at risk, due a possible tyre failure due to a tyre repair failure. There are too many other considerations that come into play. My main concern is the grey area of “how much pressure the tyre loses”.

We only have the customer’s word for the actual amount of pressure that the tyre may lose. If the tyre has been run on, with little pressure in, then it could look alright, but could have material breakdown. This tyre could look fine but it would not be safe to repair due to structural breakdown.

The link below explains exactly what the BSAU 159 tyre law states and also some updates… http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2003/1316/pdfs/uksi_20031316_en.pdf

Eric Roberts

Winter tyre insurance discount in Canada helps towards safety

Winter tyre insurance

Wow this would be a great idea to follow for drivers here in the UK?

It is always good to see some sort of incentives. This would help increase road safety.

winter tyre insurance

Winter is almost upon us snow tyre time?

In general we find that many of our customers do in fact fit winter tyres. In November, but this idea would probably just push a few thousand more drivers into fitting winter tyres.

Winter tyre insurance discount would certainly be a great trend setter.  For the first insurance company to come up with the idea.

Tyre companies have developed new types of tyre compound. These enable their tyres to react to the cold better. This is in fact “Silica” and it enables winter tyres to become more flexible in the low temperatures that we experience in winter.

Canada has it more colder than the UK, but anything that has a positive effect on our road safety has to be a good thing and this  Winter tyre insurance discount has to be a great idea and one that I hope will be replicated in many more countries.

Ontario is moving forward with its plan to help lower auto insurance rates by requiring all insurance companies in the province to provide a discount for drivers who buy and install winter tires, starting January 1, 2016.

It is a well- known fact that winter tyres increase the safety of the car in winter weather conditions. They reduce the risk of collision due to improved grip and traction on icy and snow covered roads, as well as wet roads. Winter tyres also improve on braking in these conditions and so it is a good idea to offer the drivers a

Winter tyre insurance

Winter tyre snow flake tyre marking found on the tyre sidewall

winter tyre insurance.

The fitting of winter tyres must save the car insurance companies a fortune, so why not give drivers an incentive to fit winter tyres, not just in Canada but the rest of Europe too.

Just to remind drivers of a few little rules that apply to winter tyres.

  • Look out for the tyre marking on the sidewall that has the emblem of a peaked mountain with a snowflake, as in my image.
  • Make sure that you have the correct tyre pressures and check them at regular intervals.
  • Make sure that your tyres are above the legal limit.
  • Keep your winter tyres in sets of 4.
  • Keep all the tread patterns the same with the same make and model of tyres.

Thanks  Eric Roberts



Car battery care advice for the Female driver (and men of course)

Car battery care advice, the early signs?

In the days of equality. Giving advice to women drivers is important to me. All drivers should really be treated the same. But there may be some things that lady drivers do not know about. Female drivers now make up more than 60% of our drop-in customers. To me the correct advice is important.

The sure thing about a cars battery is that it will let you down at the wrong time and the wrong place. You will be all dressed up to attend a new job interview, or at an important meeting. When your battery dies on you?

The thing is that your battery will give you a few signs of problems. Before this happens. Car battery care is the first line of defence against early car battery

car battery care

This is a battery light that you will see in many models of car

failure. Car battery care starts if you notice that your car’s engine sounds a little sluggish and could be slow to start. Early days of winter are usually when the first sign may occur.

Car battery care

There is also a Car battery care light inside your car that will start to light up when your battery starts to fail. If your battery suffers from a rapid fail, the Car battery care light comes straight on and then you will need to have it checked out. The Car battery care light looks like a battery, so it should not be mistook for any other light.

If the light does come on, then take your car to your local garage, before your battery fails and lets you down.

Another Car battery care sign is if your cars lights dim in any way. This is difficult to notice, but you may notice it more if you live in an urban area with little or no street lighting. Drivers often take more notice of things such as lighting when they are driving and have to use their lights all the time especially in wintertime.

Unfortunately these are the main early signs of car battery failure. If they do happen though get your car checked out. Another good point is also by having your car serviced at regular intervals. Your garage will check the battery condition as part of the service. If the battery is showing poor results then the garage will notify you and advise you about a new battery. here in Halifax Yorkshire UK, we offer all our customers a free battery check, with no obligation to buy.

Hope this helps Eric Roberts

Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes? Should we take notice of them?

In my opinion the Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes have taken a back seat in recent times.

What I mean is that the tyre trade has put them on the back-burner? Or have they?

Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes

Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes showing the Mercedes code

I don’t know about you but I find that in many cases the mention of Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes only complicates things, when advising a customer on which tyres they should have on their cars.

You can sit in my reception at any time of the week and it is surprising the number of drivers who really know nothing about their tyres. We all rave and rage over the internet, but a large number of our customers still come into my depot because they trust us and they and their families are long standing visitors when it comes to buying their car tyres.

We in the tyre trade know all about Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes. These codes were introduced when car manufacturers gave the tyre customers the engineering specs for a new model that would be coming out. The tyre companies then made tyres to suit a specific car. This in reality means that you could have six tyres that all look the same, with the same name.

You could (and do) have 8 different 20555v16 Continental tyres that look exactly the same, but have been developed for different makes and models of cars.

To differentiate the car tyres designed for specific cars, the tyre manufacturers added a code that was to be part of the tyre sidewall markings.

Technically these tyres that were made say for Audi were different to the tyre which was designed for a Mercedes. They look exactly the same as each other except for the Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes. The Audi would have an “AO” tyre code and the Mercedes would have a “MO” tyre code.

Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes

Some drivers want to keep to the exact same tyres that were fitted as original equipment. In my opinion it is up to the quality of your staff, whether or not they can detect which customer will need the full explanatory treatment or not.

The Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes come in the big mix of knowing your customers and knowing what they want. We can all recollect spending half an hour

Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes

Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes showing N1 for a Porsche

explaining about which tyres they should buy and at the end of it, they just say that they want the cheapest tyre on offer. We just keep smiling and get on to the next customer.

I think that perhaps we should be more professional. If they do have Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes for their particular car. Then we should explain this and also why it is important. Different tyres for different cars. Could have effects on important things such as low-rolling resistance which could alter your fuel economy, a special tread pattern for water evacuation and noise(perhaps for sipes in the tread), long tread life, specific ride characteristics, high load or speed ratings, and wet and dry-grip requirements.

All this adds up to what may be a different type of tyre to a straight forward replacement. I have included some images so that a customer can see what the difference may be and here is a list of some of the Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes that you are most likely to come across.

  • Aston Martin- AM
  • Audi- AO
  • Bentley- B in a circle
  • BMW- five-pointed star
  • Chrysler -C1
  • Ferrari- K
  • GM TPC spec
  • Jaguar- J in a circle
  • Lotus- LTS
  • Mercedes-Benz M0
  • Porsche- N0, N1, N2

Eric Roberts

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